Austin Pets Alive Answers the Call

Not only is Austin Pets Alive working its tail off to help Austin achieve long term success as a no kill community, but when a Texas wildfire threatened the shelter in neighboring Bastrop, they answered that call too.  Last night, the Bastrop shelter had to be evacuated due to the fire threat.  Austin Pets Alive used social networking as well as its connections in the community to ask the public for assistance.  They were quickly and efficiently able to empty out their own shelter within 3 hours by sending pets to temporary foster homes with kind hearted members of the community.  Volunteers drove to Bastrop to pick up dogs and got them back to Austin Pets Alive at midnight:

At around 3am, all of the dogs had arrived, had been vaccinated, and were being put to bed.

Pretty impressive, yes?

In order to free up space, Austin Pets Alive is waiving adoption fees on all its pets today.  They are also asking for donations to help with the medical needs of the Bastrop dogs.

This is how we do it.

6 thoughts on “Austin Pets Alive Answers the Call

  1. That’s great, now where exactly are we to take food and supplies for the animals? Austin Pets Alive site does not tell you where to take supplies and is there a drop off for the animals that are with thier owners at the high school locations. I know most of the people just ran off and didnt take any pet food.

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