Loose Pup at MAS

Webcam watchers followed this poor puppy who was loose last night.  Although attempts were made to advise MAS about the loose pup and staff were observed in the pound, the puppy was not captured until this morning.  He spent most of the night in the Isolation area.

A reader has offered to pay his adoption/pull fee if anyone is able to provide a safe and loving home for him.

Unknown ID number, unknown gender.

15 thoughts on “Loose Pup at MAS

  1. He was loose from around 6pm last night and he has been spotted again recently! I think he may STILL be loose! He wandered around isolation and rabies. Had a little food that was knocked over in rabies.

  2. Save a pet memphis reports he has been caught and is in kennel in rabies(for those who might worry about this, there is no rabies in Shelby Co, this is quarantine area by state law)

  3. Shelby County does have an extremely low rate of rabies reported and the fear of rabies should NEVER deter someone from adopting a pet from the shelter. But no geographical area is rabies proof because the disease does still exist and animals can travel for many miles. That is the reason for the necessary quarantined areas and vaccines. There is a difference between no REPORTED rabies and no actual rabies. A large percentage of Memphians move here from other areas so they could bring exposed pets to the area so that is another reason to quarantine strays in question. We also have a large population of people who do not get ANY vaccinations for their pets and allow them to roam free among raccoons, bats and other animals that do carry the disease. But Shelby County is well known for having a very low incidence of rabies reported and it has been this way for years.

  4. I wrote on the Friends of MAS to please keep us updated about this little black boy/girl!!! It was so sad watching him walk around…I couldnt peel myself away from the video!! Thank God he wasnt hurt by any electrical wires (chewing). Someone on FB had posted that dogs at MAS get out of their crates pretty often…they are lucky nothing bad has ever happened with one dog stirring up the rest of the dogs.

    1. Morgana,
      Both the puppy from last night and the dog from today that were outside of their cages appeared to be black labs. The dog today was very well behaved as he lay down in front of his cage after walking back and forth a bit.

  5. Please remember that if he is in rabies section, he may just be there for quarantine after giving someone a puppy bite. He may not have been vaccinated yet,

    1. Is your name really Chris Whitley? Or have you adopted the name of my all-time favorite musician for a screen pseudonym?

  6. If they are black lab or bl. lab mixes, then there are loads of lab rescues all over the country. Anyone down there, please contact appropriate rescues!!! You can google them!

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