Harrisburg – You So Crazy

While the city of Harrisburg PA attempts to deal with the blowback over its “give away-shoot-abandon” stray dog policy, it seems to be having some trouble deciding where to house dogs in need.  (For whatever reason, the plan to dump them outside of town was not as popular as the city had anticipated.)  The first couple of ideas, including a sports and leisure park called City Island, didn’t work out.  The city now says dogs will be housed at “the Vehicle Maintenance Center near the incinerator on Cameron Street”.  Gee, that sounds swell – and convenient.  If the dogs choke to death on exhaust fumes, it’s only a short walk to the incinerator to dump the carcasses!

I guess this is the part where we’re supposed to be grateful they’re no longer planning to sell or shoot stray dogs or blindfold/stuff into the back of a van/drive out to the woods/kick them out the side door/speed away with the vehicle headlights off.  Can’t we ever be satisfied?

Honey, let’s pack up the kids and see if the city has picked up our lost dog.  Say, what’s that smell?

6 thoughts on “Harrisburg – You So Crazy

  1. Ugh. They dont have ANY other place to go- an animal control center… a shelter…anywhere but there??

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