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I’m looking for suggestions and ideas on how to transport a formerly fat-bellied Beagle from the Memphis, TN area to anywhere near Columbia, SC.  The route goes through MS, AL and GA so possibly a rescue transport that had dogs to pick up at multiple shelters throughout the south before heading north could work – if such a transport exists.  The bagel has been out of the shelter for more than one month and will have a health certificate and vaccines prior to transport.

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  1. If you head to GA, is there anyway you could pick up a puppy I rescued/ adopted and bring her back with you. I am looking for affordable transport for a puppy I rescued from GA to MN and perhaps you bringing her part of the way could help me. She had her vetting done this week, but she is in the Franklin, GA Animal control and needs out now to be safe and I have found no one to help me yet. I have a post on pilotsnpaws and no luck. She is a shepherd mix and about 25lbs, and 4 months old.

    1. I’m not an expert on transport but my understanding is that most official transports don’t actually take dogs directly from the shelters. The reason being that the dogs are required to have been out of the shelter for a least 2 weeks prior to transport. Perhaps you could get a vol there to get her to a vet’s office for boarding?

    2. Hi Angela,

      A transport coordinator named Emily Cherry who lives in AL right over the GA line (not far from the Heard Co. shelter in Franklin) handles regular runs for the Franklin shelter dogs and cats to just about anywhere. Her contact info is on her transport blog at
      She can also advise about local boarding and vetting. Since your pup is only 4 mos. old, it’s very important to keep her in boarding for 2 weeks prior to transport (or quarantine her for 2 weeks on arrival) in case she got exposed to parvo or distemper in the shelter.

      Good luck and thanks for helping a Heard dog! They’ve had a hard time lately.

    1. I have looked at some yes but please share your list. You probably have others I haven’t run across and I would bet other readers would find the list useful as well. You know, someone’s always trying to transport some pet SOMEWHERE! Thanks.

  2. Please be careful as you research. A lot of the paid transports you’ll find on FB are not properly licensed for commercial interstate transport, which means putting your dog at risk when using them. Anyone who is properly licensed will be happy to provide that info for you.

  3. I have transported for The Liberty Train ( and Above & Beyond Transportation ( They both transport dogs on a continual basis through those states. The past two weekends I helped transport dogs who were pulled from SC and GA making their way up to Dayton, OH so I know The Liberty Train picks up in GA. I hope this helps. They are very reputable and of course, they always make certain paperwork is transferred, etc.

  4. In trying to help arrange transport for MariO, I found — I believe this Yahoo Group is fairly well-known. A moderator, Marci McKenna, responded and tried to help (though time was too short for things to work with them), so you might want to use her name.

    She also provided this map, done by a separate group of people, which shows transporters by location. Some of these transporters are associated with, or run, rescues:

  5. Two of us are transporting a Rottie from Clarksville, TN, to Memphis this Sat; will arrive in Memphis around 11 AM, and then return to Nashville.

    I realize it’s a more northern route than you have mapped-out, but if others are willing to pick up from Nashville we’d be willing to transport that far.

    1. Yes, I know Kyle and the Pets LLC foks; we’ve worked with them several times, and Good Dog Rescue in Memphis uses them extensively–they are very good, reputable folks, but there is a fee, of course–I believe it’s around $150–and again, it’s the more northern route. But definitely a good option if there are funds available.

  6. I can always recommend PilotsnPaws, because they were awesome in getting Ranger to us! You can go to their website, open an account, and post a transport request. They rock!

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