Dollar-A-Dog Donation Challenge

Rhett at MAS, before being pulled by Meows and BowWows.

Meows and BowWows, our rescue friends in Memphis, pulled Rhett and Trixie from MAS during the recent upper respiratory disease outbreak.  They need treatment for heartworms.  I know some of you have already donated – thank you.  For anyone who would like to participate, I’m putting out a one dollar challenge on Rhett and Trixie.  I have donated one dollar for each dog and challenge you to match my donation.  Let’s see if we can get their treatment paid for so Meows and BowWows can cross this concern off their list.

ChipIn for Rhett and Trixie’s heartworm treatment

Snail mailers, just write “Rhett and Trixie” on your check or money order and send to:

Meows & BowWows Animal Rescue
P.O. Box 38141
Germantown, TN 38138

Literal Dog is literal. Trixie came complete with a diagnosis on her fur!
Trixie's other side reveals an encoded message which has yet to be cracked!


6 thoughts on “Dollar-A-Dog Donation Challenge

  1. Look at Rhett’s bed – how in the hell is a dog supposed to do anything with that, but that’s pretty standard MAS care, isn’t it?

    Big thank you to Meows and BowWows for pulling these two! I’ll be donating!

    1. ha – I thought the same thing. It’s the we-have-fulfilled-our-obligation-to-be-humane dog bed. Available in Hole Cut in Middle or Completely Trashed varieties.

  2. Thank you, Shirley, for all your support!!! To all the readers here, if you have a $1 or $5, please consider supporting the care for Rhett and Trixie, so that we can continue helping MAS dogs and cats. Meows & BowWows is committed to the care of every pet in our rescue program. We do NOT turn down the difficult cases!!! We currently have three dogs with HW+, a kitty with diabetis from MAS, a kitty with hyperthyroid disease from MAS, a kitty with feline leukemia and a number of other pets with special needs. We appreciate all assistance and tax-deductible donations.

    1. Meows and Bow Wows is a class act rescue group!!!! Thank you for all of your rescues and future rescues!

  3. Hey guys, I am a little late to the party due to foot surgery now catching up on things. there will be a snail check in the mail tomorrow for both dogs. What IS Trixie? A JRT mix? How big? How old? We are seriously thinking of adding her if the fit is right. Thanks!

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