You don’t have to say anything.

You don’t have to say anything.  I already know all of it.  I can not personally save every pet on every kill list in every pet slaughterhouse in the country.  I am focused on the big picture – systemic change, so that one day there will be no need to scramble every night, making desperate pleas for doomed shelter pets.  If we continue to chase their “Just save one more” carrot, we will be forever at the mercy of those who refuse to stop the killing.  If we act based upon our emotions without putting careful thought into it, we will end up hurting the ones we seek to protect when we run out of funds, out of foster homes, out of our minds.

I know all of that.

As such, I endeavor to avoid looking at kill lists.  I choose not be held hostage by those capable of killing a healthy/treatable pet when lifesaving alternatives exist.  I refuse to be kept in their little cage of cruelty, forever running madly on their spinning wheel, begging everyone to just save one more.  It’s a form of abuse.  Do.  Not.  Want.

I fail.  Sometimes I feel compelled to look.  I can’t stop myself.  During those weak moments, I suffer.  I am ashamed of my failure.  I am ashamed to be of the same species as those who would put a needle of death syrup into this dog and call it kindness.

Unknown ID # dog at Robeson Co Animal Shelter in NC, on the kill list for September 14, listed on FB as "Male Hound/Terrier, Pit Bull 8 Months Entry 8-30 Call RCAS 910-865-2200 or email us at"

8 thoughts on “You don’t have to say anything.

  1. So many days I simply cannot look, even though I know what’s going on in so many places . . . There is nothing kind about killing these animals.

  2. So many things in life are hard to think about let alone look it straight in the eye.

    I’m glad you are one of those that do.

    You make a difference.


  3. Is THIS why I have stopped going by our local Animal Control? Hmmmm. I think so. It’s such a catch 22. You want to help, you go in, you fall in love, you try to help, you make a difference for one (or two, or ten) and then they kill 27 others. (Or, maybe only one, or two or ten!?)
    To give credit where credit is due…local Animal Control has been doing better in many respects. (I think, I haven’t been paying enough attention to know for sure.) I keep my corner of the universe safe and happy and try not to mingle too much in their neck of the woods.
    Oh, but if I complain, well, then I’m labeled as a complainer. They never call me to foster or groom (and I’ve volunteered and been approved-legally-for both activities.) Oh well, I’m busy enough. Sometimes I can help keep a dog from going that way, and I think that counts for a lot.
    Oh, and R2D2 got adopted! YEA!!! Ten (or so) more to go…

  4. While my local AC just got a grant for 100k (Yes, that’s 100,000 DOLLARS) to spend on media. Media? Okay, I get the need for advertising and this is not the first time they’ve gotten money earmarked for media. They’ll put up a couple “spay-neuter your pets” billboards, call it a day and go drink some beers while they’re killing (on average) 60 pets a day. WTF?? If someone gave you 100k, what would you want to use it for?

  5. I don’t know when the killing will end – but I know without any doubt it’s wrong – and I have known this since I was a child when I first became aware of the pound and their doings…I’m 60 years old now.

    And I’m not the only one….(as John Lennon said)

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