Merry Christmas!

A celebration of the human-animal bond with photos and captions submitted by readers.

Here's a doctored picture of Sam and Zachary. - Tammy S.
Bobbie & the Silverwalk Hounds sharing houndsong
My husband blowing bubbles with our Bernese Mountain Dog, Petra. - Sarah
Girl with her beloved Rosie, a Chow mix adopted from MAS in August of 2002. - Claire
Lost Pitbull loves Sue in Malden, MO.
Foster puppy and Dot Kirby, NC. "Freeway" now lives in VA.
Anne and Yvie (the best adopted dog EVAR) at the Walk for Animals in MN.
Kelly and DeSoto Animal Rescue "Ms. Lola Devine"
Philip and Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue "Maximus"
Here are my sweet babies - both were strays that found me. Blondie is standing and Nicky is on the bench beside his Momma. They were the loves of my life and I was so blessed to have them. - Gwen
Here is a photo of me participating in the Valley Funale, a dog sled race here in Two Rivers, Alaska. Four of these dogs were available for adoption at the time the photo was taken. - Lynn
Willow & her "daddy" having together time when he gets off of work. - Nicci
This is a recent picture of me (Angie Huser) and my two dogs, Kayla (black dog) and Orlando. My husband kindly took the photo. Orlando was recently certified a therapy dog a day before in that picture, and Kayla already is a therapy dog. We all reside in Noblesville, Indiana.
Brenda & Noah with Cleco & Chesley on Cadillac Mountain in ME.
Me and Nori the kittie, watching TV together on a winter day in Corvallis, Oregon. - Suzanne
The picture is of my Granddog Lady and my new son-in-law Tony McEntegart. - Tammy G.

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos. This post was a joy to put together. – Shirley

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  1. Yea! Happy Holidays to all. Please note one of my lead dogs has only three legs. We finished third in that race. One of the wheel dogs is STILL available for adoption. Two others were adopted, but I seem to have acquired a few more, so if anybody is interested in a working dog. (To play with!) Please contact me.

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