12 thoughts on “Mario at ARNO

  1. YAY! He’s interacting so well! This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, Shirley and all the rescuers, for saving this sweet dog.

  2. I couldn’t make it out (because of it being so dark) but what I didn’t see is a dog being dragged down the aisle with a chokepole! Thanks to all for getting this beautiful boy outta the hell hole that is MAS!

  3. OH MY DOG! He is gorgeous! I am so HAPPY he has come around! Only GREAT things to come for you, baby boy!!!

  4. The fact that Mario is responding so quickly to hand feeding indicates to me that he was not feral in the true sense of the word, only stray for a long time and mistrusting of human contact (with good reason no doubt). ANOTHER uckfupped “call” by the “fully trained professionals” at MAS (Murder All Strays), TN.

  5. Morgana you are right. Feral in the true sense of the word would never have Mario eating out of my hands, and, telling me what he thinks about it! If Mario were truly feral he would be in the back of the kennel looking the other way, probably trembling and not big on talking. Makes me wonder about the whole story that came with this dog, where did the lies end and the truth begin? We will probably never know the truth about Mario but he is safe and seems content at this point and each day brings less and less and less displays of fear from him.

  6. I watched this video yesterday on Facebook and it was not this dark.

    Mario is doing so well! Thank you everyone that helped him get out of MAS.

  7. Amazing how quickly Mario came around once he was around people who treated him with kindness and compassion. MAS, do you hear that sweet voice being used with Mario? This is what doggies and kitties like. Treats and kind words seem to work better than a choke pole and a water hose for some reason.

  8. Every day, I feed two “true ferals” and 5 abandoned almost feral dogs…after getting used to me feeding them the abandoned dogs wag their tails when they see me and the food bucket coming…the true ferals (I know when they were born) only stare and back up….None can be touched…some have been trapped and escaped…I even one female spayed and one male neutered…but they are on the streets again. I have gathered 18 puppies from these dogs….sweet, sweet puppies! I would attempt trapping again but I have no place for these dogs to go…so until I can do better, I will keep feeding and watering, medicating when possible and I will not call MAS!

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