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  1. Krikies, without cheating, ya got me on this one! It’s not a moray eel, I don’t think….whatever s/he is, they don’t breed ’em for beauty, eh?

  2. I can’t recall the actual name, but its a type of shark (serpent shark? ghost shark? something like that I’d google it but then I’d be disqualified), often found in the deep waters off Japan and believed to be the origin of the sea serpent myths.

  3. ANSWER TIME (since Morgana is so impatient)

    Ruth came the closest to getting this one as she had everything but the name. This is a frill shark, also known as a frilled shark. From a page about the animal on the Discovery site:

    The frilled shark has been called everything from a “sea serpent” to a real-life “Loch Ness Monster” over the years in places where it lives, such as southeast Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, West Africa, Chile and the Caribbean. A more accurate nickname is “the living fossil,” since this shark belongs to a primitive species that has changed very little over millions of years.

      1. Oh sure, saying that 4 seconds after I post the answer is a leetle suspicious, doncha think? haha. Actually you know a lot of these animals and my hat is off to anyone who does. For the record, I never know any of them and would be hard pressed to come up with a reasonable sounding guess.

    1. They have a gestation period of 3.5 years. And no thats not a typo. :)

      I KNEW it was a shark, but couldn’t for the life of me recall the name. It was driving me nuts.

      1. Well, I DID see pictures of them in a slideshow (weird sharks or something like that) only a few months ago, or I’d have not had any more of an idea than anyone else. Between the odd looks and the extra long gestation period they stuck in my brain.

      2. It’s also been suggested they may be responsible for some sea-serpent reports, between the terminal mouth (that is, not underslung, the way most modern sharks have), frilly gills (the ‘mane’ reported on some sea-serpents) and long slinky body. I’m unconvinced, though, because they’re such deep water critters.

        Sharks are just *neat.* Well, except for cookie cutters. Those give me the heebie-jeebies.

  4. Good grief! Where do you find these beautiful creatures?? I sure hope I am not out swimming somewhere and run into this thing!!!

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