We’ll take a cup of kindness yet

Tomorrow I will be posting an overview of 2011 no kill stories but today I wanted to take a moment to share a few personal highlights from this past year.

  • Tracking the Alabama 44 was an ongoing and challenging task and I appreciated all the help I received from readers.  I feel like we helped those dogs, in our own ways, even if it was just to honor their memories.
  • Saving Mari(o) from MAS was one of the most exhausting and rewarding experiences of the year and it would not have happened without a wide network of support from readers and rescuers.  I am so thankful for everyone who pitched in – whether you stayed up half the night networking for transport or stood by for moral support while the city tried to shoot us down – you are appreciated.
  • Bringing Surrey home from a pound in TN was possible because of help from readers.  I probably can’t type too much more than “thank you” without getting a bit sniffly.  I love her.

I feel very lucky to have such wonderful readers and I truly value your company.  I wish all of you a very happy 2012.  Thank you for participating in this blog.

How about you – do you have some personal highlights to share from 2011?




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  1. I helped a client with a fearful dog (afraid of other dogs and many people), get to the point where she believed her dog could go to obedience classes and actually get somewhere. My helper in this was my newest dog, who is marvelous with every dog I’ve introduced her to (even if her youthful exuberance can sometimes drive me crazy, haha). She was my success story in 2010, being a shy puppy herself. Here’s hoping you (and all of us here) have a lovely, fair, and successful 2012 (and that the politicians don’t drive us to drink!)

  2. My highlights for 2011…the part of life that I willinglly “let go to the dogs”….is real simple…The ones I own, tonight are all well fed and happy….My one little beagle mix has had a hard and difficult surgery but is doing extremely well ….most of the ones I have rescued this year have found forever homes. All of the street dogs I feed are well fed again tonight…that’s all I can do for them…I wish I had more to offer them! Last but not least, I understand that there is “real talk” about privatizing MAS….what a wonderful day that will be!

  3. My Highlight was getting “Cricket” a forever home. She was a puppy at the shelter that needed a foster fast. My landlady/neighbor and best friend agreed to foster the Border Collie. After one month, she decided she would keep the dog. After a few months the newness of a puppy wore off and Poor Cricket was left in a 6×6 dog lot in the back of the yard for 14 hours a day and then was locked up in a kennel crate till the next morning. This was not the life I had intended for any of the dogs I pulled out a shelter. For months I tried to get my friend to see this was no life. I even had to pay for and arrange all the vetting and spay. After watching and recording the dogs life.. I had had enough.. I posted the dogs existence on FB, basically humiliating my friend. Someone finally step up and wanted to meet “Cricket”.

    I had stent some time doing a backround check, vet check… these people seemed ok. When they showed up to meet “Cricket” within 5 minutes the dog was so relaxed with the woman.. I basically told them .. they needed to take her now or I would never get a second chance to get this dog a real life.

    Bottom line… Cricket got the life she was meant to have. And I have photos of her first vet check-up and lots of photos of her in a huge yard.. (no chain or dog lot).. she has two other dogs to play with.
    This was my best part of 2011.

    For 2012 I have a goal, I have two foster that I hope will find their way into forever homes.

  4. I am so happy to see the No-Kill movement growing and more and more people spreading the message about how we can stop the killing. I am happy that your blog is one of the ones sharing the message.

  5. Our cats are healthy, that’s the most important thing.

    Several things in 2011 were “firsts” for me. I helped a family member rehome her cat, something I wouldn’t have been able to do (as someone not in rescue) without having gotten a clue about the importance of a good bio and good pictures.

    Twice I convinced family members to make donations to the No Kill Advocacy Center instead of giving me presents — that felt really good. And I had the opportunity to talk to them about the movement and why every pet-owner should be concerned about what might happen if their pet winds up in a shelter.

    Participating in the rescue of Mari(o) was incredibly rewarding.

    Throughout the year I’ve tried, from my perspective as a pet-owner, to do at least one thing that’s information-related every day to contribute to the No Kill movement, such as commenting in response to news reports or writing to a public official, and hopefully one of these efforts, somewhere along the line, got some other pet-owner interested in learning about the movement.

    Shirley, a blog like this is a tremendous commitment and a reminder of how much writing matters. It is amazing to me that you do this almost daily, sometimes more than once in a day. Thank you, and special thanks for your headlines. You’ve got a knack.

    Happy New Year, everyone.

  6. I’ve cried and gotten angry and sent emails and made phone calls after reading your posts. Thank you for what you do. Have a great and no kill new year.

    1. Jan, you are truly awesome and your love for animals is amazing and inspiring. I believe you should have listed Ryder, the beautiful Akita from Tunica Humane Society, as one of your personal highlights. Ryder now has a fabulous, forever home in South Dakota thanks in large part to your efforts in getting him transported across the country to Blue Moon Rescue in Colorado. (not to mention your role in rescuing Mari(o))

      It is my honor to serve beside you in our war against the evil at MAS! I’m praying that we see the ousting of many of those currently involved in the management and daily functions at the shelter and that some real, positive change comes in 2012.

  7. My personal highlight of every year is Jonas. Six years ago I acted on impulse and took responsibility for a blind, feral kitten that was seconds away from being euthanized. Every time I look at him, I feel such a wave of affection and warmth and I am so glad I didn’t do the ‘logical’ thing. My life would be so much lesser without him, and he reminds me that every animal deserves a chance.

    My other highlight was that my understanding of shelters and the no kill movement changed this year due to blogs like this one. Before I always thought shelters HAD to kill, and that it was the public that put the poor, good-hearted shelter workers in that position. I thought PETA was a caring organization and that the HSUS helped animals. I thought a no-kill nation was a fantastic dream, but not a goal that could be reached.

    Now I realize how much I didn’t know, and I’ve seen how deep the rabbit hole goes with these giant corporations that are only charities in the most ironic sense of the word. I now believe that no kill is not just something achievable, but something that WILL be achieved.

    So, thank you for this blog, because it helped to open my eyes and education is the most weapon of all.

  8. I want to thank everyone involved in getting Ranger to us in 2011. Yes, he’s wound a little too tight, but that is starting to ease, and he is one amazing dog. And I want to thank shirley for her unceasing efforts on this blog. I am so thankful that another reader who had helped to save an ACD/AussieX in NC only to have him looking for another home a short time later OR BE RETURNED TO THE HIGH KILL SHELTER down in NC, turned me onto YB. That dog resides at our Sanctuary as well.

  9. My sweet boy Felix died in May and in his memory I adopted(foster failure) a death row dog Midnight from NYC.
    I started learning about the animals plight in United States
    I Started Networking dogs from all over US so they might find a home. I also assist potential Fosters/Adopter online .
    I volunteer at a Horse rescue by my home.
    I grew as a person this Year!

  10. Has anyone given much thought to where dog food would be aquired if for some reason a disaster were to stop shipments to stores?

    2012 has been thought to bring about some disasters for the year. For example: If all electricity were to cease, gas station pumps wouldn’t work, trucking would shut down, dog/cat food wouldn’t be in food stores for long. Where would those of us who will not hunt & kill find food for our dogs & cats?

    If the U.S. has a financial disaster, same thing could cause no cat/dog food shipments to retail stores. Realize it or not, most of us are completely dependant on what pet food is setting in stores. The Katrina flood should of been a wake-up call to what happens to pets when the “government” moves its citizens from a disaster area.

    My “kids” will always stay WITH me, but where would I find a steady supply of cat/dog food? I always buy more than I use but my supply still wouldn’t last long. I worry about everyone’s “pets” & disasters I’ve heard could happen this year.

    What will YOU be feeding YOUR dog/cat if stores stay empty for extended lengths? Be prepaired.

    1. You bring up a VERY good point….looks like my fiance wins and gets to start hunting! While I have nothing against it…I’m the type that can’t butcher (or watch it) and still be able to prepare AND eat the meat. Looks like I’ll have to get over that problem! Maybe after going hungry fro a while…but at least the kids and animals will be fed!

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