In Which Surrey Gets Pwned

On Sunday morning, Surrey executed the dash-through-the-legs-to-bolt-out-the-door maneuver for the first (and hopefully last) time.  What fun we had chasing her around the neighbors’ yards while she would come within 20 feet, then seemingly give a look that said “Nah!” and take off for more quality time with her nose.  I was in my pink flannel pajamas with hearts on them.  It was freezing.

Anyhoo, after rounding her up, we decided we really needed that gate built for the front porch that we’d been talking about for awhile.  So Billy got to work on that and now Surrey has a sad.

Beagle, Interrupted.

24 thoughts on “In Which Surrey Gets Pwned

  1. Yeah, Surrey may have a sad, but you have a glad, and that’s the important thing! She doesn’t completely know how lucky is is – good food, good shelter, good love is awesome, but running and sniffing is just SO fun! Beagles, the guided missiles of sniffing.

  2. I can laugh at you in your pajamas chasing Surrey, but that is because I have been there, done that. My heart dog, a border collie mix, slipped her collar on a day that we had one of our worst snow storms. I chased her over huge mounds of snow until she headed back to the house and was in the drive way. I ran into the house, got the car keys, and yelled at her, “Missy, let’s go in the car.” As soon as I opened the car door, she jumped inside and I collapsed onto the driver’s seat. I knew that if I ever wanted this car trick to work again, we had to go for a ride. It was a red alert day, where only essential vehicles were to be on the roads. We very slowly made our way down the street and around the block. It was an immense relief when we arrived back home without getting stuck or seeing any law enforcement. The next fourteen years were not uneventlful, but she never got loose again.

    A friend’s dog got loose this week and when the dog was finally in sight, her husband yelled at the dog and ran in the opposite direction. Luckily the dog chased him and when the dog caught up with him, he was able to grab the dog.

    I’m glad Miss Surrey is safely back home. Life sure would be boring without dogs.

  3. I just realized I had written “dash-through-the-front-legs” in the post. I have now corrected that. For the record, I do not have front legs. Just legs.

    1. Could’ve been worse! Way back when a dance instructor said to me – and the rest of the class – ‘This dance starts on the middle foot.’ You can imagine what we did with that.

      That’s a handsome gate! I’m sure the PJs are too.

  4. Glad you got her back and fast. Love the gate and I need a few here too.

    Maybe start taking Surrey for some biking runs. There are some nice bike leads for dogs sold online. It really helps wear them out and dogs love to travel fast. Did you see the video of the man with the 16 dogs (all off lead) following behind his bike – wonderful!

    1. I will let Billy know that he should open up a gate building business. We could make a TV commercial with me in my pajamas, and Billy holding Surrey, standing at the gate: “We’re not just the business owners, we’re also clients!”

    2. Too funny – I was admiring his wood working abilities as well…but I need toy boxes and a built in book shelf/media unit! Will he travel? :)

  5. I love this! Surrey looks like she thinking very hard what mischief to get into next!

    By the way, Surrey’s little daughter, now called, Abby, had her second set of puppy shots yesterday. Foster mom, Jessica, (who will most likely fail Foster 101) brought her to the vet’s office in a little pink sweater!

  6. I must admit that picture you painted had me laughing – but you know I bet we’ve all been through it a couple few times! And, of course, it’s going to happen when you least expect it!

    Surrey kinda has a mixed look of ‘crap I can’t go play again’ and ‘what’s next on the list’ in her eyes. Good luck Shirley! Obviously Surrey DEFINITELY feels at home now – she broke you in!

  7. Surrey is thinking, maybe if I suck it in real good, I can get through! I have chased many a dog down the street with bathrobe flapping in the wind!

    The gate looks wonderful – you have a very talented man but I need an invisible fence for my front door and gates!

  8. I’ve been there and done that, too. My sweet labrador was the worse about flying out an open door. We had cousins staying with us one week, and darn if the kids didn’t open the door and out she went TWICE. Then, the yard service people would leave the gate open and when I let her out in the backyard, off she went. Once, my husband and I looked for her for hours and I had just given up hope and was balling like a baby when she came walking up the driveway, green and smelly from swimming in every pond in North Mississippi. I was so angry with her, but all I could do was love on her (and give her a bath). Bless her heart, now she has hip displasia and bad knees at 7 years old. I don’t have to worry about her running anymore, but for all the wrong reasons!

  9. Great photo with Surrey having a sad…my little minpin-ish girl has lured me into thinking she won’t dash anymore…but surprise she did the dash 2 days ago….and like a trained pigeon or something I went straight to start up the truck….she then hops right in.

  10. Awww! How cute! I need that for my dog, she always tries to dash out the front door. We have to put her outside if we know a delivery is coming. She doesnt really mean to but what happens is that she thinks everyone who comes over is for her (lol) so she runs out to greet them and then if she sees another person or animal in the front yard (which normally happens as we have a busy street) she will make the dash then.

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