4 thoughts on “Food for Sharing

  1. It’s is a MERRY CHRISTMAS for Kapone AND his family! We’re ALL so happy Kapone has made it home in time to be together for Christmas.

    I know it has been very stressful to lose a valuable family member for for 6 months & he has been through a tuff time, but HE’S BACK, healthy & happy.

    I have never met Kapone but his return has made MY Christmas a little brighter too! But to those who had ample opportunity to return him but didn’t & to the thief, Ms Hogan, who stole him, I hope for only a chunk of coal & switches in your stocking… in jail.

    Merry Christmas Kapone & family.

  2. My (21 year old) niece will walk past the stove and say, “Is that…for people? It’s not, is it? It’s for animals, isn’t it? Why don’t you love me???”

    Hey, the little old dog needs to be catered to and the outdoor ferals deserve a nice home-cooked meal now and then. Besides, the kid has thumbs and can make her own food…

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