15 thoughts on “Name That Animal

  1. This is either an Aye-aye (i ‘i) or ex mother-in-law with the fuzzy housecoat. Defenitely her knuckled fingers with those overgrown nails. (claws) The red nose, big black haunting eyes, wild wiskers, huge ears, knuckles on the toes; yep, it could be her.


    Apparently all y’all are way more versed in gliding possums/pocket pets than I am. This is a sugar glider. I have seen them listed in pet classifieds for years and for whatever reason, I always thought they were some kind of lizard (obviously I’m talking about classifieds w/out photos!). So now I am as smart as the rest of you guys.

  3. I go with my first impulse–Sugar Glider.

    Warning: Do not read below if you want to stay in a light-hearted mood!

    BTW, I don’t know if it’s legal to keep these as “pets” in all the states–I was under the impression that they have needs that make them difficult to keep appropriately. I just passed a car yesterday in Nashville that had “Sugar Gliders R US” posted all over it, with their phone #/website address, etc. Kinda made me sad….they’re such adorable, helpless little critters–hate to think of someone keeping them in a cage, improper diet, etc, etc, — and then having them end up at an AC somewhere—oops, sorry, just ruined everyone’s fun!

    1. The Wiki entry states:
      Most states and cities allow sugar gliders as pets, with some exceptions including California, Hawaii, Alaska, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

  4. BTW, sugar gliders are marsupials, which DO require a whole ‘nother way of caring for them, which is why they can be hard to care for. They are also nocturnal animals. :-)

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