Adopters Not Allowed to See Dog Area in Indiana Pound

At the pound in Jeffersonville, IN, a resident took some photos documenting sub-standard conditions for the dogs:

A concerned Jeffersonville resident says she has pictures that show animals lying in their feces and vomit at the Josephine B. Ogle animal shelter.

She took the pictures directly to the mayor’s office.  The mayor went over to the pound for a walk-through and found the place had been cleaned since the photos were taken.  As such, the mayor’s office is not only defending the failure of the shelter staff to keep the place clean by supporting their flimsy excuse that the workers had to go out to pick up a food donation, but instituting a new policy:

[T]he shelter will now enforce a policy to allow only staff back into the kennels.

Rather than addressing the issue, the city is going to put a padlock on it, turn out the lights and act like no one is home.  If I paid taxes in Jeffersonville, I would not be too happy with this “solution”.  How are any dogs going to get adopted if people can’t see them and touch them?  I think every caring pet owner in Jeffersonville should go to the pound every damn day and ask to see every dog in the place.  If that means the staff must walk them out to the entrance one by one, so be it.  You are paying for this service.  Get your money’s worth.

There is a Facebook group in support of the pets at the pound.


7 thoughts on “Adopters Not Allowed to See Dog Area in Indiana Pound

  1. Huge sigh . . . hopefully, those who are concerned and local can get these things straightened around.

    Does it ever end?

  2. Illinois is a very dog unfriendly state. Rural Il is worst. The state licenses pounds and shelters with almost no oversight. Mayors and police with the dog catcher working for them are allowed to take dogs fight from owners kennel, fenced yards, even off chains – never to be seen again. There is a certain group with power to deprive others of 4th amendment rights, destroy personal property and worst of all – murder innocent family members. I am shocked to find total disregard for life of citizens. May God help us all.

  3. You go girl! It’s GREAT to see people calling it like they see it and taking it to the top with their complaints. It’s not so great to see *govmint* covering their butt by shutting out the public. Um. Isn’t this a PUBLIC facility?!
    Josephine might B Furious if she knew…just sayin…
    p.s. it could be ANYWHERE… and I find it refreshing that people EVERYWHERE really care. Ahhhhhh.

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