12 thoughts on “You WILL accept my gift!

      1. Maybe he’s holding back, not wanting to show his cards, in preparation for the Great Octopus Invasion. Hey – the Mayan calendar ends December 2012 and they didn’t specify WHY…

  1. This reminded me of when our oldest cat brings us the special dangly-fleece toy and utters the special piercing cry to let us know she is gifting us with prey. We always acknowledge her hunting prowess and thank her profusely, which gives her great satisfaction. This octopus wasn’t even looking for acknowledgement, though, but was just leaving the prey — how charming is that! It’s amazing to see this octopus on land, too . . . they sometimes escape from tanks and such and can survive for awhile in the air, but I’ve never seen video of it before.

    They are very playful and generally considered smart. Once I dropped a pair of sunglasses over the side of a dock and, because I was so fond of them, hired a diver to retrieve them (the water was too cold for me to go in myself). He found them but one lens was missing and the metal frames had been twisted and mangled and bitten, most likely by an octopus that was playing with them because the frames were shiny. Though I was sad to lose my favorite sunglasses, it was fun to imagine an octopus having a play session with them.

  2. That was AMAZING! I have NEVER seen an octopus out of the water like that…and for him to walk over to the people and drop a crab was beyond amazing! I agree with Karen…reminds me of my once feral kitty that use to bring me mice and moles among other little creatures…right into the house! We lived in the country then – and since we’ve moved into the city I can’t let him out any more – and I know he missed being able to lay in the grass and catch critters! I had my 5 yr old watch that with me and we both just kept saying “Ahh” and “Look at that!” – I think I was as shocked and amazed as she was! Thanks for sharing Shirley…a nice break from all the insanity we’ve been dealing with lately!

    AND – before I forget I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving! I also wanted to tell you that I am thankful that our paths crossed…I have gotten so much enjoyment…anger, sadness and getting motivated to do more to help our pets (counting our shelter pets as well!) – and without YOU there is so much that I wouldn’t be aware of! Shirley, thank you for being so eloquent with the written word, and being able to spot light problems within our shelters so that the community can work to fix those problems!

    1. I am also thankful for this blog and the long-distance support network it has helped me to build. Thank you all! I suppose if I wanted somebody to give me crabs, an octopus would be the preferred method of delivery…

      1. Lynn – you are hilarious! But oh so true…if I had to get crabs I think the octopus is the BEST place to get them! I had to chuckle at that!

  3. I had no idea that an octopus could come out onto the shore! I always thought they had to stay in the water to live.

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