You may remember on August 26 when some “people” at MAS thought it was very ha to put a stuffed monkey in front of one of the webcams.  In fact, they couldn’t stop laughing, as evidenced in this FB posting:

Besides patting themselves on the back for their amazingly clever display of shamelessness, what else were the folks at MAS doing on August 26?  Oh that’s right, the usual:  killing pets.  Fifty-three of them on that particular day.  But yes, let’s all keep snickering at our stupendous hilarity.


Fifty-three lives snuffed out by MAS, almost all of them for “space” while the pound had plenty of empty cages and lifesaving alternatives continue to be ignored by the city.  These pets were never offered for adoption, never taken out for walks, never even given names.  It’s just a cage and a death sentence.  In the company of barbarians.

Try this little exercise:  Close your eyes.  Count to 53.

It hurts, doesn’t it?

Tonight there is a meeting of the MAS advisory board which is supposed to be open to the public.  If you attend, please ask the people who are so taken with their self-reverential wit this simple question:  What’s so funny about killing 53 pets?

You can see some of the 53 beautiful animals needlessly killed by MAS while some were having fun with a stuffed monkey here.

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  1. I’m so sick and tired of this reports from MAS but I’m even more sick and tired of the fact that nobody in Memphis stands up to stop the insanity. Has the public in Memphis become THAT numb?

    1. Not everyone blogs or Facebooks their intentions or activities. Some don’t even read Yesbiscuit !

      And thanks for the look at Stray Dogs in the Hood. A place for everyone to meet, it looks like.

      And yes, it’s true, I liked the monkey.

      1. @yesbiscuit
        Most days, after I watch the web cams (and I’ve been watching them much longer than you or any of your readers, I’d guess), I try to find something to make me laugh. It makes me human again.

        I’m glad someone there still has a sense of humor(not to mention a bit of wit on being watched like monkeys in a zoo). They’re human too. Maybe I’m the only one on this site that believes that.But I’ll keep saying it till the day you kick me off.

      2. You know what “liking the monkey” while ignoring the massive suffering going on behind the monkey is called? Cognitive dissonance. Look it up. Coping mechanism, but it sure ain’t pretty.

        In context, the monkey remains inappropriate and just plain un-funny by any objective measure of humor. Unless subjectively you find the killing of 53 healthy adoptable animals totes hilarious?

      3. @marji
        I don’t find the killing at MAS at all funny. And I wish I did suffer from cognitive dissonance. But I don’t.

        But I still like the monkey.

      4. Liking the monkey means liking what it stands for. You can’t separate the two.

        This isn’t gallows humor. This isn’t an attempt to cope with the unthinkable. Read the thread, it’s an attempt to mock people who care. It’s a big middle finger to compassionate individuals who want to see the killing stop. And yeah, it represents a severe disconnect (the dissonance) to the dogs and cats themselves…the ones LITERALLY suffering and on their way to death behind that super adorable, awesomely amazing, ohmygosh so funny! monkey.

      5. @marji
        You believe what you believe; I believe what I believe. The Friends believe what they believe. None of us know who put the monkey there and what he/she was thinking.

        I’m not a mind reader. I can’t read your mind and you can’t read mine. If you want to tell me what I believe, that’s your option.

      6. Specious logic for the fail. But thanks. I guess. I mean, you completely sidestepped the issue, but hey, at least we’ve verified we aren’t all telepathic.

      7. @marji
        I don’t think the killing is funny. I like the monkey. I do not consider those two statements contradictory.

        That is as clearly as I can put it.

        If that makes me a bad person in your eyes, so be it.

  2. I know it won’t help in any way to say this with the exception of getting it off my chest, but I would really like to drive down there and personally kick their ass. I’d like to start with the union employees at MAS and end with the “Friends” of MAS. I have never seen such ignorant behavior in my entire life. Thanks for letting me vent.

  3. Pretty easy to see why things haven’t changed there . . . pathetic response from the “friends” (but “friends” of who? certainly not the animals!)

  4. Since no one seems to be doing anything to stop the slaughter in Memphis, it’s time to stand together. We are rallying an army to demand change. Thank you for this blog, it will be what we share with the media so they can see what goes on in this shelter.
    Please go to, search for Operation Hound Dog and join if you would like to finally put an end to the slaughter.

  5. Wait a minute! Do I see Jeanne Chancellor “liking” the FB posting?! Isn’t Jeanne Chancellor on the MAS Advisory Board? This gives me such a sick feeling – anyone else?

  6. My understanding is that taxpayers will not be allowed to speak at Ms. Chancellor and fellow board members’ meeting tonight. They will apparently be allowed to write down a topic on a card and hand it in for the board to review. If the board so chooses, your topic may be addressed.

    I encourage anyone attending to not only write down their topic on the cards but to mail a copy (more in-depth than what can be made to fit on a card if you prefer) of the issues they want addressed to the following:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    That way, even if the Board “loses” your concerns and fails to make them part of the public record, they will be on file as part of the public record with these other city leaders.

    Make your voice heard, even if the MAS advisory board tried to silence you.

  7. With half the dogs being killed listed as pit bulls is there anyone reading these blogs who has a specific rescue in mind that can save these dogs? Memphis suuffers from the same problems as many shelters in the south – far too many pit bulls and large dogs then anyone could reasonably expdect to adopt them all out.

    You all can sit there and complain about what the people in memphis aren’t doing to save these dogs but until you offer resources or solutions nothing will change.

    1. With your permission, Shirley –

      To “Too Many Pits:”
      Not only do we at Shelter Revolution have THE SOLUTION to all your problems there at MAS, but we have submitted two formal offers of help to city and shelter officials without a single response.

      If you go to our website ( you will see a list of actions to be taken. Some are short term (as in the No-Kill Equation) and some are long term (as in remodeling the ugly prison-like facility and honing the rehab skills of local rescuers).

      This is the future of sheltering in America. It is written, it is available, as it is easily do-able. Too Many Pits, there’s your answer and the solution. Are you going to help or just be another obstacle? We could use your voice to help us.

      1. Thank you!!! I was so happy you piped up. Isn’t anyone listening?? There are not too many animals!! It’s A LIE!! They have no interest in adoption. It’s a facade for the death machine where the killers mock those who are watching them with that stupid monkey. And to any one who can find the monkey funny. You are an idiot! They are mocking YOU.!!! Whilst dragging animals to their deaths with no regard whatsoever for the innocence they extinguish daily. Are there good people there. No! Anyone who can watch daily as the house of horrors grinds on and do nothing. Say Nothing!
        No there are no good people there.
        Sorry I had a rant there. I am so sick of the apologists and the carnage.
        Carry on!

    2. So many people think that any dog with a “BIG head” is a pit bull. I wonder how many in the shelter are actually Pit Bulls. Too bad they have a bad name out there with the public.

      1. I /suspect/ there are fewer “pit bulls” than shelters believe. I adopted a “Pit Bull / Australian Cattle Dog mix” from a shelter. According to DNA testing, the dog in question is actually 11% Bull Terrier and that is the ONLY bully influence they could find.

        My other mutt was listed by the shelter as an “Australian Cattle Dog” and DNA testing claims she’s really 25% Chow Chow with some Collie (rough).

        After perusing DNA breed test results that are viewable online I’m beginning to think many of the blocky headed dogs are not Pit Bulls at all. There are probably a fair number of mutts in shelters being labeled things like “Lab mix” or “Shepherd mix” who are part Pit Bull and just don’t look it, too.

        This is why I’ve stopped focusing on breed and started focusing on dogs as individuals.

    3. Oh tear, not enough homes for all the pits. Thats a bunch of B.S. there are homes you just gotta try and find them put in a little effort. Also their DOGS that need homes doesn’t matter what their breed is. Memphis has pitbulls cause it’s hot down there, in Canada we have huskies and German shepards cause they got fur to protect them from the cold. All are dogs that can be mean if neglected and abused it has nothing to do with the breed.

      Saying there is not enough homes is an excuse. To quote my boyfriend: “Excuses are like butt holes, everyone has one and they all stink!”.

  8. I don’t understand them. I just…don’t understand. They’re *right there*. How do they allow this to go on? Why don’t they use their power to help the animals – ALL of the animals, not just the “lucky 30”?

    What stops them from being compassionate?

    1. My guess? They’ve all become invested in the shelter’s subculture. Every excuse that’s been offered by defenders of MAS, they’re like windows to how they think – that’s what informs the practice there, and it’s become all they know, part of their identity. To step away from that and look at it honestly would mean facing the ugliness and their complicity in it head-on, and most people aren’t up for that. It’s too painful.

      1. Here’s my thing: Even if you believed that killing pets was necessary at MAS (it’s not) and that it’s really all the public’s fault (it’s not), wouldn’t you still be at least SLIGHTLY bummed out at the killing of 53 pets in one day? Taking it a step further, even if you weren’t feeling one iota of sadness over the killing, wouldn’t you at the very least NOT FEEL like playing webcam games with a stuffed monkey WHILE PETS ARE BEING KILLED AT YOUR FACILITY?

      2. Well, what I think on that is, you’ve become the common enemy: ‘ha-ha, we know you’re there watching, up yours.’ They’ve already lots of practice ignoring the animals killed and lost – what’s 53 more? I imagine it’s become a disassembly line of sorts, in which the animals are merely Parts.

        I really have zero respect for most of the people at MAS. That one staff member who takes the time to be friendly and pleasant to the dogs, I do respect him – it takes a lot of strength and character to remain compassionate in Hell. But the rest of them, no.

  9. I don’t live in Memphis ( if I did, I’d be picketing outside of MAS every spare minute), so can’t attend the Advisory Board meeting tonite. Does anyone who is attending have a Petition to present them to show how many concerned people there are paying attention?

    If not, is it too late to start one?

  10. Wow. I don’t know about you guys, but if i took photos at my workplace and posted them on FB, I’d be fired that same day.

    What a bunch of douchebags.

  11. Shirley, we at Shelter Revolution are proud to know you. Thanks for “standing in the gap” for those 53 – and the many other thousands – who had no say in their lives. You have given voice to them and we appreciate the price you pay.

    Hopefully, caring Memphis citizens will express their dissatisfaction in their voting booths at the next election.

    Until that horrible, abusive situation is changed, know that your efforts are appreciated. I hear 53 little voices saying, “Thank you for trying.”

  12. @patience – Don’t you think a flyer with a picture of one of the dogs or cats at MAS, to be adopted, (in front of the webcam) might help the cause, instead of a monkey….let’s not lose focus – it is about SAVING the animals at MAS – maybe FMAS could try to think of these things instead of trying to be “funny”….

    1. @jody
      I think that would be a great idea. For a long time they did have a piece of paper up there that said “adopt a shelter cat(?pet?).

      But I still like the monkey,.

  13. How are these people hired? When you apply for a job most places are looking for someone who has some kind of experience and/or training for the position. Here it seems you just need to be an idiot. No compassion, in a position where compassion should be a major requirement. No common sense, where common sense should be a important factor. Desire to help, the only help I see here is the help taking advantage of the public dollars being wasted on non-productive. The mission of any decent animal shelter, should be to shelter the animals from those who harm, mis-treat, abandon, abuse and ignore. From what I have seen, the poor animals who end up at MAS need to be protected and sheltered from those who work at MAS. I am a firm believer that anyone who sets on a board of directors of any given shelter should at the very least, volenteer/particapate at that shelter. KNOW from what you speak. For a director to set and watch such a display of disrespect, is not someone who cares about the animals and they’re plight. MAS needs a housecleaning!

  14. What the heck is going on in Memphis that so many Labs, German sheppards are being given up to the shelter? I hope people leaving their pets there have to pay a fee.

    1. Those dogs are probably no more German Shepherds or Labradors than you or I. Does anybody really think the people there know anything about breeds?? It is impossible to tell what a mix is if you don’t know the parents. I am sure nobody at MAS cares either.

  15. pls stop the kill the animals to find for rescue like fireman or police trainig or find a nurisng home to give people healing or foster home for the kids to play and healing people at the nursing home to play with the kids and protect them ,,training police for shepherds ,, it sound like you as hilter to put all animals to death that murder,,,, u know the dogs are smart and save peoples life ,

    1. I’ve said, MAS operates just like the Nazi death camps. They operate like an assembly like of death, killing most, releasing few for a price. It’s almost like because they aren’t making money on some, they’ll just kill those. It’s obvious they are in the “business” to make money, not save animals.

      Stop killing healthy animals, MAS!

      1. MAS doesn’t make money on anything; AFAIK money that comes into the shelter (unless it’s a donation to the Friends) goes into the black hole of the Memphis General Fund. And shelters and most rescues don’t make profits on adoptions.

  16. What about an insider to,put a sign in place of Le Monkey, that says: “If you can see me, I am choosing the next victims to be killed. HAHAHAHA, ain’t I funny?”

  17. Kinda reminds me of how a dysfunctional organization is usually staffed with everyone’s idiot in-laws…

  18. I find it amazing that so many “friend” hate someone for caring about the animals of Memphis from so far away. Is that what animal welfare is supposed to be about? Care and concern for the animals? Anyone who gets upset over someone concerned about how animals are being treated and killed should not be volunteering at an animal shelter because obviously their heart isn’t in it.

    There is something else drawing them there…what, I have no idea. (Power trip maybe?) Any true animal lover appreciates ANY and ALL concern for the well being of animals. Instead of “no biscuit” shirts, they should have “thank you YesBiscuit for caring so much about the shelter pets of our city”.

  19. How about instead of a stuffed monkey, they put a photo of a pet that was put to sleep at their facility. They could show some actual care and concern for those who lose their lives in that building.

    Here are some other ideas for signs they could put in front of the camera:

    “On this day 53 pets were euthanized because they did not have a home and we did not have room for them. Won’t you help us make a difference?”

    “We desperately need volunteers. Please complete an application if you can help. You can find it online. You can drop it off in person or mail it. Thank you for wanting to help the animals at MAS.”

    “We need temporary fosters for the dogs and cats that we do not have room for. Please let us know if you can foster. It will save lives!”

    “If any veterinarians are willing to donate boarding space for the pets at MAS when there time is up, it would save so many lives. Thank you for helping us!”

    “Would any groomers/veterinarians/dog walkers/dog trainers be willing to donate their services to the pets of MAS?”

    “Are your pets spayed and neutered? Are you aware that you can get them fixed for low cost at Mid South Spay and Neuter and PetVax?”

    “We need donations! If enough people were willing to donate, we could possibly afford to have additional off site housing. If you know anyone who would donate land or property to house more animals for us to allow more time to get them adopted, we would be forever grateful!”

    “Thank you for caring enough about the animals at MAS to watch these cameras to make sure they are being treated well. If you ever see any suspicious activity, please bring it to our attention so that can look into the matter and get it resolved.”

    And so on…and so on…..

  20. Will the MAS Board meeting be open to the public tonite or will it be closed again. I plan to be there, but not if it’s closed anyway.

    I will have a good question for them.

    Where’s Kapone? (that’s not it)

  21. MAS could not find adopters for a Chi, Cocker, Fox and Rat Terrier that were killed. No foster homes were available for these small dogs. I don’t believe it! I cannot believe all the Labs that were killed. MAS needs to start working with rescues!

  22. today, we were discussing ‘idiots’ working at our local SPCA … they abound. is this from MAS’s webcam or a staff member post? what percentage is 53? yes, it sucks, especially if they had space (did they have funds? euthanasia is preferrable to starvation) I didn’t now where to go to check out the webcam, so I can’t comment because I could not see for myself. if this was MAS’S site, it’s HIGHLY inappropriate to post irrelevant nonsense on it.

  23. Patience: I despise your callous comments. From reading them it appears have no substance and no heart.

    You in a cage waiting your turn…now that would be funny.

    Anyone that can laugh at a stuffed monkey while 53 innocent, voiceless animals are killed has no soul.

    Thanks, Shirley for trying to help the innocent animals.

    1. Nancy,
      I’m sorry you find my comments callous. I doubt there’s anything I’ve said or could say would change your mind about them, so I won’t waste your time.

      But as long as I am online and whenever Shirley lets me out of the moderation hole(which she has more often than not and I thank her), I am going to defend the MAS employees as human beings.I don’t condone those actions that are cruel or people who don’t do their job., But those are PEOPLE who are working there and they’re not here to defend themselves.

      I will comment on inaccurate facts (such as MAS making money off adoptions) and yes, I’ll be more than willing to join the fray when those people are attacked as a group or treated as less than human beings. I’d do it even if I didn’t know any of them. I’ve done it before for people in groups I didn’t even like, I’ve even defended YB’ers against things I knew were lies.

      I did laugh at this though:

      “You in a cage waiting your turn…now that would be funny.”

      Not all cages have bars, Nancy, and sometimes ‘funny’ is all that gets you through.

      Respectfully (though without a soul, substance or heart)


      1. I have kept silent long enough….I was *hoping* to go after the director position at MAS because I DO care – and I KNOW I can make a difference in the lives of those poor animals that find their way into MAS. I tried to keep my name out of the fray because I *thought* it would give me an edge to get the position if I wasn’t targeted as someone who stirs the pot. But Ms. Patience you wear my nerves to their very ends!

        You are going to sit here typing away on your computer about how you are going to stand up for the *humans* because they deserve to be treated as human beings? Seriously? In the amount of time it took you to type that and hit the post button you do realize that MAS could potentially KILL 5-10 dogs without the blink of an eye??? The employees, FoMAS, and many on the Advisory board don’t give a shit about the animals. The employees are all getting PAID to be cruel, abusive, and uncaring. They want to be treated like humans than let’s see if they have a heart, shall we?

        Oops – too late they were busy putting a stupid ass monkey up to give Shirley and everyone else who gives a crap about the animals the finger to actual CARE about the ONE thing that is paying their paychecks – the ANIMALS! In the amount of time it took some dumbass to think that one up they could have walked a dog, cuddled a kitty, or posted a dog for adoption that is about to find its way into the kill room! They are too busy poking pregnant cats, dumping puppies in trash cans, and dragging dogs around the shelter on choke poles to actually give a shit about the animals.

        OBVIOUSLY – those *humans* you are so fond of defending need to find new jobs. They suck at what they are doing currently – my 3 yr old could do a better job than the majority of them. You want to say that those poor people aren’t here to defend themselves….

        What about the ANIMALS? WHO is going to defend the animals FROM THE PEOPLE? The same damn *humans* you are so fond of defending? Highly doubtful – they are too busy poking, prodding, dragging, and putting stupid ass monkeys on webcam shots. They suck at their jobs….I’ll say it here and I would say it to their faces if I were anywhere near them! I don’t need to hide behind a fake name and play games. I am proud of who I am and don’t give a shit who knows it – I LOVE ANIMALS and will fight for their rights over any *human* that is getting paid to provide care for them…and isn’t! If those employees and volunteers don’t like animals, which is obvious in their attitude – then they need to submit a little thing called a 2 week notice and go down to McDonalds and apply for a job flipping burgers or cleaning up trash! They are much more suited to that than being anywhere near an animal.

        I ‘get-it’ that you are quite possibly friends with some of those low lifes….you know when you lay down with dogs you DO get up with fleas? No wonder you like the monkey. Shirley is too damn kind – I would’ve booted your arse a l-o-n-g time ago. (Sorry Shirley, this has been building and I let the dam burst today. 53 dead animals and all anyone can talk about is a friggin monkey!!! But then again we are talking about MAS….maybe they are saying that they are nothing more than a bunch of monkeys at a zoo – looking through the bars and waiting for the right person to throw vomit at!)

      2. @Erica
        I know one person at MAS. I’ve seen others at work. And I watch web cams.

        I do see cruelty. Those people need other jobs/treatment/jail time.

        I see compassion and professionalism. Those people need support and recognition.

        Mostly, I see people who are not trained and are either indifferent about their work or who have been worn out by the conditions they work in. Those people need training and better working conditions. Some of them need other jobs.

        I see animals on chokepoles, animals being dragged on the floor, animals being killed. I see animals left alone all day long in rooms totally empty of people. That is wrong.

        And I see animals left by owners to die (whether they know it or not) and people looking to adopt or find a lost pet. MAS needs to have less of the first, more of the second.

        Lots of things need to change at MAS. But before youthrow everything and everyone out, you might want to read what Mitch Schneider (not one of my favorite people to be sure) said about his employees when Washoe County went No-Kill. Even I was surprised.

        There are plenty of people here to defend the animals. I do my defending of the animals elsewhere, although only in a small way right now. I hope I can do more in the future.

        I’m sorry I got on your last nerve. I’m trying to find more productive things to do than annoy people here. I guess I’m just stubborn. I’m afraid that part isn’t going to change soon.

  24. I agree with Nancy “Thanks, Shirley for trying to help the innocent animals.”

    The local animal control warden in my area – who is now dead himself, so I will refer to him as dead warden – dead warden used to put happy face stickers on the cages of the animals who were about to be killed…to brighten the mood or some such absurd nonsense.

    He also under-euthanized a dog once that was discovered to be still alive…so he pulled the dog from the pile and he gave the dog a “happy meal” from McDonalds for having survived the ordeal (or so he said) word ever if the dog was then killed….(the story was actually in the local newspaper….insane)

    The monkey reminds me of things dead warden would have done….and patience I don’t like the monkey.

    1. And I respect your opinion and reason for doing so. I don’t think I would have cared much for dead warden myself.

  25. Patience, if you want to do something more productive, help the animals.
    Go to the shelter, walk a dog, hug a cat, show some love when they take their last breath. You might regain your soul.

    1. If I did/do/will do that, it’s not something I’d choose to share on this site. But I appreciate the suggestion . Take care.

  26. Erica: Please apply for the job! You seem to understand what’s going on there. Everyone I’ve talked to says they also haven’t received ANY replys to ANY letters. Can you get their attention?

    1. I will be completely honest. I sent an e-mail to the Mayor. I asked him to consider options other than having the Rotary Club & HSUS do evaluations. I sent him info on a few different programs/places where they could get help that wouldn’t cost them hardly ANY money. In the same e-mail I told him that I was interested in the director position and asked if he, or someone in his office could send me a copy of the job description. I have received no reply and this was well over a month ago.

      I know that the shelter/mayor/FoMAS,etc are all so busy trying to play the CYA game that NOBODY is doing anything to actually help the very same animals that they are being paid to protect AND find homes for…not a grave. I know that they want someone with a college degree – which I currently do not have. I have plenty of life experience – I have my own home based business (for 10 yrs) and have a really good grasp of marketing. Before becoming a stay at home mom I was also a manager of a Data Entry department (in addition to a few other management positions) and have experience with HR, policy development & I re did the Data Entry department to be much more effective & efficient to save the company lots of money. I do my own animal rescue out of my home (pit bulls & orphaned kittens) – I have trained pit bull type dogs for over 15 years…even the ones that people thought would NEVER make a good family pet I have been successful at rehabbing AND finding them forever homes. So I think that this position is definitely something I could handle – I just need to convince them of that. BUT – given the current situation I don’t see what they’d have to lose at least giving me a chance! I may not have a “history” that they can look at to see what my past kill rate was at a previous shelter – but they hired Pepper who continued doing the same thing he did at his last shelter. Not to mention I love a challenge – and MAS seems like the challenge of all challenges.

      I am very aware of the No Kill equation, am not afraid of developing relationships with rescues, fosters, volunteers, etc. – honestly I would *love* to get the director position at MAS. I just don’t know if they are ready for me! I am a mover & a shaker and I think putting me in the position would be a good thing. While I do not have experience running a shelter I have been reading up on it and I know that starting out I’d have to rely heavily on the assistance of others – but I also know that there are a bazillion people that have already said they are willing to help – but nobody accepts their help currently, as sad as that is because it could help so many of the animals.

      And I do know that the people working there are either way under trained (as in not at all) or they just don’t give a crap…either way I know that MAS needs a director who isn’t going to just keep up with the status quo. Someone who isn’t afraid to stand up and say “This is not the way things will continue. Things are going to change and it starts today.” I am realistic and know that MAS quite possibly can’t go No Kill overnight…but I also know that half the battle is actually posting the animals and making them accessible for people to see. That, in and of itself, would be a major improvement over what is currently happening.

      Don’t worry – I am bullheaded as all get out. I plan on continuing to e-mail and do what I can to try and get the position. Even if it means packing up my big family and moving states away. I even have people that I have worked with in the past that I know would be perfect people to work at MAS. The shelter has such a high volume of pit type dogs and while there is such a misconception about the “breed” I think with the right education and the right people in MAS working with the animals that we can find homes for all the pets…not just a select few. Sorry – i am rambling now. I’ll shut up. Just know that I AM going to continue to push to get the director position. If I don’t get it – won’t be for a lack of trying that’s for sure!

      1. As many people with no responses to their emails, I doubt the mayor’s office even reads emails with MAS mentioned.

        City of Memphis has a website with a question/suggestion spot that I’m sure SOMEONE reads the mail. I’ve received no response from there either but I wasn’t expecting one.

        Registered snail mail works everytime, guaranteeing someone signed for it at least. Good luck, Erica. You have my vote, but then I’m easy anyway. …Buddy

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