6 thoughts on “The Bright Side (?)

  1. These photos make me feel bad. The more I see these sort of photos, the more I want to do to help. Now loaded to capacity, more I can’t do. And THAT makes me feel bad, but I feel good about having enough compassion that it DOES bother me when things are not right.

    I still want to adopt every needful critter I see.

  2. It’s like the coin has two tails instead of two heads. Lose/lose. What’s with the tail on that first photo? What IS that?!? Oh, I see, it’s a gate hinge.
    But you’re right, seeing SOMETHING is better than never being seen at all. (Yes, even seeing being tortured on webcams is better than taking the cameras away and just continuing to torture and kill out of sight.)
    BTW, I’ve seen worse, in real life, and it doesn’t mean they have to die. Killing them might be quicker and easier, but there is life in both of these creatures, and I’ve helped similar beasts to grow to enjoy it.
    There is a line, it wavers and moves (at least for me) between what is *worth it* and what is just more torture. What I hate most of all is when the rescue human attacks the previous (ir)responsible human. Really people, hate won’t help…can’t we work together to help, support and nurture–each other as well as all the creatures on this earth?!

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