Cute Puppy Alert at MAS

Will somebody ask MAS about this darling white puppy – his ID# and any info they can provide?  He appeared to be an owner surrender last night so should be immediately available for adoption.  Let us know so we can try and help him if he is in need.

It looks like the owner has a blankie over the pup - maybe it was chilly or rainy in Memphis yesterday?
The owner leaves the pup in the care of the MAS worker. The pup wants to go with the owner.
Members of the public are in the stray area, possibly looking for their lost dog while the worker gets food and water for the pup.

31 thoughts on “Cute Puppy Alert at MAS

    1. I always try to keep in mind that we don’t know why someone is surrendering a pet at a shelter. On the one hand, they may be a horrible person who doesn’t give a damn what happens to the pet. But on the other hand, they may be someone who found the pet wandering the streets and, unable to care for him themselves, are bringing him to a place he thinks will protect him from harm. Or maybe it’s someone who loves the pet but circumstances beyond his control prevent keeping him (eviction, major illness, military deployment, etc.). I like the fact that the surrendering party in this case brought a blankie for the pup. To me, that seems indicative of someone who cares about him.

      1. I know there can be extenuating circumstances. I just cannot believe that anyone who truly cares about animals would not check up on a place they felt compelled to leave it. With all the bad press that MAS has gotten, surely there can’t be one person left in Memphis who doesn’t know about them.

    1. No Joni. It looked at one point like that might happen but then *poof*, all the stray listings went away. They continue to promote only the chosen few. It’s a shame.

  1. I saw that this dog was never put in a cage in that area. The worker pretended to get food and water… I saw him minutes later walking back towards the lobby carrying that leash. Another dog was surrendered right after this one. It could have gone to the room to the right of the camera, but the next dog to come in was put in a cage in this area. I have those pictures.

    1. I would be so very happy to know this puppy was saved. But, like Dot, I saw the whole thing from beginning to end. Breaks my heart. Every day that hell hole breaks my heart.

      I agree with another comment made on another post here that said the animals had two enemies, not one. One was the staff and their bosses, the other was the Friends who keep everyone away except who they choose to let in. They all need to go.

      1. @ Arlene.. did you see the next dog.. the little black dog? The worker walked it around, seemed to be giving it a good rub before putting it in a cage and getting it food and water. Wonder if that dog was slipped out the back dog to be sold and/or worse.

    1. @DOT….I did see the little black dog. That dog was taken and brought water and marched back to get the food bowl filled. Then the staff guy put something net-like over the little dog before he put him into the cage along the back wall.

  2. Got a response just a little while ago:

    Dear Ms. Davis

    In response to your email request for information on a dog brought into our facility on Wednesday, October 19 at approximately 4:40 p.m. I have researched this dog and am sending you my findings.

    This dog’s ID number was 233873. It was an owner surrender request for euthanasia due to the dog having parvo. Per our policies and procedures, this dog was placed in an isolation area until personnel could perform humane euthanasia. This dog was euthanized on Thursday, October 20 in due accordance to our policies and procedures.

    While we appreciate your interest in this dog, we do not regularly adopt from webcam images. We do however have other dogs that need assistance that have been in our facility for over two weeks. If we can assist you with an adoption of one of our adoption candidates, please let us know. Once again we appreciate you interest in helping dogs at our facility and hope to assist you in future endeavors.


    Tracy Dunlap, Sr. Animal Care Technician
    Volunteer Coordinator
    Memphis Animal Services
    3456 Tchulahoma Rd.
    Memphis, TN 38118

    1. Ok, let’s take Tracy up on his offer, shall we?

      Can you reply to him requesting photos and information on all of the other dogs that “need assistance that have been in our facility for over two weeks”?

      We can get them up and crossposted if he’ll send us the info…

      1. Ok folks.. I got some more time on my hands. The puppy I’ve been fostering was adopted today!.. One more to find a home for.. then I’ll have an opening for a dog in need. Any dog that needs sharing, posting.. just let me know.. any already on Face book.. PM me.

  3. “…we do not regularly adopt from webcam images.”

    That’s true. They regularly kill the dogs we see on the webcam images.

    The chosen few dogs selected for adoption are not viewable via the webcams.

    How about this:

    We appreciate your interest in this dog and would be happy to get ANY DOG IN THIS PLACE OUT ALIVE so if you see another dog you have interest in, please contact me immediately and I will do my best to help you save that dog’s life.

    1. I thought about all kinds of responses, but any one of them would probably have slammed the door on any future correspondence. =) I just told him if he could provide me pictures and information on the dogs that need assistance, I would crosspost to try and get them adopted.

      1. I think it’s likely he is referring to the chosen few in the adoption hallway. He will probably tell you to visit the “Friends” FB page for pictures. And if you do that and dare post any queries about the strays or the needless killing at MAS while you’re there, you’ll be immediately banned and your post deleted. Like the rest of the compassionate public.

      2. Oh, very likely, yes. But wouldn’t it be nice if someone other than FoMAS got a foot in the door on promoting animals at the shelter? Because we all know it could be done better than scattered bits on Facebook.

        Ideally, FMAS should have all animals up on their pages, or at least PetHarbor (with a big, fat link to it from their page), but if we can encourage them to regularly send info on “adoptables” somewhere other than FoMAS, then maybe, just maybe, we can work with the new director to get info up on ALL the intakes…

      3. No idea, Debbie. I would like to have some hope, but the track record is not spectacular.

  4. Perhaps those of you who vol/work in shelters can share your shelter’s protocol for admitting a puppy with parvo for owner requested euth. Do you offer a veterinary consultation at time of intake? Do you walk the puppy through the shelter and linger with him in an area housing other dogs, pretend to get food and water for him while members of the public are around and then when they leave, abandon the pretense and take him to the kill room? I’d be interested in comparing practices.

  5. My vet used to be the manager at Animal Control.
    All animals are vaccinated on intake unless they come with proof of current vaccination. No animal is allowed to leave the facility without a current rabies shot. Puppies that were brought in were wormed at intake as routine, and again ten days later.
    My vet found she could do a better job of helping animals without having to fight the unions and government while playing political games so she resigned and went back to just her private practice.
    Now, if a person comes to her clinic with a pup that is suspected of having parvo, she treats it in the parking lot and won’t let it into her facility!
    Oddly enough, most owners do not bring their parvo puppies to the vet to be killed…most are trying to save them! Novel concept.
    p.s. she didn’t charge the last two people who came with sick puppies. She sent them home with fluids and hoped that their diligence would pay off. What’s a life worth? The cost of a vaccination? A bag of fluids?

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