13 thoughts on “Who is the cutest Beagle mama in the world?

  1. AAAWWW….can’t you just feel the love? All that puppy breath and soft round little squiggly bodies. Just precious. Mamma is going to be busy busy. Bet she’s glad her little belly isn’t dragging on the floor anymore.

  2. I am dying to reach down and pat her.

    But instead I am baking sweet potatoes like crazy. They are 39 cents a pound this week (since Thanksgiving is coming up) so I am binge buying and binge baking. I love how they make the house smell while they are baking and since the temperature here took a nosedive, baking helps warm up the kitchen!

    1. Definitely. Foster owner agreed to help out temporarily but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want 9 more dogs, lawl. And she has since taken on another pregnant mama to foster so no doubt she will have her hands full.

      1. Im the foster and they 1 was born on 10/25 and the other 8 on 10/26 so they will be 8 weeks old on dec 21st and adoptable through the Tipton County Animal Shelter in Brighton TN for a 50 dollar adoption fee. Local folks get a certificate for free spay/nueter at a local vet and a certificate for a free rabies shot. We have a vet in the area that gives free shots to all adopted pets. My other foster has also had 9 puppies. The pups 3 looked to be mixed with dachshund and the others look like beagle pointer mix-I think-hard to tell at 3 weeks.

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