How about this dog?

Since MAS can apparently identify dogs based off webcam shots now (or always, as the case may/not be), I hope they will tell us about this little dog. I received a number of screengrabs of him yesterday and he appears to be an owner surrender.  He looks like such a good little dog and doesn’t appear to be medically hopeless and suffering so I am assuming he’s alive.  Would you guys please contact MAS, attaching one of the below shots and inquire about this dog? Let us know what you find out.

8 thoughts on “How about this dog?

  1. I believe that this little dog, scared but healthy and full of life, who had so much love and joy to give any child, was taken directly to the kill room.

    I ask you; what does it take for the people of Memphis to stand up and demand that the killing stop? That those dogs and cats, puppies and kittens that are healthy and so full of life want to live a full and happy life are able to do so. What is it going to take? The day your own pet is missing and you find that MAS has killed that pet? Or your elderly parent’s companion has been picked up and taken to MAS and when you get there that pet has been killed? What is it going to take? This much I know; it HAS TO STOP!

    Just in case there are those who will say that this isn’t true, that the puppy is alive and well, I say to you PROVE IT! Prove it because I saw that puppy waiting his turn at the kill room door!

  2. why do they seem to take more of the NON pitt bulls directly to the kill room?

    Yet seem to hold on to Pitt Bulls even though they won’t put them out in the adoption area or let folks into see them.

    They keep telling everyone how most the of PB’s are unsuitable for adoption…

    None of this makes any kind of sense to me.

    It is hard to believe that the people running the show there are so stupid and I believe that is why so many of us feel there has to be some underlying reason for what is happening there…

    1. I am still hoping to hear something definitive from MAS on this dog – one way or the other. They tell us they know exactly who a dog is from a webcam shot, they tell us it’s ridiculous that we believe so many owner surrenders are taken directly to the kill room, well – here I am offering to help this dog. Why so silent?

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