Name This Foster Puppy

What's my name?

Submitted by reader Jamie who writes:

So I found this little one at the coal mine where I work just two weeks ago.  She was super skinny, super dirty, and would sit about 3 feet away from you at all times and wag her tail.  I tried to lure her close but the only food I had on me was a vegan Boca burger, and despite her happily eating it, I don’t think it was quite the ticket to catching her.  I didn’t see her for a couple days and I was worried about her since it had been so cold and she had no fat on her little body.  I was in the process of leaving one afternoon and saw her poking her head out from underneath some stairs.  I cornered her and very gently put an improvised lasso made of measuring tape around her neck and slipped her into my car.  

One bath and lots of good food later she is looking healthy, has gained about 10 pounds, and is feeling wonderful.  She has gone from a puppy who would trot away from me at every opportunity to a snuggle puppy who greets me with enthusiasm.  We are working on some training and she amazes me with how smart and eager she is to learn.  She is right at 6 months and weighs about 27 pounds so she will not be a big dog.  She adores the kitties and likes to lick them and paw at them to try to get them to play.  They don’t particularly care for that but they are fairly patient, nonetheless.  She is also very friendly towards other dogs.  

Her only issue is that she doesn’t have a name.  Nothing is really coming to mind.  She is technically up for adoption but if I hold on to her too much longer she may end up staying for life.

So what can we name this little miner?

31 thoughts on “Name This Foster Puppy

  1. Why not Boca? I’m not necessarily a vegan fan but that might have been her first taste (pardon the pun) of kindness in a long time!

  2. Gem! Gems come from mines and they may look a bit rough until you polish them up…

    Could be Gemma, too…

  3. “In a cavern.. in a canyon excavating for a mine.. meet a miner ..49 er and his daughter Clementine”

    so i vote for Clementine

    1. LOVE this!
      my vote’s for Clementine too!
      Clem is really cute, and the hard ‘k’ sound makes for good training :-)

      1. I think Clementine is the one that has stuck with me too. Also the name of a main character in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” so it’s got that going for it.

  4. Pyrite? I’ve heard it’s common in coal mines – I don’t know – I do know it’s common in the old mining areas here in California.

    Ophir? It was the name of one of Solomon’s legendary mines, and got applied to a number of places here.

    Banjo? It was what the old short mining shovels were called here.

    Rosebud? It’s a term I’ve heard applied to soft, brown/brownish lignite – rosebud coal, I suppose on account of the sheen.

    I think Clementine is pretty good, too, though I think this pup’s paws are a bit small to fit into herring boxes.

  5. I love the name Sooner – call her Sooner because sooner or later she is going to take someone’s heart who will love her forever! That or Hunny – the color of her eyes and coat! Plus she’s extra sweet!

    1. Glad you liked it! It’s very different, really a cute name. All the names everyone offered was very good. I believe one should always choose a name carefully. Thanks.

  6. I’d like to vote for Loretta. It’s a great name for a dog from a coal mine, and it’s also not your usual everyday dog name.

  7. Survivor…to me that’s a fitting name,she did what she needed to survive,despite hunger and being timid. She is a survivor.

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