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  1. I just accidentally voted the wrong way. Killing shelter pets is NOT appropriate. Makes me sick instead.

  2. There are 3 companies in Memphis that are listed in the 2011 Fortune 500-Fed Ex-#73, International Paper-#105, and AutoZone-#322. Is there anyway to get these corporations involved with the MAS fiasco?

    Perhaps there should be a boycott of visiting the City of Memphis!

    How can one help these animals if they are not posted anywhere so they can be networked? Petharbor has only 23 listed for adoption and the last date for brought to the shelter is 10/8/11.

  3. did anyone else watch the cams this morning Octber 23, 2011. A shelter worker was spraying a cleaning chemical in side the kennels WITH THE DOGS INSIDE! I sent a snap shot to Shirley. I hope she posts it… what is in that soapy crap..? Can it hurt the dogs? If it can kill germs and/or viruses.. what else will it kill?

    1. I’m sure it’s not good for them, Dot. And I’m very sure it’s not meant to be put into water dishes or food, but that’s what they do.

      I am so angry at Matt Pepper for not retraining the staff on proper cleaning procedures when he was there. The man has all kinds of education, so he damn well knew better. But he took the lazy, don’t care attitude that was already at MAS and embraced it. He could have made a significant change in those dogs’ quality of life and he did NOTHING.

      For the people who say that he was a good guy and just didn’t get the support of his superiors, I call bullshit.

      Matt Pepper’s priority was NOT animal welfare. Not before MAS, not during MAS, and very likely not after MAS.

  4. At the MAS Board meeting, they said they only remove dogs for cleaning IF it was steam-cleaned and they don’t steam-clean, so they indirectly said they don’t remove dogs for hoseing down & spraying whatever into their cages/cells.

    If anyone can, post any or all dog’s photos going to the kill room here. I would lite to record their evil deeds for future use against “euthanisa.” It’s a pity, a shame, unethical, immoral, wrong and should be criminal to kill healthy animals.

    “The life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being” …Mahatma Gandhi

      1. I guess all the dates you can send. Preferably to my email address. exbuddy@ comcast.

  5. Late yesterday I watched the worker walk four dogs to the kill room. All seem ed very sweet and well behaved. All were larger dogs. There was three open kennel doors that weren’t open earlier, so that’s 7 more dogs that didn’t make it to the new shelter. After seeing how the place was cleaned and then what looks like healthy dogs being removed.. I just gave up. It’s so sad, that is exactly what they want us to do. Give up and go away! I just can’t do that.. I want there to be something that I can do from afar.

    1. I listed the wrong address. It is, ezbuddy

      I wrote my congressman & complained nicely about MAS & the lack of publicly viewable cameras at the new shelter. Think it’ll do any good?

    1. Dot: Just email some at a time. I only have 20 photos now so I’m sure someone has many I don’t have. That last photo before going into the kill room is what I’m interested in.

      Thank you

      1. I’ve got over 300 pictures.. so I don’t remember which dog, which date. Today is the 26th and they are killing so many dogs.. one right after another

  6. these wirkers seriously need to be fired. if they are doing there job they will not get threat emails.it take animal liver to do this job. if they not get another job. how can they stuff a huge dog in a small cage like that. how would they feel if that happen to them. that humane society need to be handle better than that with better staff. it sickened me to see this awful pictures and complaint and nothing being done. and they feel threaten because there are cameras, wake up there are cameras everywhere. only people who are doing things wrong feel threaten. well guess what i work in a place with camera on tip of my head but i don’t feel threaten why because im doing my job.

  7. Why are they killing all these dogs and treating the poor little things so badly? Who would give up their animals to this shelter?? Do they look to see if they belong to anyone when they pick them up??These people need more than cams. They need police to protect those poor animals coming in and going through hell.

  8. Each and every one of these pictures is so disturbing. The 3 snapshots of the big yellow dog trying to get stuffed into a kennel(made for a much smaller dog), is so troubling. That would be Jeanne Chancellor watching the whole thing- this is the head of FMAS – also on the MAS Advisory Board…..doesn’t this just say it all – obviously, if the dog’s well being (actually, all of the animals there)was taking into consideration, this attempt at stuffing this poor dog into the small kennel, never would have been attempted!Proof is in the pudding- all of them are deaf, dumb, and blind!

    1. The thing is, if any of these poor large dogs were being stuffed into these cages only for a brief period (say, while their run is being cleaned, ahem!), I wouldn’t like it but I would know that at least it’s only for a little while. The stray dogs at MAS are NOT WALKED and stay in their cages 24/7 where they are supposed to eat, drink and relieve themselves. It is cruel to stuff a large dog like this into a small cage under these conditions. It doesn’t take any special training or education to know that. There is no excuse.

    2. I was watching this fiasco unfold. Jeanne Chancellor was not only watching the whole thing, she was the one who finally forced the dog into the cage!

      1. @Dot Kirby- Jeanne Chancellor is the head of FMAS – “Fiends, I mean, Friends of Memphis Animal Services” – a 501-3C organization….She also is the one who bans people from posting comments on the FMAS fb page, when their opinions don’t match hers. She deletes those comments and then unfriends you…. She is also one of the newest members of the Memphis Animal Services Advisory Board….. Get the picture?! Not a good one! Hall/Hooks/Mayor all think she is the best thing since sliced bread (or so the impression is given)…..the animals don’t stand a chance…..

  9. this place needs to be cleaned up. all the employees should be fired and new caring people should be hired and trained the right way. this animal abuse and should be treated as a crime.

  10. This is horrible, how can people allow such treatments to those precious, defenseless creatures, who deserve a respectful life, full with love and being taking care of, just as any other creature. In stead of, they are being tortured and no one who takes care of them. Disgusting these people who treat them like this. It breaks my heart and reaches my soul to see images like this. How on earth can this be allowed ? This is a crime and all people involved should be punished, and being replaced by people who are careful and loving, searching a new loving home for them.

  11. For those who are shocked by this or new here, you should know this is common practice in “shelters” that kill pets for space. Please take the “Audio & Visual Tour of Shelters” at http://www.nokilladvocacycenter.org/tour.html,

    then join others in your community to reform your local animal shelter. If the proven life-saving programs and policies are in place, more than 90% of lives can be saved.

    See the growing list of no kill communities on the No-Kill News blog, (now known as the No-Kill Communities blog), http://www.no-killnews.com/

    1. I disagree. My local shelter does kill for space. They are not “no kill” by any stretch of the imagination.

      But I have NEVER seen the workers at my local shelter use a catchpole or mishandle an animal in ANY way. Every time I stop by, I can go “in the back” to “just look” at all the animals. It is always clean, never smells, and every cat has a clean towel in the bottom of his or her cage so they don’t have to sit on cold metal. The dogs have room to move and are taken to outdoor runs during cleaning. The workers stop to talk to them and give them a friendly pat (for those that are pat-able). They give each dog a name, not a number.

      The animals are not “things” to them. The animals are the priority. With this attitude alone (and believe me, they do not have much in the way of other resources), just over 90% of dogs who walk into my local shelter, walk out again alive. Their kill rate is low because they give a rat’s ass.

      So MAS does not get a pass on their behavior simply because they’re a kill shelter. What we see at MAS is a mass psychosis that “this is how things should be”. We see cruelty and a complete lack of empathy.

      And THAT’S what leads to a kill rate like they have. The animals are things to them, nothing more. No one needs to make an effort, no one needs to care about “the inventory”. And that’s unacceptable.

  12. I’m not always here to catch all the ideas going around on what to do, but I looked back to see an idea of an “Occupy MAS” a few days ago. When anyone would like to gang up, please let me know & I will provide one warm body; probabaly to just set around with a dumb look on the face. Will I need a poster too?

    I’m not one for organizing, I’ll leave that up to you. But pecking away on these keyboards & moaning about mistreatment, abuse, lack of concern, compassion & care along with their cruel practice of killing so many isn’t getting very far. WE all know how bad it is, but how is anything going to change if EVERYONE doesn’t know. Get the mayor’s attention.

    MAS employees are the problem & have been for many years. They are not changing anything if they aren’t forced to. They are not lifting a finger more than they can get away with and to hell with the cats & dogs because cats & dogs aren’t their priority: easy work & that generous paycheck is all that’s on their mind.

    So, who among US will contact others, call a news agency, bring their photos, bring copies of these messages, bring a poster on a stick, and be willing to just stand around & look dumb until asked, “What are you doing?” Then point to the one who can speak for all of us.

  13. I have over 1500 friends on Facebook and have asked who is from TN.. not one will step up.. but there’s plenty that are appalled by the pictures.I’ll try again.. see what I can come up with.
    Yesterday at the shelter, one of the workers was training a new employee…. and you all know how that went. Not good.. same ole’ ..same ole’ an IDIOT training the next generation of idiot shelter workers.

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