Why the Memphis Pound Wants to Kill the Webcams

Does anyone believe the abuse and killing is going to stop once the MAS webcams are off? There is no logical reason to make such an assumption. In fact, it would be logical to assume the abuse and killing might worsen once the webcams are gone. The employees complained because they don’t like getting caught – repeatedly. Plain and simple. The real reason the city administrators want the webcams removed is because, like all things that slither and slouch, they prefer to hide.

Two pups on their way to the kill room at MAS.
A litter of pups on the way to the kill room at MAS. (1 of 3)
A litter of pups on the way to the kill room at MAS. (2 of 3)
A litter of pups on the way to the kill room at MAS. (3 of 3)
Another pup to die.
Incoming dog on a chokepole.
Another incoming dog, dragged to a cage. (1 of 2)
Pancaked in front of the cage. (2 of 2)
Two dogs being taken to die, the little white dog tries to resist. (1 of 4)
The little white dog is pancaked. (2 of 4)
Still trying to fight it. (3 of 4)
He fought the whole way. (4 of 4)
Chokepole used on dog in an upper tier cage.

15 thoughts on “Why the Memphis Pound Wants to Kill the Webcams

  1. I’d like to see Mr Wharton spend an ENTIRE day watching the webcams. Then he can ask for the security camera “film” and compare. We’re not dumb and we’re not blind, but he sure as hell is!!

    1. I would like to see Mr. Wharton be treated as the dog! Let him squirm on the end of the chokepole, be dragged on his belly up and down the rows looking for a cage, and then hoisted to an upper tier and stuffed into it when it’s too small a cage! I really would like to see that. I bet he would have an entirely different opinion of the treatment those poor dogs get then.

  2. Ugh. Why so many “pancakes”??!!! Is too much to ask them to PICK THE DAMN DOG UP?!!! or at least be nice to it??!!! Whoever it was that suggested that these employees are scared of/don’t like dogs was spot on. These people belong on a WHOLE different career path… But their manager(s) seem to think they are all doing a swell job. sigh.

  3. whoooaaaa!!!! omg this is so sad to see!!! I have a few questions – puppies are the easiest to adopt – why are they being killed? are we sure they are going to be killed? I will be so sad and outraged if so!!!!

    Also, is it normal for ALL dogs to be transferred on a choke pole? I could see if the animal is agressive but why cant they use a leash to transport the dog if the dog is not aggressive?

    1. It is the norm at MAS, that’s for sure. I find it very interesting that the female ACO use a leash at least some of the time and more often than any male ACO. It seems that the men are for the most part are afraid of the dogs. Even those who are in no way agressive. I have seen dogs fight the chokepole and then when switched to a leash walk calmly behind. Makes one wonder doesn’t it! Treated with respect the dogs respond with calm.

      1. She’s a shelter tech, not an ACO. The men with brown shirts are ACO’s from the county. Memphis ACO’s have a US flag on their right(?) sleeve and like the men in brown usually wear belts loaded with tools they use in the field.

      2. Call them Flying Spaghetti Monsters for all I care. It’s the pets that are being abused and needlessly killed that concern me, not the uniforms and titles of the jackboots.

  4. No, With the web cams gone, MAS will be brutal. That was the whole point in installing them, right Mayor Wharton? Having trouble now with your decision of transparency? Decided you don’t want employees paid by tax payers to have to be accountable to them? I bet. Give you a headache, doesn’t it? So take it off the shelf, throw it in the trash and then you can ignore it while innocent animals lose their lives…go ahead, bet you sleep great a night you political prick! Sorry, had to get that off my chest.

  5. Things will get worse when the web cams have gone, NO ONE will be accountable for anything, just what the Mayor wants “no accountability” and he thinks we will all go away, but we wont!!

    Is the Mayor corrupt or something? our Mayors in New Zealand dont behave that way, they are made accountable!

    Also I am over seeing the same employees take the dogs to the kill room, the man in the photo with “incoming dog on a chokepole and anothing incoming dog dragged to the cage” is a horrible, nasty and cruel man. These employees are as bad as the Mayor they just dont give a shit!!

  6. The new shelter director (whomever he/she may be) would be very wise to have webcams put in the new building (or just link the existing security cams to the web). This would go far to build support for the director and allow everyone to see the improvements he/she implements. It would also provide an extra measure of security for the animals and people (more eyes on the situation allows for extra safety for all).

    I have hope for Memphis. As painful as that last bit of hope may be…

  7. MAS IS BRUTAL….if they don’t mind being seen this it is clear to me that they have nothing to worry about. Web cameras should be at the new facility but they have not facilitated change at MAS at the current facility. Brutal, cruel people enjoy being that way and when there are no penalties, ie; losing your job, why should the employees really give a damn if they are seen. The only hope is to start over with a new director, get the politicians out, new employees and start working with fosters, rescues and how about creative ways of increasing adoptions…how about being a little cordial to folks who come to the shelter….they probably would not be there is they were not looking to adopt a dog or cat….WHY ELSE WOULD YOU GO…unless you were hoping to find your lost dog or cat and hoping like hell that they get there in time to save it!

  8. Unless this mayor is a dictator, I would think the citizens who pay his salary (and elected him?) should DEMAND that the cameras remain in operation. They need to clean house there — all of the people working with the animals on these webcam shots need to find other jobs. They have no business being the “caretakers” of innocent animals. Not one of them has shown any compassion for these poor dogs.
    I don’t live in this area, but I am mad as hell at what is being allowed to go on here. Are they in the process of hiring a new AC director? From what I’ve read in other comments, it seems that a new facility and a new director are in the works? Is that correct?
    Some concerned citizens should ask to be on the interview committee for the selection of the new director. An animal lover who is willing to make drastic changes should be hired. This place needs to do a 180!

    1. If I remember correctly, one of the local papers did an article about removing the webcams and the overwhelming number of respondents said to leave the webcams. Guess that just goes to show you how well the mayor and his people listen to and do the will of the people of Memphis. I’d rather see this whole thing shut down than continue the way they operate now.

      Dead puppies (and probably kittens)? Without even trying to get them adopted? That is just plain STUPID!!!

      The bottom line is these people do not care or things would be different! And you can see from a more recent thread how the “friends” of these animals feel about the shelter and what happens there.

      Hate to say it, but these animals would stand a better chance on the streets . . .

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