Friday Campaign to Speak for Pets at MAS

Memphis Animal Services (MAS) is normally open only one weekend day (Saturday) which contributes to their abysmal live release rate since weekends are their greatest chance for increased traffic and adoptions.  The pound is closing this weekend for mandatory employee training on pet killing. Sunday will be the practical – that is, killing actual pets.

It is impossible for a shelter to conduct a practical on “humane euthanasia” for 9 hours on a designated day.  Here’s why:  Because there is no way of knowing if any pets at MAS (or anywhere) will cross over into the medically hopeless and suffering category in which humane euthanasia is warranted on Sunday.  Chances are very low that even one pet will suddenly be deemed by a vet to be medically hopeless and suffering on Sunday when there was still hope on Saturday – never mind enough pets to fill up a 9 hour practical.  Therefore, it is impossible to conduct a day long practical on “humane euthanasia”.  If MAS does hold this practical, what they will be doing is killing healthy/treatable pets.  That is not “humane euthanasia” as the city is purporting the course to be.

The healthy/treatable pets who MAS is planning to kill on Sunday could potentially be adopted, fostered or rescued on Saturday if the city would keep the pound open.  I have offered to help if they would post their pets online so I could network them.  I know some of you would help too.  Further – and I can not stress this enough – whether or not the city opens the pound on Saturday, it is ethically wrong to kill healthy/treatable pets for a class on Sunday or for any reason, any day.

MAS kills more than 11,000 pets a year.  When will it be enough?

I say:  today.  Today is enough.

Please pick up the phone and speak for the pets at MAS who won’t be adopted this weekend but who will be killed in a practical for a killing course – call Memphis Mayor AC Wharton at (901) 576-6000.  Politely explain that you are protesting both the closing of the pound on Saturday for a pet killing class and the needless killing of healthy/treatable pets on Sunday.  If you are unable to call, please e-mail the mayor to make your voice heard:

A worker at MAS drags a dog from his cage in the stray area on October 28, 2011.
The worker uses the chokepole to drag the dog to the kill room.

136 thoughts on “Friday Campaign to Speak for Pets at MAS

    1. I agree with you. Ulitimately the blame falls rightly on irresponsible pet owners. I believe their should be a very strict adoption process in order to own a pet. Pets are a lifetime bond and not to be so easily thrown away. What a shame.

      1. Boy isn’t that nice?!?! You are jumping on the “irresponsible” owner shit…SERIOUSLY? WTF is a SHELTER for I ask? Let’s see it is THE place where people are SUPPOSED to turn in animals!!!

        It is so nice to see that there are still people that feel qualified to judge others when you don’t know jack. Let’s see – people lose their jobs – and homes all the time – ESPECIALLY in this economy. And we WANT them to use shelters as that is what they are there for!!! Not only do you judge them but you extend the crappiness to say that they should *never* be allowed to have a pet again…seriously? So when people use a shelter when they fall upon hard times and, well, the options are let your animal starve to death or take it to the shelter (that their tax dollars help support) then let’s just take it a step further – after they are already emotionally deflated by saying good bye to a beloved pet then let’s just NEVER let them have another animal…EVER AGAIN!

        Grab those pitchforks and torches gals…we’ll protest!

        Next you can start a campaign for people to stop driving cars – because it’s their fault is they get car jacked. Then you can move to wearing jewelry because you know – it’s their fault if they get mugged. Then we can move on to child abuse – must be those kids fault they are getting abused. Don’t forget the elderly that get abused..DEFINITELY their fault for needing someone else to care for them. And we most definitely don’t want to leave out the animals…because you know if they never let themselves be born then we wouldn’t be having this “conversation”.

        Use those sharp tongues and judgmental attitudes and start focusing it on the SHELTERS THAT FAIL THE ANIMALS….that activism could actually HELP change shelters into what they are supposed to be! Such energy wasted on such dumb stuff. I sure hope none of you ever have to worry about losing your job, or home. I sure hope none of you ever get terminally ill and have to worry about what will happen to your pet(s) when/if you die. Because you know SHIT HAPPENS!

    2. If Paula, Julie and Deborah had their way, MAS would have WAY MORE pets available to be killed on Sunday than are already there.
      Read the definition of the word *Shelter* posted at the top of this blog. Death is not sheltering.
      A strict adoption process means fewer people can adopt…so people (who want a pet, and can/will get a pet) will shop elsewhere. They may have to pay more, or maybe they’ll find a pet for free somewhere else, but even FEWER people will be looking to adopt from judgmental people like you.
      You are therefore condemning even more animals to death in hell holes like MAS. Gee thanks.

      1. So true it would stop allot of people from adopting and the death rate would double so please everybody that commented above Julie your ideas will only hurt the problem we already have and Erica how old are you? A pet should be forever! If your not stable enough to keep a job don’t get a pet! And shelters are NOT for people to TURN THEIR DOGS INTO!!
        WTF Its not a damn library and pets aren’t BOOKS!! Even If I lost my job and was kicked out of my apartment I would NOT GIVE MY PET TO A PLACE THAT WILL KILL IT!!!!! Owner surrender’s get three days to live so do us all a favor Erica please don’t get any pets until your completely stable!!

    3. this is horrible dont people have hearts?? These poor inoccent dogs get killed for being them! They are not evil and trying to harm anyone they just want love!! It breaks my heart </3 :(

    4. I just called the Majors office and told some lady (after I was transfered) what I think of MSA (politely), she took my name and number, which I gave her…but don’t see what MY nameand number has anything to do with what I called about, but, whatever helps. Anyway, I also follow up with a letter to the Major!

      People never seem to amaze me, they always find new lows to shock me with. Sad world we live in…

    1. I called the Mayor’s office and spoke to some lady that said she wouldn’t do anything with this!! So she asked me for my name and number and said someone from the shelter would get back to me. Who and what gives anyone that RIGHT to KILL these animals?? I CAN’T THINK OF ANYONE THAT DID THAT!! They just take it upon themselves–those people are DISGUSTING!!

  1. Hey, Shirley — I posted about my experience on your threat at Honest – -let me know what I should say to the Director if he really does call me back. The phone person knew your blog, but was slightly astonished that someone from PA was calling!

    1. Thanks for calling Dorene. If the interim director (MAS has no permanent director right now) calls you back, please ask that they reconsider closing the pound on Saturday and that they post all their pets on PetHarbor today. If they post them today, we will help network them and encourage people to visit MAS on Saturday to foster, rescue and adopt.

  2. I means “THREAD” – – gosh, I can’t spell to day. MAS — that was MY error, not Shirley’s — she didn’t make any “threats” so lay off her. Call me and yell at me instead! :-D

  3. How about some really good agitprop theatre at MAS on Sun? Get a bunch of people dressed as the dogs and cats, and some designated as AC, Hooks and co. (Darth Vader and Co.), and have the animals practice killing Darth Vader and co.? Awww, c’mon, you guys are just no fun anymore :-)

  4. WHAT THE HELL is wrong with these people SICK SICK SICK they need to be put behind bars & beat in my eyes left with no food & live in there own crap I am soooooo upset to hear this makes me soooo MAD I wish I lived closer to this place I would shut them down & I PRAY GOD gets them for there crule acks on these poor animals SHAME ON THEM

  5. What kind of place is this…If I was employed by them I would be quitting today! Instead of having day to learn how to kill animals..Why don’t they teach them who to go and try to have them adopted..LIke having a walk a thon…or asking one of the pet stores to have an open day for adoptions…And for the worker who is dragging that dog..How would you like if you were dragged…

  6. Called & protested these horrible plans!! I hope and pray that they don’t go through with it!

  7. Wrote an email. Ugh, I also find it amazing that the pts that many animals a year, and are only open ONE day a week for adoption, it’s like, they want the animals to die… There’s no chance for that many adoptions in one day within a few hours…. And to close on that ONE day for this, disgusting.

    1. TY for writing Sonya. To clarify, they are normally open 5 days a week (4 weekdays plus Saturday). Obviously they should be open 7 days a week in order to get pets adopted but at the very least they should be open both weekend days. However, they are closed every Sunday and Monday.

  8. I emailed every single person on your page. My sister lives in Memphis, I live in Philadelphia, and the hell I’m going to spend a DIME in that town until some justice comes for those animals. I work with a number of rescue organizations here in PA, and firmly believe in being a voice for those who cannot speak. You are an inspiration – keep up the good work!

  9. This is insane! what kind of people are you? MURDERERS!!! Give them a chance PLEASE, let them live.You have no right to do this. Please if you do this you will suffer a life of pain and sorrow! There is a God and you will pay for this.

  10. I sent an email to the mayor… I hope it makes a difference. This is heinous and callous to me. Those poor animals. :'(

  11. This is the laziest and most despicable way to address an unwanted pet problem. The person responsible for this lethal injection training needs to be fired. They are wasting time and money on killling these pets when it should be used on education and promotion to get thse pets a second chace at life. People of Memphis should be outraged. This is a disgrace.

    1. @Jason – many of us are, but we’re fighting against a group of egomaniacs on a power trip. They are evil, they do not care about animals, and they do not care about the humane treatment of animals. They’re lower than scum!! Thank you for lending your voice! We will not give up!

  12. Called the Mayor and of course got a voice-mail, but left a message anyway. That employee dragging that poor dog should have the same thing done to him. There are other ways in which to use that pole on an animal. They need to take into consideration these animals are scared on top of some beiong abused. Put yourself in their “paws” so to speak! Makes me sooooo mad to see animals abused and abandoned when all they do is give un-conditional love.

  13. I live in Memphis. I actually turned a stray dog over to the shelter when I first moved here 2 years ago. I’m crushed reading this stuff. I had no idea. I’m crushed reading this. Calling. Emailing.

    1. Linda – do NOT beat yourself up over the decision to turn in a stray dog…that is the reason shelters exist! You, did what you thought was best and used a shelter that is SUPPOSED to be there for reasons just like that. Unfortunately you had to find out the hard way that MAS is not what they are supposed to be. It’s not your fault and you didn’t know. Right now you do know and you have a chance to encourage them to change their shelter – for the better….for the animals!

  14. I can not believe this, just when you think you have heard all the crazy and sick things that go on in this world you hear more sick stuff. This is insane. What is wrong with this world???????


  16. You will answer for your bad deeds one day and I hope you get deserved justice for murdering those poor little animals that have a chance – which leaves me to wonder WHO ARE THE ANIMALS HERE!

  17. Have they lost their minds????? animals deserve to live! How would you like it if you where in their place and they were dragging you to the kill room to be killed?? this makes me so angry! I agree with Tammy there is a God and you will pay for this , Please Let them live ! How can you live with killing these poor souls? ALL they want is to be loved! You may think they dont have feelings but they they do they just cant speak for themselves. These is insane!

  18. I wrote them a letter. This is disgusting. They should be using a veterinarian for all euthanasia, and that doesn’t require 9 hours of training an employee to assist a vet in doing this. I know, I used to be a vet asst. The only practical experience they should have is when a dog/cat NEEDS to be euth’d. Sickening

  19. I read this blog post via Pet Pardon’s Facebook page (currently the post has 354 shares and 201 comments). I have emailed the mayor to express my concerns regarding the matter along with hundreds of others. I hope there is a good ending to this story….and I hope that they become a NO KILL shelter, as I expressed in my email. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  20. Who in the heck do they think they are,what gives them the right to play GOD??? how dare they,i hope they burn for this!!!! God Bless all those innocent animals:'(

  21. I called MAS and the idiot on the phone just stuttered a lot. She then transferred me to someone’s voicemail and of course, he did not answer!

    1. @Cathy – you are correct. There is a “volunteer rescue group” that has inhabited the shelter for years. They are no more than a storefront showcase that trys to persuade the citizens that the shelter is a good place. Sure, they adopt out a mere handful of the thousands of animals taken in, and then pat themselves on the back for the wonderful job they do. The REAL truth is that MAS is nothing more than a killing machine – much quicker and less expensive to use the needle than to actually work towards saving lives!



  23. Something has to be done about things like this !!! Why would you people do that anyway !!!??? Please have a heart for the little innocent animals. They can’t defend them selves against big mean people ! Please help the animals instead of using them for training or worse ! God didn’t make them for people to hurt them !!! He made them for our companions to give us love and for us to learn how to love !!! They are faithful to the end !!! THIS IS WRONG AND YOU KNOW IT !!!!

  24. This is just sickening, and even glancing at those still pics of that poor dog trying to get away made me tear up….. these are pets, little furry people that we promise to protect and take care of by bringing them into our homes. Have adopt a thons, use them for good behavior prisoners to learn how to care for something other then the streets, bring in high schoolers to volunteer to play with the animals or anything else just stop the senseless violence and murder against these boastful and loyal friends they have a voice and they are crying out for justice, we just have to translate for those who do not care enough to listen!

  25. that picture made me sick. that guy needs to be dragged by a chokepole. GOD put these animals here for us to take care of, NOT kill!

  26. Calling Calling Calling, yet no answer…Will now email, and post on website..This is ridiculous. How in the world do they ever expect to teach the children of their community by showing this type of abuse? Plain and simple. Set an example Mayor Wharton egads!!!

  27. I live in Texas and I am appalled at what they are doing! How can the management that runs the place be so inhumane. Why is it so difficult for them to learn how to get the word out and save those pets that I am sure would be excellent family members! What sick people they are….I think all of them should be tortured and euthanized the same as they are doing to those poor, helpless and wonderful animals!

    Also, shame on all of those owners for turning their pets over to those barbarians! I will tell everyone I know to contact the mayor and ask them to put a stop to that and to rethink how that shelter is operated.

  28. What is this world coming to. I cannot believe that so many dogs are being killed instead of being given a second chance. I sent an email, thank you all for calling or sending emails. I hope that something is done to save all of those dogs.

  29. Absolutely disgusting!!! MAS employees should all be ashamed of themselves. These are innocent animals. At least try to reach out to no kill shelters that might want them.

  30. Look how scared that poor dog is. He/she KNOWS he/she is going to die. THEY KNOW. They have feelings and crave LOVE and joy, just like we do.

    ~Brokenhearted mama to 6 rescue dogs, including one saved from a “kill day” when 3 workers didn’t show up……..

  31. The sole responsibility lies on the owner that dumps his or hers pet knowing it will die. All animals should be spayed and neutered by their owner and or every city should have catch and release programs in place for stray animals and feral cat populations.Everyone understands that there is a critical over population of animals which is leading to this mass extermination at shelters but it still isn’t right. It hurts our hearts and there are too many innocent souls being lost that should never be there to begin with. There are plenty of people in the USA the population keeps rising and there should be more people lined up every morning at shelters to open their hearts and homes to an animal in need. Compassion and love have to lead the way and can heal all wounds. Until we make a shift in the way we perceive animals there will be a constant trail of heartache and suffering.Please try to be part of the solution Not part of the problem and visit a shelter today and save two lives… theirs and YOURS.

    1. Sorry Lauren, but no. Animal shelters are supposed to be a safe haven until an animal can be rehomed. They are not meant to be slaughterhouses like MAS.

      And there is, in fact, no “pet overpopulation”. That is a myth.

      You may want to read Nathan Winograd’s book “Redemption”.

      1. well isn’t that the whole point of this post? they are supposed to be a safe haven but they are not. Instead they are a stopover before the animal gets euthanized.

        No pet overpopulation? what are you talking about? thousands of stray animals are killed daily in the usa. there is a SERIOUS problem with strays. do you think all the cats and dogs in shelters are all owner surrendered?

        I don’t support Kill shelters period regardless .

      2. Lauren,

        That’s right – there is no “pet overpopulation”. Get Nathan Winograd’s book “Redemption”. He runs the numbers and shows how the homes are out there if only communities would come together to end the suffering.

        America has been killing millions of pets for decades. That shelter model doesn’t work, has never worked. Time to try something new.

        But Memphis cannot get out of 1972 for some reason and move forward into the newer shelter models. Instead, they are the old “catch and kill” type of disposal facility. And they’re not interested in changing.

      3. Why are you arguing with me I agree totally I believe we are on the same side here?? I hate kill shelters I’m an animal rescuer myself. I spend countless hours and money rescuing cats and dogs from shelters!!But if you truly believe that only pets end up in shelters and not strays due to NOT SPAYING and NEUTERING then you are delusional. The point is they should not be called “shelters” they aren’t sheltering/protecting the animals at all.

      4. “But if you truly believe that only pets end up in shelters and not strays due to NOT SPAYING and NEUTERING then you are delusional.”


        No, what I truly believe is that in order to achieve a No Kill Nation, spay and neuter programs must be affordable and available to all. But mandatory spay/neuter laws have failed to save lives in every, single place they’ve been tried.

        And for places like Memphis, I have to ask you – how many spayed and neutered animals are they going to kill on Sunday? Because they will, you know. S/N is not the easy fix to shelter population we would like it to be any more than the mass killing is.

        It takes a community effort and good shelter leadership as part of the community.

        Your rescue efforts are vital to the goal of No Kill, but you need to be aware that it’s not “the irresponsible public” that is responsible for shelter killings like we see at Memphis. Memphis could go No Kill today. Right now. They could stop killing healthy, adoptable animals immediately AND reduce the number of homeless animals in their community RIGHT NOW. All they need to do it choose it and engage the community in accomplishing it. But time and again, Memphis and other shelters around the country take the lazy way and kill, kill, kill. They clutch on to their little power structures and miss the larger picture every time. And nothing is solved, nothing changes. And then they blame the public for being irresponsible and call their killing “a necessary evil”. Well, it is evil, but it’s not necessary by any stretch of the imagination. And it’s not the public’s fault, either. Put the blame where it belongs – lazy shelters with no lifesaving goals, no leadership, and no sense of community stewardship.

      5. Mikken-
        You hit the nail right on the head and said it much more eloquently than I would.

        Also, if you have MSN laws, then even more animals show up in shelters because people may not have the money for SN services. Either way, the animals lose. The solution is for the community and shelter to reach each other to find ways to solve it (i.e. the community reaching out to the animals and the shelting letting the community reach out to the animals by not killing every one of them first).

  32. Can we call the local tv station and get people to see what there doing there maybe if they are alerted they can show up and protest if i was living there belive me calling these fools first getting them thrown outta office 2nd if enough people show up and the media maybe yhry will think twice before they allow this to go thru

    1. It is no breeder’s fault that MAS neglects, abuses, and kills companion animals.

      It is because MAS has no leadership, no inclination to save lives, and no accountability.

  33. I can not believe what I have just read… this is not right to put these Animals to sleep, and to see they used a Chokepole to pull that frightened dog to a room to be killed is plain insane.. The US Goverment must make these shelters illegal practice …and the people who take these dogs to the shelters should be put in prison…. and never be allowed to own any Animal again…

    1. Did I hear you right Maureen? You think a person who takes a dog to a shelter should be put in prison????
      WHAT are shelters for? Are they not so that those who want to do right by their pet have a safe haven that will help and assist a person AND an animal in need?
      If you get a divorce, should you never be allowed to ever marry again?
      Please think through your logic (or lack thereof) a little bit more. MAS is responsible for killing. The previous owners are responsible for using a public facility that their tax dollars pay for.

  34. I have emailed him…hope it helps. I am disgusted by this, and I think it should be public knowledge to the citizens who live there so they can raise hell and do something. Thank you for bringing it to our attention and trying to help, and I will be praying for the animals, you, and everyone who is trying to help. Keep up the good work.

    A fellow animal lover in Georgia,
    Lisa B.

  35. just wrote to mayor on his facebook and another jerk that wrote how hes doing a great jobasked if media got involved and knew of this plan he wouldnt look so good to others and to his state on his policys of closeing down a shelter on a day most people would go to get a pet for a day to show how to kill them instead and not give them a chance i tried to call his office but got voice mail did leave a message ugh wish i was closer i would be at there doors with people to do something to put a stop to this killing spree feeling helpless in the d

  36. I know my tears can’t stop this immoral, inhumane treatment of innocent animals, who through no fault of their own or their circumstances…are executed every day! I have rescued dogs and found their owners or found them suitable adoptive pet parents. I rescued my beautiful Beagle, Holly from becoming a lab experiment 9-1/2 years ago. What can we do besides donate to animal charities, call our congressmen and congresswomen, call our mayor, write to our governor…what else can we do to change this black-heart policy? This daily slaughter is morally wrong! How do the workers at the shelter so calmly and callously drag these innocent animals to their death? Killing these innocent animals doesn’t solve the problem!

  37. This is sick and disgusting, Shame on the city of memphis for allowing this cruelty to happen!!!!!

  38. That man and the people at the shelter should be ashamed of themselves! That is no way to treat a scared animal who knows he is going to be put to death. Come on people, can we have a heart! This is an out rage!!!! We need to contact our legislators in regards to this matter of cruelty.

  39. EVERY time there is a post about an irresponsible SHELTER I just love reading through the comments and seeing how many idiots there are on here! Never fails…the jerks go into *blame the public* mode and it is instantly the people in the community’s fault. Let’s not look at what a shelter is set up for…never hold the shelter accountable for their inability to act and/or acts….never do anything but blame people for using a service that was set up for them to use! Good Lord!

    You people drive me batty! I am normally a very patient person…but some of you IDIOTS drive me a hair short of losing it!

    1. Amen, Erica! I was just thinking the same thing. Most pet owners have no idea how broken our shelter system is, and none of us is in a position to know what those pet owners are going through or to judge their actions. The only person to blame for the killing are those doing the killing. That old mindset of “look what you made me do” is just a deflection of blame.

  40. Mayor AC Wharton: Please put a stop to this inhumane injustice that is bieng done to these animals.Have some what of a heart to realize that it is not right for this organization to be doing this to these poor scared and abandoned animals.All they want is a good home and someone to love them not cruelty and abuse. WOULD YOU DO THAT TO YOUR CHILD OBVIOUSLY NOT SO WHAT IS THE DIFFRENCE? AND IF YOU SAY THAT IT IS JUST AN ANIMAL THEN YOU ARE A HEARTLESS A##HOLE.PLEASE HELP SAVE THESE ANIMALS AND USE THE POWER YOU ENTRUST TO DO SOME GOOD IN THIS WORLD

  41. One thing is that this kill shelters have to ‘get the job done’ because of irresponsable humans, but at least there should be laws that even in this horrible places protect the lifes of this voiceless creatures…I am tying to understan how some humans can treat animals as objects. There is a way to always have justice, and I pray we succeed without loosing lives this weekend. If the mayor does not want to hear us, who will, the heartless shelter?? If I lived there I would go to that shelter and hopefully others would follow and protest…

  42. The atrocities committed at this shelter on a daily basis are unbelievable!! Do most of you realize that the UNSUSPECTING PUBLIC actually does not know that their animal will almost for sure be killed if they are dropped off at the shelter? Due to shelter marketing campaigns these people actually think they are doing the right thing by dropping their pet of at a place where they will be well cared for and found a home!!!!! There have been surveys done by several entities on this subject and most people did not know that the “shelters”are killing MOST of the pets coming in their doors!

    1. How naive of people to think that these places actually care and find homes for the pets they dump off. That is just so they can appease their guilty conscience. I have just read an article that said there are so many animals in shelters that it would take every single person in the US to adopt 9 animals each for there to be empty shelters. It should be enforced that all animals should be spayed/neutered before adopted. Breeders and pet stores should be forced to sell pure breeds with a restricted AKC registration and breeders should have to apply for state licenses to breed companion animals. That would help to prevent some of the puppy mills. We need to take care of the animals that are already here instead of breeding as a source of income or amusement.

      1. That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, and is not accurate. You need to do some more research, and use more reputable and accurate resources. Or just pick up a copy of “Redemption” and read that, and save yourself a lot of time.

  43. Oh this makes me sick!!! How horrible to do, these dogs and cats and whoever lives there need a chance to find loving homes! Shame on you for doing this! Why not have a adopt a pet day instead of a kill day, you people that do that are horrible. You should be shut down!

  44. Oh my Gosh. This makes me sick. Its bad enough that they kill pets daily but now they have to designate a special day to kill them too/more?

    Im sure he wont even read it, but I sent AC an email. Im afraid if I call I’ll end up losing it.

    1. Also, I still dont understand the logic behind SPENDING money for “euthanasia” (for syringes, FatalPlus, etc) rather than GAINING money from citizens who want to pay adoption fees for pets?? Its so backwards.

  45. The picture of the man dragging the dog to be killed, I don’t like it that they are put down in the first place, but can’t they at least try to ease the dogs from being scared? You know that dog was so scared of what was going to happen, and for them to drag them to thier death, is just so uncalled for. I couldn’t put one down, but I know it could be done in a lot better way. Just because it’s a dog, don’t mean it don’t have feelings, and wants to be loved and give love, instead of this treatment. I really wish that we could do something about this, and I hope we can, but in truth, this goes on everyday. and not to meantion the people that are owners, that mistreat thier animals. I really hope God is seeing all this. and i pray that he will do something about it.

  46. WHAT is the matter with these people? They would rather teach how to kill, other than finding homes for these homeless pets? This is inhumane and cruel !

    First, the public needs to KNOW what is going on at this shelter.
    Second, the public needs to raise holy hell !
    Third, the public needs to SPAY and NEUTER their animals !
    Fourth, the public needs to be educated that pets are not disposable playthings. They have feelings, and when you adopt a pet, it should be for the pet’s lifetime !

  47. I can not believe that humans can and do treat animals in such a horrible manner! I feel that this man should be removed from the shelter and never permitted to be in the company of another animal! this shelter should be ASHAMED of their personel and their practices! I truely hope the voices of the innoscent animals can be heard and this killing/mistreatment stops entirely in this world. I am truely sick for the animals and humans lack of care to treat them with love and respect. Punish this man and this shelter and ALL who mistreat animals!!!

  48. What is wrong with people today!!!! If people took proper care of dogs the way they should and not being stupid by bringing the dogs to shelters there wouldnt be any killings. Pele wake up if you cant take care of a dog or cat dog get one. If you can take care of them PLEASE go to a kill shelter and adopt!!!! Places like this get me so sick!!!!

  49. I don’t understand how you can take a day off that promotes life to teach someone how to kill.

    I agree with Jessica above my comment – if it is bringing money in from the citizens – why spend the money on killing tools?

    The pic of the man (and I use that term loosely) dragging that dog is awful. If the animal has to be put down – why not let it know a loving petting and kind words – if it feels a shot – they get those when they have physicals – the animal doesn’t know it is going to be put to death necessarily – and if it does – why traumatize the animal more? Would you like it Mr. Shelter Man if you were handled like that knowing that someone was about to end your life? Or would you want some compassion as you were about to depart life as you know it?

    You certainly can’t serve or talk to the same God/Creator that I do. I sure as Hell wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror, much less sleep well at night.

  50. fucking sick! really?! are these people bloody heartless? id like to use that choker on that bastard..

  51. SHAMEFUL, DISGUSTING, HEARTLESS! How can this happen and how are people in charge of a “shelter”, able to make these decisions while fronting themselves as animal advocates! I can only hope they come back as some poor, terrified animal being dragged to the gas chamber in a “SHELTER”! I would like to promote a different name for any place that REGULARLY KILLS healthy animals to something more appropriate… to suggestions. Oh and how can an animal shelter only be open for adoption ONE DAY A WEEK!!! It is simply vile!

  52. this so wrong, you can even see were the dog (in the picture above) doesn’t want to go. I guess even they know whats going to happen. I could never do such a thing, i remember once going there and crying my eyes out just seeing them all there lying down with pain all over their eyes. It’s just a sad thing for all these animals to die.

    1. Totally agree. We NEED to do this. For those outside of Memphis/TN in general, like me, how do we go about this?

  53. God please stop this! This is wrong…I cannot stand to see such treatment of animals and to know that he is going to kill that poor defenseless dog. Someone please stop the killing!

  54. This is an outrage. The public is going to publicize this story far and wide! You shouldnt be killing any animals, EVER!!!!!!!! How dare you treat life like this! You’re going to pay!

  55. this is one of the rottonest things that could ever be done!!how can a human being be so rotton and cruel as this?!you have to be rotton,careless,heartless and so dam inhumane to be able to grag a poor innocent dog to a room where he will be killed!I would love to see people like this dragged like this to their death,scared to death,not knowing what will happen to them,but is doomed.this is disgusting!and makes me sick!no animals should have to be treated like this!you don’t want to be treated like this!how would you like it,if this were done to you?!creep!what sickos!there has to be something wrong with all of you to treat animals like this!but don’t use that as your dam excuse for being so cold hearted,cruel and inhumane!anyone that could do this!should be treated the same dam way!

  56. if I ever saw anyone do anything like this to a helpless poor animal.I would do the same dam thing to them!!this man need a pole around his neck!and dragged!and see how he feels!and the same goes for anyone that could treat an animal like this!

  57. do human beings like this get off,or have some kind of weird way of entertaining themselves?!doing this?!do you like or does it majke you feel better about yourselves?!or does it make you feel like a bad ass and some kind of werid control freak?!because I will tell you,you should not even be allowed around any innocent animal!creep!and beleive me,god will judge you one day!this is one of the disgustingest,creul,evil,act on earth!

    1. did anyone post on the mayors facebook page look up mayor wharton on his page when you read coments on southwest we had posted on there about tomarrow and his reply they called it a yellpfest the mayor and a few of his people some nasty lady made same comment and just so you know they do this 3 times a week in some cases yep just killing them cause they can i am outraged belive me

      1. @sallywade: I looked it up and I think their Yappy Hour is their adoption events. They are not even acknowledging their mandatory kill session they will hold on that post under Southwest. But yes I saw that nasty comment from that one person. Idiots.

  58. i dont live there but if someone on here has family they need to call local ststion and get them on the story we did this a couple weeks ago and it worked but people need to know what theses scumbags are doing to theses pets and its not just weekends either

  59. This is just another disgusting thing the Mayor of Memphis is allowing to happen. He was all for saving the pets in the shelter when it was exposed that some dogs died there of starving of course he wanted to stay in office. Now that he has this hell driven city he could care less if these animals die!! Memphis Sucks.. Everyone needs to be there when the door opens for these murdering bastards. You see in the pic, how they treat these poor animals. On adoption day they are all smiles, and then they start the killing. How can someone but a vet be allowed to do this to a animal. How they will suffer Sunday if a mistake is made. You People will all go to hell!!! something must be done!! The people they have working in this shelter should all be fired, and people that know how to respect animals be hired, or shut the place down. Hell the gangs Memphis get better treatment than these animals. The gangs need to be put down and the animals allowed to live.Please someone help these babies>

  60. The 10:00 news just announced the closing of the shelter tomorrow due to mandatory euthanasia technician training and that the shelter will have two special days for adoptions on Tuesday and Thursday where all adoptions will only be $40. Gee whiz – will there be any animals left to adopt then?

    1. There’s always a positive spin from Mayor Wharton, Director Hooks, Deputy Director Hall, staff and Friends of MAS. By golly, 2 yappy hours makes up for a day of learning to kill and a full day to practice killing! Sorry, kids, but ‘yappy hour’ isn’t going to save your sorry butts!! Happy Yappy Hour doesn’t atone for the killings!!

      1. If Mayor Wharton wont speak up, which he wont, then cant we go higher up..Maybe the governor? Any thoughts?


  62. This is Mass Murder. They hide behind the word euthanasia. I can’t adequitly explain what I would like to do to that ass hole who is dragging that poor animal. I would love nothing better then to watch the look on all the faces of those involved, as their children are being dragged to be murdered. Let them live with that, including this jerk of a mayor who allowed this to happen. To say they ought to be ashamed of themselves is a waist. They have no shame. I’m sure that asshole has done this MANY TIMES. I could watch them all suffer, having no mercy for them whatsoever. They all need to look up the meaning of the word shelter. I shutter to think how many people bring animals there thinking they are going to be sheltered with no idea that they are bringing them there to be treated so cruelly and then murdered.. Oh, how I wish I could watch them all suffer the same fate. How sickening they all are. If they were in front of me right now, I would SPIT in all their faces. I hope the mayor and the asshole that’s dragging that poor animal reads this.I hope you suffer a long agonizing death when your time comes, and it couldn’t happen soon enough as far as I’m concerned. Your less than human. You are all pathetic assholes who deserve the same fate. My words don’t even come close to describing how I feel about all of them. Rest in Peace Precious Babies

  63. It’s a shame and anyone who takes on this position in my eyes is heartless!!!! I can’t stand the way this world treats animals!!!! We need to make breeding illegal so more people will have to adopt from shelters. What a shame.

  64. omg this makes me sick. My heart breaks for that poor dog and all of the others that have to go thru this horrific death. There has to be a way to stop this or a more humane way of doing this. For got sakes have per adoption days, get people to volunteer for these days. See if pet stores will allow these animals to be shown at their stores. They deserve a second chance. I could never volunteer at a kill shelter. People who can do this to animals have ice water running thru their veins and have not one ounce of sympathy or compassion for the animals they are killing,

  65. I have put a message on Mayor AC Wharton’s facebook page too. Does anyone live in the area to try and speak to the staff for photos of the animals to try and find urgent homes for them? Good to hear that the local news has been told about this but we can’t give up…

  66. Does anyone have an update? Considering today is the day they are talking about closing the place to teach them how to kill innocent animals. I called the mayor’s office, of course they were closed. I left a message & will also write them. Does anyone know if the local news has done a story or not?

  67. As I stated above, the local news stations ran a brief bit about the Shelter being closed Saturday due to technician training for euthanasia and they will have two days for low adoption rates on Tuesday and Thursday. These news stations won’t touch any controversial comments of this subject with a ten foot pole. I emailed numerous reporters begging them to do an on air investigation.

  68. This is cruel and treating animals like garbage. People adopt on Saturdays and Sundays, closing a shelter on a weekend is like closing stores on Black Friday for devoted shoppers, just bad business all around, with exception bad business in this case means animlas die rather than be adopted to a loving home. Re-thilnk this folks, don’t be closing on Saturday’s to teach the art of killing, cos that is what it is. Animals deserve love, and compassion. They don’t deserve to be treated like dirt.

  69. Hi,
    I work at a no kill shelter in Massachusetts and I’m apalled at this info. Does this shelter know this is barbaric? How can the people that work there live with themselves? Monsters !

  70. I don’t swear, but the curses that are running through my mind right now are….. well you don’t want to know. humans are terrible. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO WORK IN A SHELTER THAT KILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD LIKE WORKING IN A SHELTER TO LOVE AND CARE FOR THE ANIMALS. NOT TO KILL THEM. I DONT UNDERSTAND THSES PEOPLE. before i start saying”bad words” i’ll stop

  71. ya know what i’ll do it, but not all of it. THIS IS SH*T COMPLEATE S*IT WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS DAMN!! I AM CRYING!!!!!!

  72. my shelter th nhspca is awesome it is a no kill and has sooooo many good programs these poor animals should be transfered there!

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