11 thoughts on “Name That Animal

      1. Haha I think lemming would be funny. I keep thinking of shelter workers jumping off cliffs in large numbers. But lemming are more closely related to mice/voles while pika are related to hares. That furryness looks more hare than mouse to me. So it’s probably a pika.

  1. ANSWER:

    It’s a guinea pig.

    Only joking. I just hate that everybody got it right. It’s a pika. When I used to live in Seattle, I would often go hiking in the mountains. The little buggers would come out and scream at me while I was eating my lunch. They are LOUD.

    1. I’m pleasantly surprised everyone got it right! It always takes me a second look with these guys, because my brain tends to identify them as rabbits.

      They are loud. I’ve rarely seen them, but back when I was a kid and I spent a lot of time in the mountains with my family, I often heard them whistle.

  2. I knew this one too! Unfortunately I was behind on my feeds so just now saw it. I had never seen one before but last year my wife and I did a hike at Yellowstone and saw dozens of them — they’re SO CUTE. Also, I hear they are a little bit endangered now because global warming is threatening habitat and moving them up the mountains…and they’re running out of space to climb.

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