Mental Health Break: A Reader’s Story

This is from reader Dot, who wanted to share this story:

I rescue and foster death row dogs. I have three dogs of my own and one foster. All were death row dogs.

I found “Freeway” on the side of the road Aug 19, 2011. He was alone and eating dirt. Poor little thing was so tiny. He’s now a wonderful, well adjusted, social, smart, fully trained, lovable little guy that needed a forever home. I had him two days shy of two months. Because of low-income spay neuter service in my area, I was able to give “Freeway” a healthy start in life. He got adopted October 22, 2011. My girls were very instrumental in the raising this barely weaned baby. Hope you all enjoy his photos/ journey to a wonderful and happy life. “Fostering Does Save Lives… and It’s So Rewarding”.  Try it, you won’t regret it.

And for anyone that wants to see the entire album, here’s the link.

Thank you Dot.

7 thoughts on “Mental Health Break: A Reader’s Story

  1. I wish I could foster more dogs at one time. I have another foster.. “Julie” She came from Lyons, GA, the shelter that murdered 77 dogs inhumanely last January.

    When Julie arrived she couldn’t walk, could barely stand. Her skin was bleeding, she had urine burns on all her pressure points, even her face. She didn’t have hardly any hair. she was skin hanging on bones, no fat, no muscle. I cried when I saw her. I cried every time I had to touch her body. She had gone three months with no real food. Her colon didn’t work properly. Stool would just fall out of her, she had no sense of feeling back there. I was constantly bathing her back side. This girl was abused and neglected. She was so timid. if I sneezed she would run for cover.
    She’s still a little shy, But she’s been with me for five months now.

    Julie is now a very healthy, chubby, sweet, cuddly, playful and very loyal young lady. She also played a big part in raising the puppy I called “Freeway”

    All my girls missed “Freeway”, as did I, but, I can’t help another dog in need if I keep them all.

    Fostering Saves Lives..and it’s so rewarding!

    P.S. Julie is still waiting for her forever home..

  2. Bless you Dot, for your selfless devotion to dogs needing help. I admire your ability to make such a huge difference in the lives of those who need you the most.

    I loved seeing the pictures of Freeway and your other girls. Thank you for sharing them, especially today.

    1. Arlene.. you are so welcome. I do my very best. I’m old and survive on Social Security. I have a friend that helps me every month with dog food when I have more than my three fur babies. I couldn’t do it without him. All of my dogs are death row dogs. “Freeway” was the only dog that was never in a shelter. I had him micro-chipped just in case he got lost.

      Since June 2010 I have rescued and placed 16 dogs. Julie, needed vet care when I got her. Michael Capone (FB friend) sponsored her. $266.

      I wish humans had more respect for all life. Even the snakes that get in my duck house I have removed and relocated. If your on Facebook..I have lots of albums I think you’ll enjoy.

  3. I have a “Pet Safe” fence system. the box is set to give off a warning sound only when she gets to close to the boundary. All my girls are trained. except Progie. No lot, no chain and my yard is huge. I’ve never lost a dog since having this fence system. Been using it since 1999.

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