Would You Like to Adopt These Dogs Immediately?

Dogs who need help at the Memphis pound. (Photo courtesy of the caring staff and vols at MAS.)

MAS sent out a plea last night for these dogs to be rescued TODAY between 2 and 5 pm.  I know it’s hard to tell much about the dogs from the photos that MAS provided, so let me share what I got:

Hey Everybody!

Whew, it has been hectic this week.  We are moving into the new facility and will be open on the 15th.  Before then, I have been asked to see if anyone could help with the following.  Before I am asked, I cannot provide pictures at this time.  Everything is packed up.  Please let me know if you can get these dogs tomorrow between 2 and 5 p.m.  They really need to be placed before the BIG MOVE.  Thanks for all your help.

572  –  234530  –  male, 1 yr old, HW-, black/white Siberian Husky.  In on 11/7/11.

535 –  234528  –  male, 4 yr old, HW-, black/white cocker spaniel.  In on 11/7/11.

536  –  234643  –  female, 3 yr old, HW-, pit bull with 6 pups, red/white.  In on 10/13/11.

314  –  234427  –  male, 3 yr old, HW-, shep/lab, black.  In on 11/2/11.  Very unusual dog.  Not sure about breed.  very skinny.  very sweet.

Tracy Dunlap, Sr. Animal Care Technician
Volunteer Coordinator
Memphis Animal Services
3456 Tchulahoma Rd.
Memphis, TN  38118

The Pitbull dam has been there for a month. But they can’t get a picture of her because they’re moving. And she has to be out TODAY.  Gosh, if only they could have sent out this plea a week (or two or four) ago, maybe there would be some reasonable chance to help this canine family.  Are the puppies 1 week old?  4 weeks?  10 weeks?  This is kind of essential information for anyone considering foster but I guess, whatevs.  The Sibe and the Cocker just came in on Monday and they have got to be out TODAY too.  (Today is Wednesday.  Wednesday being 2 days after Monday.)  Then there’s a very skinny/unusual/unknown breed shep/lab mix.  What – you think a photo would be helpful for him?  You’ve already been told – they’re moving.  Now don’t ask again.

Anyway, there it is.  Oh and apparently the phones have been cut off.

Instead of spending their time disconnecting the webcam feed, maybe they could have taken pictures of these dogs.  Or at least if the webcams were still up, we might have a tiny hope of catching one of the dogs outside the cage.  But we get nothing.  How can anyone be expected to fall in love with a dog’s photo when there is no photo?  Anyone want to adopt an ID number?

24 thoughts on “Would You Like to Adopt These Dogs Immediately?

    1. Unless you can get through on the phone (people have reported a fast busy signal), the only thing I know would be to try e-mailing the address in the post. Of course, if you have the luxury of knowing a person in Memphis who can drop what they are doing and run down there, that would be best.

      1. How about the vet’s phone number given in a past post?

        901-542-9359 Dr. Coleman, MAS vet.

  1. And, if we had taken a photo of every animal on intake (like we should have) and posted them online immediately (like we should have), then would could just refer people to the website, even if our computers and whatnot were packed up.

    But nooooooooo, that would be competent of us. Much better to send out 11th hour requests with no photos and scanty information and call it good. After all, it’s the irresponsible public’s fault these animals aren’t in homes right now, isn’t it?

    I wonder how many Cocker and Husky rescue groups they contacted before they had to resort to asking the public for placement? I bet it’s a big number. Probably huge. They probably called all of them in the country, I bet.

    1. What’s so stupid is that, before they cut off the webcams, it appeared as if the cage cards all had photos on them. So they must have changed recently to photographing on intake. To get the photo on the cage card, they have to be using the Chameleon software. So if they would simply go that one add’l step and hit the button to upload the info to PetHarbor…

      1. And yet, I went and looked at their Petfinder listings and could not find any dogs who matched their description. I can’t find MAS on Petharbor at all when I search under “Memphis”, but I’m not really familiar with Petharbor, so I may not be looking in the right place.

  2. Okay, I just finally started hitting 0 until I got the police department. I left my name and phone number and a lady named Tracy just called me back. I gave her the kennel number (1st number) and the ID number (second number) for the mama and pups. She is going to speak to the director and call me back.

  3. I agree with Mikken above. If this shelter cared and processed animals correctly on intake and posted them immediately online then maybe people would know a bit more about the animals sooner and maybe save a few more.

  4. i actually thought i just couldn’t see the photo on my computer at first. so i clicked the “picture.” ….i like what you called the .jpg, btw.

    unbelievable. jeez

  5. I was mildy flipping out so maybe that worked in my favor. I just told them that there were dogs that were dying today and no way to get through to save them. It was only about five minutes before Tracy called me.

    So if anyone really wants to get through, call the shelter number above and hit 0 a few times. It works!

  6. So Memphis Shelter is moving..Big Deal! During this interim, you still should be able to adopt animals out…but apparently this concept is “Rocket Science” for this bunch of governmental types.

    I guess Memphis hasn’t caught up with the rest of us with… Ohhh…those fancy little gadgets…Blackberry’s, Iphones, Smartphones…etc… That all take them thar picture things of the doggies. Then you can post them on what is that Facebook page??? Friends of MAS, or is it ” Fake friends of MAS”

    I’m sorry was that just too much common sense again…

    And don’t get me going on Chameleon…I’m in a County that still (after 4 years) blames the software rather then the lame humans that just don’t want to “get it”

  7. This is CLEARLY a “blame the public” fake plea for help. “Well, we tried to get them to help us and nobody would help us so we had no choice”.


    They can’t take pictures cause they are moving. They can’t do adoptions cause they are moving. They can’t answer a telephone cause they are moving. I guess that means they will not have time to euthanize an animal either.

    Yeah right.

  8. I’m speechless , but I want to see what you all have to say… It’s a very bad situation, But Shirley.. I love the way you write.. I just have to laugh..

  9. that is ridiculous. I wish i lived closer and I would go pick up all the dogs. I don’t understand why they need to put the dogs to sleep because they are moving. Obviously the new place will have kennels (and I think I remember hearing more space), so why can’t they just transport them to the new building? Does that just make too much sense?

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