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  1. I like to follow legal cases in the news and have been keeping tabs on what’s going on with the Michael Jackson death trial. Was surprised to come across this article this morning:

    Although the article doesn’t say if any dogs were harmed or killed in that study, I would assume, based on the study’s intent, that at least some dogs were harmed and/or killed. Which is a pisser seeing as it was a preposterous theory to begin with and no test need have been commissioned to try and “prove” it.

  2. I have taken in a semit-feral/very shy cat from the outdoors. Since entering my house he has become fat and happy – emphasis on the fat. He is now having some difficulty cleaning his bum and is developing mats. I can sometimes pet him but sometimes he runs away and he gets spooked very easily. I tried brushing him but he didn’t care for it and I am not sure how to do it without hurting him since brushing the mats must hurt and he won’t let me bend over him in such a way that I could hold the fur to stop it from tugging. Picking him up in impossible too so getting him to a groomer isn’t an option right now. What can I do to help get rid of the mats? I tried a pair of scissors but he didn’t let me get more then one snip before he ran and wouldn’t come out for the rest of the day.


    1. Daniela, if he’s overweight there are a number of things you can do to take some weight off of him, which could help him, in the long run, even though he’ll likely need to be groomed (with professional help) in the short run. Decrease his intake of food, and change his diet to canned food (I’m guessing he eats dry and is free fed?). This can be a bit of “no fun” for both of you, and you need to watch his food intake to make sure he doesn’t completely refuse food, which could have an impact on his liver and kidneys. Dry food is generally a lot more carbs than cats should get, and canned has more meat (do try for the best food you can afford – check the ingredients. Even if you decrease the dry and add in canned, make him work for the dry by tossing it across the floor and making him at least walk to get each piece (jogging is better, but start slow). The best info I’ve found is at http://www.catinfo.org Good luck!

      1. All good advice. I also hide my cats’ kibble (3/4 are kibble addicts and flat out refuse wet in any way, shape or form – believe me I’ve tried). That way they have to move around and “hunt” for their food – mental stimulation as well as some exercise.
        Also, does he play? Perhaps more activity through playtime would help, too. Mine love chasing a long shoelace that I’m pulling around, plus “da bird” which is a feather on a fishing pole kind of thing. Many cats also light laser pointers.
        Good luck and thanks for giving this guy such a great home!
        Let us know how you’re doing.

      2. Limit laser pointer use as the brightness of that reflecting light is harmful if used with any duration.

        Where’s Kapone? Has anyone kept up with the thief & dog abuser, Hargan?

    2. Daniela,

      I have a similar cat – she was badly abused as a kitten and we’re still working on the trust issue (she’s not pick-up-able, yet and I can’t even restrain her gently without her freaking out). BUT, she will let me touch her all over and comb her if I’m lying down. As long as she can be “taller” than I am, she’s much more comfortable with the situation.

      So try lying on the floor with your brush (and some treats to reward) and see if that makes a difference. Also try a different kind of brush. My guys really like the slicker-type brush, but only if it’s the super soft puppy kind.

      Good luck!

      1. Blazen is a weird one. I have his two siblings and they are total lap cats that love to be held. But he is so cautious and careful and still not sure of those humans. He loves to play – but not with humans. If I try to interact with him with a toy he stops playing and walks away. I could try the laser pointer – since I don’t have to be so near to him to use it it might work.

        He is not an only cat – I have 7 others so going all wet just isn’t affordable. Right now they get Science Diet C/D (Leo gets URIs) and Friskies free fed and then they share 2 cans of Soulistic wet food at night. Friskies is what I used to lure Blazen into the house and he gets very upset if there aren’t any available – but i have cut down to only two bowls available in 24 hours to try to help them lose weight.

        The being shorter then him is something I have to try. So far he doesn’t like it if he is on the ledge or the bed and I am standing and try to pet him. Sometimes he endures (you can tell he is enduring) other times he jumps down and lies on the floor and then you can pet him. Of course then he sometimes just runs so you never know how he will react to anything. You can tell when he wants pets because he lies down and looks at you expectantly. Next time he does that I will lie next to him and see if he is okay with that.

        Right now I am using a furminator to brush the cats – I figured it might cut the knot out from under the fur. But maybe that is his problem – I will try some of the other brushes and see if that helps.

        I figure once I get the mats out then doing maintenance brushes will be easier since it won’t hurt – and I do want to help them lose weight (he isn’t the only overweight one). All the others I have been able to brush any knots out of – he is the only holdout!


    3. I agree with KateH. PLEASE check out Dr. Lisa Pierson’s Catinfo.org site. That info site is recommended by more and more vets, rescue groups and breeders all the time and is not sponsored by pet food manufacturers or advertising. Grain free, low-carb canned food does not have to be expensive to be better for cats than dry food.

      Stories about two sweet obese cats, Mollie and Bennie, that were also unable to clean themselves & were abandoned. Dr. Pierson helped the cats lose weight without prescription food so they could be healthy, clean, playful and adoptable (http://catinfo.org/?link=felineobesity).

      Site recommended by:

      + Feline Outreach.org, (http://www.felineoutreach.org/Education/Nutrition.html)
      + Neighborhood Cats, (http://www.neighborhoodcats.org/HOW_TO_NUTRITION)
      + Feline Nutrition Foundation, (http://feline-nutrition.org/)
      + Cats.About.com, (http://cats.about.com/cs/catfood/a/canned_food.htm)

      Similar info from Dr. Jean Hofve:
      “Feline Obesity”, http://www.littlebigcat.com/health/feline-obesity/

      “Why Cats Need Canned Food”, http://www.littlebigcat.com/health/why-cats-need-canned-food-2/

      Best wishes to you & your kittehs!

  3. Interesting/Happy story from my furbabies today!

    My friend has a little Boston Terrier named Bo who was diagnosed with hookworms last week that were making him anemic. The vet treated him and sent him home. He didn’t get better. Back to the vet… the worms are gone, but he is so anemic that the vet can’t get a blood sample to test to figure out what is wrong with the poor little guy. After 2 days of meds and him still not producing enough blood, the vet suggests that my friend find a large dog to do a blood transfusion for Bo. And guess who has big dogs… your’s truly! My girl Willow went bravely to the vet this morning and gave some blood for little Bo. Bo is looking and feeling much better and doc thinks in a day or two he’ll be able to get some decent blood samples to test and get Bo back on his feet again! Please keep your paws crossed and prayers going for little Bo! Thanks!

  4. I’m pretty talented at raising newborn kittens who don’t have mommies. I was fostering for the PSPCA for a little while but they had some major flaws. My major problem was that I had no help getting the kittens adopted. After all my friends adopted kittens the only other option was craigslist and petfinder. I didn’t get many calls.

    I ended up being severely injured (spent several days in ICU, was lucky to come out with my life) with my last litter and they had to go back to the shelter. The shelter lost them in the system and I still don’t know what happened to the babies I raised since they were two days old.

    I’m not in the position to foster as of yet but find real joy in raising kittens and would appreciate any rescue recommendations that could cater to my needs. My needs are simple. I need my kittens at adoption events and I need a rescue that will guarantee that they aren’t euthanized unless sick beyond treatment.

    Also on a side note my father had a feral cat colony who is now down to two cats (both are 14 years or older) . He would like some new cats but is unwilling to make cages and stuff to acclimate them to a new place. If any rescue would like to build a cage or send over the supplies for me to build a cage, Our current cats do not have shelters to hide in and my dad won’t put out that expense either. However I will pay out of pocket for straw or hay to keep them warm. The cats are given food daily. They get a mix of cat food and whatever meat we didn’t eat at dinner. I also pour oil on the food and give them egg in the winter.The house is in Millstone about three miles from six flags.

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