A Worthwhile Donation PLUS

From a No Kill Advocacy Center post on FB:

There is still time to make a year end gift to the No Kill Advocacy Center. Make a donation of $10 or more by midnight tonight PT and get a signed copy of Redemption by Nathan Winograd. (U.S. addresses only, please). Help us work to end the systematic killing of animals in shelters.

If you already have a copy of Redemption, why not provide a mailing address for your local shelter or a city official to receive a copy instead?  I’d file that under “can’t hurt, might help”.  But hurry, only 10 hours left to take advantage of this deal.

10 thoughts on “A Worthwhile Donation PLUS

      1. I just tested both links and they both go to the correct pages for me. IDK what happened that you got a phone ad?! Anyone else not getting to the No Kill Advocacy Center via the links?

      2. I hope you don’t have a virus. There are viruses that can hijack your browser, taking you to places (ads) you don’t want to go. My boss used to surf the web on my computer at work when I wasn’t there and he got this browser hijacking on my computer. It eventually shut down our whole network and he had to pay to get it fixed. At first he tried to blame me but luckily the computer repair guys were able to pinpoint the source of the virus and it was something that happened at a time when I was off so then he had to admit it was his fault.

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