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  1. Can anyone fill us in on what went on at the MAS Mtg last PM? Anything positive (not holding my breath!)?

    1. Decent turnout – I was most impressed with newest board member, Don Siemer. When the board was asked about their practice about spraying kennels with dogs inside, Don definitely did not agree with the dogs having to stay in them during the process. He is sharp. Towers was rude, as always. We were not permitted to speak unless we had filled out a form to have them read our question and then if we were the “submitter” we could stand up and elaborate on the question (IF they decided to read your question). We were not “allowed” to even raise our hands to question the members when they spoke. One woman had her question read and I can’t remember what it was – they “answered it” (moved their lips) and when she questioned what Towers had said – he said that that was all that would be said regarding that question and moved on….seriously, SO rude! I see a total conflict of interest with Jeanne (FMAS) and the 2 vets b/c they were subtly promoting their practices…..NOTHING, in my opinion, was accomplished – Their standard answer was always “we are researching that”…heck, they have been researching the same stuff for months- I think this new committee is a waste of time b/c they keep spinning their wheels. I hope the meetintg was recorded and if so, whoever did, will be able to give you more details!

      1. Don Siemer is a good man. Background in shelter management(or so I’ve heard), an animal advocate who prosecuted many cruelty cases in Judge Potter’s Environmental Court. Accessible and very well thought of in the community. Not a yes man by any means.

      2. Do you think that Don Siemer would be open to a dialogue with Community members outside of this meeting? If so, perhaps this could be a way to get past the idiots and begin a negotiation for improved conditions. One baby step at a time….?

      3. @lorraine
        I hope he has better sense. But I’m sure Cindy Sanders has talked to him. He has lots of curiosity and a sense of mission, but he also has worked with some of the GOOD people at MAS.
        You might want to ask Ona Cooper or Cindy first.

        Being logged off. Have a nice day.

  2. I agree Beth, Dr Towers and Dr. Clay really did seem promote their practice and Friends being on the board does appear to be conflict of interest. Dr. Clay and Dr. Towers both said they have researched using sedatives on vin (vet data base) and they can’t find any….but there are all sorts of info. Sedating before euthanasia is very common and suggested. They also stated they don’t use xylazine because it is a large animal drug, actually it is used in rodents and canines as well as large animals. And I thought you can make a ketamine/xylazine cocktail that will sedate better than just using one or the other. I will research this more, but their conversation didn’t make sense to me.

    Also, was it confirmed last night that dogs are not brought into the kill room as groups? I was really confused by this conversation. I was under the impression that about 5 dogs/cats at a time were brought into the kill room together and killed in front of each other.

    Last Towers needs to loose the f’ing gavel.That was just obnoxious and unnecessary.

    1. Oh my! Sounds like this Dr. Towers should be put in charge of himself. He sounds like he needs improvement.

      The statement that “one really finds out what kind of person he is when he is given power” has never been more true. He is full of himself!

    2. One of the board members (going on memory here but I think it was John Cox) said at a meeting this spring that the dogs (plural) are brought into the kill room and tied to the wall. It’s on tape. Are they saying that practice has been suspended?

      I will donate $10 to our Meows & BowWows Memphis pet fund in the name of the first person who sends me a photo of the vet with the gavel.

      1. I want to see that too! I’ll match that $10 with a donation to the chip in at Meows and Bows.

        Couldn’t have been suspended. Today dog after dog was taken to the kill room. All week I’ve been watching dogs hauled there. They would have to have been tied to the wall watching the one before them be killed.

      2. I saw that video, too. He claims he busted in the kill room and rescued a dog from being tied to the wall, saying ”oh no, this aint goin down like this”. He claims he adopted that dog, and is still in his care.

    3. Kim,
      yes. Ketamine and xylazine can be mixed. It is exactly the pre euth sedative that was decided upon by a vet that was formerly employed at my local (Spartanburg) HS when she found out they were NOT sedating before euth. And it is one of numerous large animal drugs used on companion animals.If they have researched VIN ,and NOT found any info, they just aren’t looking!

    1. Peter- Yes,I need to do that. I am trying to find out if someone else has video from the meeting – need to post it – it will definitely make your eyes roll!

      1. No other shelters. Rescues are all full- that’s probably the email circuit they’re talking about.. Frayser is a very poor part of Memphis. I have a feeling Ms. Melody (his rescuer) is probably not doing too well for money herself. Gail Phillips (the email writer) is an animal advocate in the city. If she’s involved, then they are doing their damnedest to find Mario a home.

        @Animal News & info
        unless she’s associated with a rescue group or can find one that will let her show Mario with them, she won’t be going to
        adopt days. And rescues already have too many of their own dogs to try to find homes for.

      2. I just reposted what I saw posted before, after I went to the page and read about the dog. I also agree that another shelter might give this dog a better survival rate.

        I think many people need to learn about all the different options other than a kill shelter for rehoming their pets or found pets. Many people end up sending pets to a kill shelter because they just don’t know what else to do and can not keep the pet forever.

    1. Yes, I would love to see more articles also about the difference in two shelters outcomes for different pets and what one shelter is doing to get better outcomes. Like how some shelters are using the media for helping them place more animals while other shelters only use the media occasionally and usually only to put down the public.

      How do some shelters build up their foster programs to large numbers?

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