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  1. Why does it have a tatoo in its ear? Hmmm… interesting. I love this game by the way. I get my coworkers involved too, though none of us ever get the correct answer. Fun times.



    More specifically, Eastern Barred Bandicoot

    More more specifically, Eastern Barred Bandicoot #59

    From Wiki:

    It is a small, rabbit sized marsupial weighing less than 1 kg with a short tail and three to four whitish bars across the rump.[3] It lives for just two to three years and is not gregarious.[3] Males occupy large home ranges compared to females and only consort with females for mating. This species is nocturnal. It emerges from its nest at dusk to forage for a variety of invertebrates including crickets, beetles and earthworms.[3] During the day it rests in a grass-lined nest. When foraging, it uses its long nose to probe deep into the soil and then digs eagerly when it locates food. Females have 8 nipples and can produce a maximum of 5 young in one litter with an average of 2 to 3 young. Gestation lasts just 12 days—this is one of the shortest gestation periods of any mammal.

  3. Yep this is a Barred bandicoot- Aussie like me yay! :) All Australian animals have tattoos. They breed em tough over here! Actually, they’re in danger of extinction which is probably why this one has a tattoo :(

    P.S. Shirley, just had to let you know I got banned from the Friends of MAS facebook page yesterday. They were thanking several rescuers by name for rescuing animals from the stray area. All I said was don’t forget Shirley from YesBiscuit and the people from Meows and Bow Wows, they’ve been doing fantastic work for the MAS animals (or something like that- nothing inflammatory anyway!). Anyway I got to join the “Banned by Friends of Memphis Animal Services Club” fb lol. There’s also a Trouble makers in the Memphis Animal Community page, did you know? Their profile pic is of a lady sitting at a computer. Lol too funny! (Well it would be if the reality wasn’t that troublemakers are considered to be people who actually want all MAS animals to get out alive). Their info is: Post your experiences with people making trouble in the Memphis Animal Community. No names are necessary just physical descriptions. Like wears 70’s pants suits and bad jewelry; wears dracula make-up and capes in public. It will not be hard to figure out who is whom.

    1. I didn’t know they were endangered. Wah. I only discovered them today and already they are endangered!

      Sorry you were banned for your highly inflammatory remark (read: “YesBiscuit”). Haters be hatin’…

      1. Yes it’s so sad about the Eastern banded bandicoots. I think they’re still fairly common in Tasmania but pretty much, if not completely gone from mainland Australia. Here in Queensland the bilby (another bandicoot) is also in serious trouble. We give chocolate bilbys instead of bunnies at easter. Koalas are headed the same way- there’s less than 100000 left in the wild, but the government won’t protect them- gets in the way of developers you see :( Makes me so angry, our wildlife is so unique and these morons are killing everything.

        No worries about the ban, the rejects are more fun anyway lol :)

      2. While I am sad to hear about the plight of these animals in Australia, in a weird way it brings me a tiny bit of comfort to know we (in the US) are not the only ones putting money above all considerations – living and otherwise. I thought maybe we were the only developed country short-sighted and cruel enough to kill everything for a buck.

      3. Oh no I think that’s pretty standard in “civilized” countries. I just hope humans manage to kill themselves before they kill everything else in the universe.

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