Pets Alive: Battling Black Dog Syndrome one drink at a time.

You have probably heard of Black Dog Syndrome (the same applies for cats).  Black pets often seem to be overlooked at shelters, through no fault of their own, and so some groups do promotions to help encourage adopters to take another look.  These promotions sometimes include adoption fee discounts or even dressing up the black pets in fancy collars, bandannas or costumes.  But Pets Alive in Middletown, NY has come up with an entirely new approach:  They are reducing the fees on their black pets while apparently getting sloshed.  From Straus

If you are in the area and considering adopting a pet, I’d hurry down to Pets Alive to get in on this deal – before the staff gets too drunk to complete your adoption application.

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10 thoughts on “Pets Alive: Battling Black Dog Syndrome one drink at a time.

  1. A general comment: currently, this is the best blog on animal welfare. It is cogent, incisive, articulate, funny, idiosyncratic and always thought-provoking. The fact that it is also grammatically correct doesn’t hurt, either.

  2. I recently adopted a black mix dog that someone had turned loose in my neighborhood, with collar & leash attached. A dead ringer for the black mix that died a year ago, with all the same traits.

    It seemed like the other dogs knew her as she knew them! She fit in as if she had been here before too. I gave her a home because she needed one, not because of the simularities because I didn’t know her personality or how she would fit in. But once again, karma & reincarnation proves itself.

  3. I believe you have started PetsAlive on the road to alcoholism(according to their Twitter feed). Let’s hope they don’t try to adopt out the Calamari sisters (who are obviously owner surrenders)
    Happy holiday and be safe.

  4. I volunteer at Pets Alive and they have some of the best cats there – if I wasn’t full myself there are a few that would be coming home with me! One of the black ones is names Kong and he is the best kitty ever! Very sweet and playful – he jumped onto my lap a few times and made himself at home. He lost one eye and is FIV+ so isn’t exactly in demand but he would make a great pet for someone willing to overlook those things. He is one of the cats I would take if I had an opening so I am hoping someone else sees what I see and gives him a home soon.


  5. “Peculiar” is your word; I actually said “idiosyncratic.” Nevertheless, I am also happy to call nerd heaven home.
    Re: the “racist” comment, is it fair to assume that if ignorance is bliss, according to the old saw, 90% of the planet is deliriously happy?

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