Iams Issues a Recall Due to Aflatoxin

So much for feeding all Iams products with “complete confidence” like we were told by the Iams rep at Thanksgiving.  The company has now issued a limited recall of Iams ProActive Health Smart Puppy dry food (see link for details) for aflatoxin contamination.  Note that this is NOT one of the foods Price Chopper posted briefly on its website notifying the public of aflatoxins in some Iams products.

Aflatoxicosis in pets usually occurs when pets consume a  food product that was made with moldy corn (although the mold can grow on other grains and peanuts as well).  Liver disease and/or death may result.  There is no antidote.  Read more about aflatoxins and dogs here.


5 thoughts on “Iams Issues a Recall Due to Aflatoxin

  1. Thank you for posting this pet food warning. All these huge businesses are looking out for themselves not you or your pets.

  2. You know, people ask me why I insist on feeding raw to my dog, its situations like this that are why! A recall, nope-not a recall everythings fine…….ooops-maybe its not fine! (my cats refuse to eat anything but Fancy Feast, yes, they refuse raw, they’re weird, I keep trying)

    1. Fancy Feast contains a lot of flavor enhancers – these days they’re only listed on the label as ‘natural flavoring & spices’ or something like that. Back in the day – as I recall – the most common were garlic and salt. In any event, FF is formulated to be a wonderfully stinky knockout for kitty tastebuds. So, it’s not weird at all.

      I don’t feed raw, never have, so I’ve no experience making raw diets stinky and enticing. I do know fresh raw meats have markedly different scents than cooked, & the fats don’t have a strong odor until at least warmed through. To a cat used to stuff that just about dances the polka on her tongue, seems to me raw may well seem kinda … unfoodlike.

      1. I didn’t realize they added flavor enhancers, but it doesn’t actually surprise me either.

        I’ve been thinking about trying heating/searing lightly the raw stuff first to see if that made a difference but hadn’t gotten to it yet (for a variety of reasons, including that life’s been busy lately). They WILL eat a little cooked chicken on the occasion I’ve offered them that, but chicken alone does not a good diet make!

  3. Whats wrong with them . Its all about money. Science of food for pets trying to cut costs…This is NOT rocket science…To make a healthy food for pets.

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