Beagle in TN Needs Foster (and she comes with EXTRAS!)

This dog is at the Tipton Co Animal Shelter in TN and is due to whelp any day now.  She is in need of a temporary foster home immediately in order to give her a safe place to have her pups.  She can not get on paid transport until she has been out of the shelter for 2 weeks and since she will have newborn pups at that time, she really needs someone in the area who can help right away.

If anyone in the vicinity can give this mama dog and her family-to-be a home for 8 weeks or so, I will help find permanent homes for mama and pups via the blog.  Contact the caring volunteers who help the pets at this shelter via their Facebook page or call the shelter directly at (901) 837-5919.

11 thoughts on “Beagle in TN Needs Foster (and she comes with EXTRAS!)

  1. I have an aunt in Tipton County, I will forward her that number. She has lots of land, and she loves animals. So, maybe she can help out. Good luck, she is really cute, and things like this hurt my hurt, poor abandoned pups.

  2. What a sweet girl! I hope that someone nearby can give her some time and space to have those babies and to do her “mom” thing. Please keep us posted.

  3. Just checked the facebook page and this little momma has been pulled (in labor, no less) and is being fostered. They have another momma who is ready to deliver any day, so if you know someone in the area – please check it out on the facebook page linked above.

  4. Shirley, thank you so much for posting this doggie’s story and for putting up with all my crazy e-mails today. This doggie is now is foster care and not too soon apparently… Every shelter dog and cat should be given a chance to be rescued or adopted. The Memphis Animal Shelter and it “Friends” should take a page from the Tipton County Shelter volunteers who worked tirelessly to get this dog rescued and continue to try to get all other animals at that shelter rescued.

    1. You are so right, Villy! ALL of the volunteers are so incredibly passionate and focused- their number ONE mission is to save and place EVERY dog/cat that ends up there. They are such wonderful people!!!

    1. sharing on Facebook.. so sad.. not one comment or tag.. but that’s going to change… I’m sharing… I wish I could help, maybe, with some effort someone near there will see the posts.

      Whoever posted this girl needs to add more information to the best picture.

      1. Sorry, but the comment on facebook is that this beautiful momma and her unborn pups are gone, just gone. What a waste of so many precious lives.

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