Pets Suffering at Marlboro Co Pound in SC

Remember the pound in Marlboro Co, SC?  This photo was posted on Facebook (I assume by a volunteer) asking for immediate foster/rescue of this bitch and her litter from the Marlboro Co pound.  A later posting indicated someone had offered to take her.  I have no other information but hopefully that info is accurate and the family is (or will soon be) safely out of the pound.

The posting indicated the family had been found under a barn and had been at the pound for 8 days.  I don’t know if the person in charge of the Marlboro Co pound refuses to allow anyone to put an old comforter (or blanket or bedsheet or towel or rag) with a mama dog and her newborn pups.  I wouldn’t think that’s the case because that would be cruel and unusual.  If there isn’t someone there enforcing some kind of sick rule about allowing no warmth or comfort for newborn pups then I am at a complete loss for how this poor bitch and her litter have been allowed to suffer like this.  It’s been 40 degrees in SC at night this week.  Surely this little family was better off under the barn.

The page had a couple of other postings which were slightly less horrifying.  Slightly.

Again, is there some rule that says no one can provide any material comfort to these dogs while they are at the pound?  I do not understand this.  They are not saying there is a lack of resources and that they wish they could provide a dog bed, they are simply saying the dogs are left on cold concrete with nothing.  As if somehow that is in any way acceptable.

HOW is this allowed to happen?  The posting for these dogs talks about how they were betrayed by the owner.  It sounds to me like the owner left them in good condition and the pound turned one of the dogs into a shivering, suffering wreck.  The owner isn’t going to redeem the dogs.  That sucks.  But it happens.  That’s why we have shelters.  That’s why the Marlboro Co pound is there.  Remind me again who I’m supposed to be angry with here?

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  1. Isn’t this the same place that all those dogs were pulled from about a month ago? The weather is getting colder and it’s more important than ever to have this place shut down. As I recall there is only one inmate to clean the place, if you can call it that, and a sheriff that drops him off in the morning and leaves. The outdoor pen has nothing other than it is enclosed. That is inhumane for any animal to be out in the elements with winter setting in. Please, Humane Society, step up and clean up. This is sickening how the dogs are treated there. Never mind the cats, who I’m sure are still in that dark room.

  2. Can someone in the area not organize a drive for some sort of blankets, bed, shelter of some kind in these pens? This is definately animal cruelty and needs to be addressed. I take throws, blankets, etc to local pound every winter (GoodWill is a good source for these things at a very low price, especially on half price days!). These photo make me ill.

    1. I have a bunch of blankets, but no way to get them there. I just went to the Goodwill and bought another large bag of blankets.Anyone in my area? Danville, VA..

  3. I meant to say Please help the Humane Society there and step up and clean up. They need lots of help, lots of fosters. The dogs are desperately cold in that dank place.

  4. These poor dogs would be better off fending for themselves. This is not a shelter! Look up the definition of the word. This place needs to be shut down or run by a responsible rescue with county funds. All shelters should be run by rescues, because then you’d know that there are people there that care about the dogs and cats. The pictures of wet dogs on wet cement in 38 degree weather is so cruel. To leave a mom and newborn pups on a cold floor is a death sentence. Once they get sick, you know they won’t be kept alive. Speak loudly and save these animals. We are the only hope they have!

  5. You’re supposed to be angry with ME! I’m the irresponsible public and I waste my time looking at webcams when I should be outside scooping poop.
    Maybe they do this (post photos of suffering animals THEY are responsible for) in hopes that some of us will say, well gee, I’m full up, how’s about you just kill them?
    Sorry. I’m having a bad day.

  6. I’m angry first with the inconsiderate creep who passed his dogs on to a place that is an obvious hell-hole & expects others to care for them. Second, I’m angry with the hell-hole establishment for being what it is. Third, I’m angry with the town who condones the hell-hole & hasn’t done anything about it. Next, I’m angry with myself for myself for not doing more and not able to do more to relieve the situation forced upon so many “shelter” dogs & cats.

    Would they at the shelter be able to accept donations of bales of straw/hay? Straw is the cheapest & best thing for comfort under dogs & cats, if it’s checked & kept clean, which is simple enough. I’ll “Chip-In” for a bale if someone wants to start it.

    Shirley: You incorrectly refered to the female cat as a “bitch,” indicitive of female dogs. A mother cat is technically refered to as a “Queen.” Really.

    Where’s Kapone?

  7. I haven’t been to their wall in a few days and I will check it today. I have some blankets I can donate. The problem is getting them there. The bigger problem is the building itself. It’s an old run down jail house and apparently hardly a roof, no heat. The place is just plain nasty. I have some blankets I can donate, but no way to get them there and what good would that do with no way to wash and dry every day? The dogs first posted are all safe, but I haven’t been updated since FB changed there format. Again.. I’ll check.
    Anyone here in the NC area that could help get blanket to the shelter?

    1. If everyone is willing to chip in with donations, I would bet there’s a good rescue close by that would help. I know of one in SE North Carolina, but not one near this place. The problem the rescues face is they don’t have enough money and resources to do all they want to do. If donations were made to the shelter, perhaps they could ‘adopt’ these animals and help find them homes. At the very least, they could provide them a place of warmth and protection from the elements.

  8. I know it’s the least of their problems, but the toenails on the brown dog in the second picture are WAY too long and it has to be painful for him on that cement floor! Those poor animals need to be taken care of!

      1. Where are you located, Dot? How far from the shelter or the rescue group that’s helping there?

      2. I will have to mapquest for that info.. Please don’t think I’m being rude,, I’ll have to get back to you with that info. I’m in Yanceyville, NC.. The shelter is just west of I-95 in SC

      3. Not at all, Dot! It’s just that if you could tell someone that you’re 20 minutes away or half an hour or something, it might help them realize that you’re close and they can be a part of helping!

      4. Oh dear, that’s quite a long way. Why not advertise on freecycle or craigslist that you have blankets for rescue groups? There may be someone in your area concerned about the coming winter and their animals…

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