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"You can blow out a candle, but you can't blow out a fire" - Peter Gabriel

Thank you to everyone who made phone calls and sent e-mails on behalf of the pets at Memphis Animal Services this weekend. If you are in Memphis, you can still take a stand against the needless killing of pets tomorrow at the pound by protesting on site. For the rest of us outside of Memphis, it might be a good time to light a virtual candle and hold a compassionate thought for the pets at the pound. A little positive energy can’t hurt, might help and doesn’t cost a thing.

30 thoughts on “Light a Virtual Candle

  1. If anyone in Memphis is willing to join a Silent Vigil outside of MAS tomorrow, I’m willing to come from Clarksville, and can probably find one or two others who might come, too. This might also be good to attract some Media attention. Come on, Memphis–will you stand for these poor victims?

    1. TY Lorraine and Sue. Even if it’s only 2 of you, please go and stand for the pets at MAS. I imagine others will join you but please speak for those who can not speak for themselves. If you do go and have a silent protest, please send me a report, a photo, anything to let me know. I will share it on the blog. Many of us wish we could be there in person to protest outside these shiny new slaughterhouse doors.

      1. Linda–Sue and I will drive up together. We should get there by around Noon if we leave here at 0730. How can we meet up with you? I’d like to communicate with you via email, but don’t want to give out my email to the world. Shirley–can you somehow help us share our email addresses?

  2. No words to describe this – sick to my stomach today, I’ll be more sick tomorrow as all I can think about are the innocent being used for needle practice. MAS and FMAS – who among you has a true conscience? I can hear and see no one amongst you! Be assured, you WILL someday answer to a higher power for your crimes!

  3. OK, folks–looks like we have a Band of Sisters–3, so far–to start a Silent Vigil outside of the Memphis House of Horrors. Since it will take us 3-4 hrs to get there, we can’t be there until around noon–I don’t know what time the “students” will be arriving, but wouldn’t it be great to have them have to pass by us to enter the bldg?

    If ANYONE can get there earlier than we, PLEASE start without us!!
    We’ll be making posters in the car while driving…any good suggestions for what to put on them?

    1. “It’s supposed to be an animal shelter, not a slaughterhouse”

      “More killing isn’t the answer”

      “If we had a real shelter director, we wouldn’t need a team of pet killers”

      “It’s not ‘euthanasia’ when you kill healthy, friendly pets”

      “Mayor Wharton – where is the follow up to the Rotary Club’s report?”

      “Gosh, I hope they don’t start selling these drugs out the back door, too!”

      “Memphis Animal Services – for all your pet killing needs!”

      “Mayor Wharton – where is the investigation into criminal activities at Memphis Animal Services?”

      “Memphis is better than this. I demand better.”

      “A shelter shouldn’t be a pet-killing machine”

      1. Woo-hoo, mikken, you are good! Thanks for your help, since my brain is toast right now, and I have to get up bright and early!

        I’m really hoping that we will get others to spontaneously join us–OCCUPY MAS!!

        Does anyone know what time the “students” are supposed to arrive tomorrow?

  4. I’ve notified every television station and local newspaper I could find info for. I’ve gotten replies from two saying they’ll pass the information up – no idea if any media will show.

    But I’ll be there.

    1. You guys are awesome. Grassroots movements – I heart them. And they happen because ONE PERSON says “I will stand” and then ONE PERSON says “I will join you”…

  5. what time will people be at MAS to protest..if we want news coverage they will need someone to connect with on the ground. can someone post what time this is planned for? please. i will email and call all again.

      1. Sue and I are making good time–the GPS puts us there around 1100. Linda may get there earlier–gonna try to call her now. Does anyone have any info on what time the Kill Class is supposed to begin?

      2. The practical is 8am to 5pm today. I am trying to get you directions. I had heard something about the GPS directions to the new facility not being accurate due to a lack of updated streets or something. Will post as soon as I get that info.

  6. I posted these directions in the current post but wanted to share them here as well to make sure they get seen by anyone relying on GPS to find the new MAS building. These are from Petfinder:

    The shelter is at I-40 and Appling Road. You take the Appling North exit off I-40. There is a Shell station on the North East corner of the I-40/Appling Road junction. You take the road across from the Shell Station (looks like a service road). Once on that road you can see the new Inspection Station on the right and the shelter is right across the street. (The directions on GPS systems are always not accurate.)

  7. I can’t be there in person ,I live to far away but am there for you in spirit! The way this shelter is operated is unacceptable! It is time for change for the best interest of the animals that have the unfortunate luck of being there.

  8. OK

    I have confirmed news coverage from the following news channels on their way!
    5 WMCTV
    WREG News3

    Good Luck everyone. Share the message. Make this work towards positive change. Share important information and statistics with the reporters.

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