5 thoughts on “Dinner at Chez Dog

  1. Our guys got a meatloaf mixed with some of their Taste of the Wild Crunchies and a healthy dollop of Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health Premix. No pics, but for ONCE, it was reaaaall quiet here except for the slurping and chewing part. I got a few cookies and some antipasta and a piece of stollen. Hmph.

  2. Christmas morning I boiled up a leftover ham bone with a bunch of rice. I nibbled some, but the dogs have been enjoying this Christmas Soup added to their regular rations. It’s back down to minus 20 degrees here. Ruby is in the garage, Puma is in the house. I’ve added fresh straw to half the houses, but it’s hard work pulling the sled wagon through all the new snow.
    Just got a call from a gal who rescued a pregnant momma dog. The pups are now 4 weeks old and she wanted my help rehoming them. I told her I wouldn’t list them unless they were spayed or neutered, but they’re really too young yet. Sigh. I’m going to ask my vet for permission to foster them.

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