Treats on the Internets

The Humane Society of Richmond Co in Rockingham, NC had a kill rate of 74% last year.  The shelter recently announced it had not killed any healthy, adoptable pets in 30 days.

U.S. troops serving in Afghanistan sought comfort in the company of pets.  And they brought the love home with them.

An off-duty Port Authority cop was out walking his dog when a loose dog ran up to him.  He shot the loose dog to death.  NYPD did not charge the officer because “he was concerned for the safety of his own dog when he fired”.

UK singer-songwriter Maria Daines has posted a song for Ace, the Detroit Pitbull who was killed by animal control even though rescue groups wanted to save him.  (Thanks Morgana for the link.)

Eugene fire marshal says dogs are very useful in teaching kids about fire prevention.  She has a Dalmatian for the job.

A guy in South Africa who bragged about keeping a hippo as a pet has been killed by said hippo.

HUGE news for all of us coelacanth-o-philes:  a second, genetically distinct, breeding population has been discovered off the coast of Tanzania.


One thought on “Treats on the Internets

  1. the hippo story is sad but not suprising.

    Ok- the coelocanth thing blows my mind! Not only has the coelocanth ‘returned’ from extinction once, now it’s done it a second time with a completely genetically seperate 2nd group? amazing. Gives me hope for the Orang Pendek.
    Also- did you hear recently that the government of Tibet admitted to there being Yeti in their country? how awesome is that?!

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