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Rex looks like one of those dogs who needs a smart owner.

Rex was submitted by reader Vicky who took him in as an abandoned puppy.  She writes:

Rex is approximately 7-8 months old now. He has all of his adult teeth. He is being neutered on Friday, and has all of his first year of shots completed. He is very sweet and friendly, and energetic. He is house broken and crate trained, knows sit, down, and wait and I am working on his leash manners. He will need someone who will train him without any harsh physical punishments of any kind – no choke or prong collars because he is very soft, and his last owner was very hard on him and he is a little fearful of punishment. He is approximately 25 pounds, I do not think he will get very much larger though. He is a mix of possibly a beagle and cattle dog.

I am in Lakeland, Florida and I am happy to drive out to a 2 hour radius to place him. He will come with his shot records, some food, a toy, leash, and collar. He is still young so he will need a lot of chew toys and a lot of supervision to help him understand the rules. He really needs a forever home with someone who will have patience for a young dog. He gets along fine with my other three male dogs and he has been around very young children, plenty of adults, and several other dogs. I let him sleep in my bed with me and my other dogs at night and he does fine. He is very playful and energetic. A fenced yard is not a must, but if you don’t have one you must be prepared to walk him a lot because he is a very energetic dog and he needs to burn it off, or he’ll resort to chewing. So exercise + toys are a must.

If he could go to an agility or flyball fan, I imagine he would do amazing – he has LOOONG legs built for speed! I would like him to go to a home where he will be a part of a family – not just an outdoor dog. He craves attention and has had a very rough start so far. I love him to death but I can’t keep him myself.. but I’ll foster him for a while if need be. I can be reached at my e-mail –


8 thoughts on “Foster Pet of the Day

    1. I thought more when he was little. One of my dogs IS a corgi, though, and side by side? There’s … no comparison. This dog has some LEGS. And a long, curly tail. The ears are similar, but that’s all – although he does display some herding tendencies!

  1. The ears and the coloring remind me of a Corgi too but her description of the “LOOOONG legs”, is decidedly un-Corgi. Could be a Corgi/un-Corgi X.

  2. I was thinking a possible Basenji/Beagle/Corgi mix although he looks like he has too much fur for a Basenji. Basenjis do not do well with physical punishment and must have positive training. Does he like to chase animals-squirrels, birds, etc.? Does he get along with cats?

    1. He does display herding type tendencies. I have a cat and he does fine with her. He does enjoy a good game of tug and likes to chase toys, so he seems to have a decent prey drive.

  3. Thank you Vicky for fostering this sweet dog. I hope you find him a great home. There is a huge need for great foster homes like yours. I hope other people would consider fostering a pet in need.

    1. Thank you! I don’t mind taking in the occasional critter. :) Fostering is really rewarding – the best part is watching them become a beloved part of someone’s family!

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