Betty in the ASPCA Commercial

I change the channel as soon as I hear Sarah McLachlin’s voice singing for the ASPCA in one of their commercials.  I can’t stand the sad music paired with the parade of one-eyed pets asking for more money for a multi-million dollar organization that fights against shelter reform and no kill.  So I had never seen an ad, featuring a mama GSD mix named Betty, until Billy showed it to me.  (I couldn’t find a good link to the commercial but it’s apparently on TV all the time and has been for years.  You could probably just go turn on your television right now and see it.)  Billy thought the ad was manipulative in that it showed this pitiful mama dog, shaking in a cage, but never told what happened to her.  Was she still at the pound?  How did she respond to her veterinary treatment?  Did she need an adopter?

I decided to poke around online to see if I could find out about Betty.  When I found what appeared to be a legitimate response from the ASPCA regarding Betty, I e-mailed the following to Billy:

Many people have asked online about the dog you wondered about from the ASPCA commercial. Apparently that footage is from 2003 and she has since been adopted:

Thank you very much for your email regarding the dog named Betty in our commercial. When the ASPCA found Betty she was injured badly with a fractured vertebra, she could barely move but she continued to care for her new born pups. All of her pups were successfully adopted and shortly after in February 2003 Betty also found her new family and given the name Apple to start her journey with her new pet parents and another canine. Eight years later, Apples parents inform us that she is just as beautiful and intelligent as the day they brought her home and was a wonderful addition to the family. She spends her days chasing squirrels around five acres and being spoiled by her parents. Apple couldn’t have wished for a better life. This is just one of many rescue stories with a happy ending. Sincerely, ASPCA Public Information

I thought this would probably reassure him.  Not so.  His response:

Well – that makes it even more exploitative and manipulative that they’ve known all along and can’t put an update on the commercial. That would mean less donations. I’m sure someone had to dig deep to find this info. out.

He has a point.  Have you seen the commercial with Betty and her pups?  What do you think?

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  1. I’ve never seen the commercial but understand the response. When we see these, we want the rest of the story – and I am more ready to donate to transparent charities than those who use others simply for gain w/o updating; what a wonderful commercial had they followed up on Betty’s and pups adoptions as well.

    1. I did see the commerial about Betty and her pups and I think they could have given us the update as well,! They could say how because of the commerial Betty and her pups were able to receive the best care and life through the aspca’s love and dedication to animals like Betty. But there are so many more that won’t get tht care without our help and donations. That people, is the facts! The aspca needs our love and dedication!

      1. Oh my gosh, let me guess–are you guys Conservative Republicans? They are the only one’s who would spread this kind of absolute bullshit…the ASPCA and HSUS work tirelessly to save animals from creeps like you. If you ever get your head out of your asses and spend just 5 minutes on research, you would discover what great organizations they are. The ASPCA have their own shelters as you can see where Betty was taken. The HSUS does valuable work in getting laws passed, making people aware aware of abuses, they stand up for all animals, they give assistance during natural disasters, etc. People who are so ignorant like you posters infuriate me….you are worthless scum in my eyes and you need to take your heartless, soulless crap to the Fox page where you belong….

      2. “Oh my gosh, let me guess–are you guys Conservative Republicans?”

        LMAO. I couldnt take anything she said seriously after that. Continue to burry your head in the sand, Lynn. You sound more like a conservative than I do (sorry to the conservatives on the page, I generally dont bring politics into this).

  2. I don’t watch ASPCA or HSUS commercials. I don’t need them adding unnecessary stress to my life with these images when they have plenty o monies.

    1. Ignorance is bliss! Just keep your head stuck in the ground! You probably don’t have any money to donate any way! (whether ASPCA has enough or NOT) Mikken-ignorant and poor!! Oh excuse me! Am I assuming something that isn’t true??? Just like you state that the ASPCA “has plenty O monies” Sounds like YOU are guilty of ASSUMING!!

      1. No, actually, I’m guilty of knowing what their financials are. They don’t spend money on shelter animals, they spend it on PR and fat staff salaries/pensions. They RAISE money off the backs of shelter animals, but they don’t HELP shelter animals.

        ASPCA and HSUS have plenty o monies.

      2. Hey B, Your parents should be proud that they raised a rude bully. I do not give to the ASPCA either. The money they waste on tote bags, magazines, and other crap could be spent on the animals. I am not ASSUMING this, they clearly say this in their commercial. Give to your local animal shelter, ASSUMING you can find it.

      3. 2 minute commercials are not cheap, what do you suppose their 20 minute commercials cost? You don’t think they can get the message across in 2 minutes?C’mon, your not that dense I hope.

      4. You must work for them not to be able to admitt that they apparently WASTE alot of money.

  3. I think that people should treat their pets as they would their own children…. And that means neglect abuse= Harsh punishment.. If we spank our children we run the chance of having DHR called in… So… To sum things up…. Spay and neuter your pets and if you cant take care of them find someone who will…. I never give money to any organization… I will gladly give food… Have a blessed day..

    1. Don’t just send money to some faceless organization. Foster or volunteer at your local shelter. Any shelter will need dog walkers and someone to do laundry. Donate food-even newspaper.

  4. I hate those commercials. But the shelter where I volunteer is a partner with ASPCA and HSUS and they do do rescues. Just before Christmas we got 102 dogs from a puppy mill in Arkansas. They were delivered in an ASPCA truck.

    1. Did either the ASPCA or HSUS give your shelter money to care for these animals? Or did they just dump them on you and leave it to your shelter to assume the cost?

  5. I’ve seen it, and I agree with Billy. I also think it’s deceptive in another way, in that it’s an old, resolved case – borrowed glory from the past – rather than representative of their recent work.

    Then again, I can see why they wouldn’t want to feature poor Gloria, even if they have acknowledged their failure there.

    Every example I’ve seen of this class of ads uses old footage – I think I may have seen some of the shots used in the McLachlin ad – which is a few years old now in any case – any time these last ten years, recycled through both television and print ads. It would be interesting to track them down … I’ll look into that, see what I can find this coming week poking around online.

  6. Yes.. I remember that commercial very well. It’s been around for years. But I haven’t seen it in a long time, maybe even a couple of years. I did notice that the new commercials don’t have as many sad, hurt, mangy animals. All of them but maybe two are well groomed.. purebred looking . I thought that to be odd.

    1. I’ve been retired since 4/11, and I remember Sarah’s commercial from at least six years ago. The commercial starring poor Betty and her pups just showed about 30 minutes or so ago. If they had given an update, I’d probably have adopted either the mother OR one of the pups, but as I read earlier here, there was never an update. I don’t think that’s necessarily right.

    2. I work in rescue, and there are plenty of purebred animals in shelters and in rescues. There are plenty that have been abused and neglected. There are plenty that are used repeatedly to churn out all those puppies people hundreds or thousands of dollars for. So, that part is not really odd.

  7. I’ve never seen that particular one, but really, they’re all the same. Sad images of pets press an emotional button and people open their wallets. The ASPCA knows they don’t ever need to make the animal an individual and tell the actual story, especially the ending, because they want the reader/viewer to feel that he or she is making a better ending possible for the animal. The ASPCA knows what works and they will keep right on doing it.

    That includes tracking people online and delivering their ads to those interested in pets. No matter where I go online — even if I click to a national news organization for a story unrelated to animals — an ASPCA banner ad will always be there: The logotype, a sad image of a cat or a dog, the words “We Are Their Voice,” and a “Donate” button in signature orange.

    For the last two years, every time one appears, I’ve thought of Oreo and of NYACC. Now I’ll think of Gloria and Benny, too. And, as of last week, I’ll think of a New York Times story from 1993 that perfectly explains why things are so awful for shelter animals in New York City . . . and why the ASPCA has so much money. Props* to Harris Bloom, writer of a NYC blog called Stewie to the Rescue, for framing the NYT story so perfectly and for digging it up from the archives.

    (You might have to register with the Times in order to read the story. Registration is free and I promise the story is worth the effort.)


    * When I checked “props” to make sure I was using it correctly, an ASPCA banner ad appeared for me at the Urban Dictionary. These guys are pros!

  8. I have seen that commercial with Betty many times in the past. I use to think that ASPCA was one of the good guys. Now I just wish everyone would give to their local NO-KILL animal shelters and rescue groups — the good ones that are really working to save as many animals as possible.

    Here are a couple of interesting articles about a change in ads for an animal shelter…

    No Kill + positive messages = community support — Shift Away From Negative Ads Increases Giving

    Advertising Risk, and Reward, With a New Campaign – –

  9. I keep waiting to see a picture of Cole or Barry White in an HSUS commercial.

    I have recognized a little clip of the Valiant collies from one of them. They were all adopted out in 2003. (And NOT by HSUS.) Most of them are elderly dogs or have passed off this mortal coil by now.

  10. Apple has “parents”.. really.. oh wait mean her owners..
    sigh.. I don’t believe a word of it.. and even if I did.. i would never give them one dime.. nor the HSUS.. nor PETA.. nor nor nor.. I give to my LOCAL shelter who have “apples” and “oranges ” and “strawberries” and “plums” every day looking for good homes..

  11. To be honest, Im not sure because the very first imagine that you see (I think..) is a dog trying to run with a fractured leg or something and I already know that its the ASPCA so I change the channel. I dont watch many commercials anyway as I have a tivo but yeah. So I have no idea which dog is who or whatever. It seriously doesnt surprise me though that they do this. Im even surprised that they emailed you/him to even let you know to begin with. And you may never know the truth and whether or not they PTS Betty because then people would feel like its more pointless to send donations.

  12. My husband and I were watching a program one weekend and the Betty commercial came on 6 times. I ended up growling at the TV. He knows now to quickly change the channel whenever an ASPCA or HSUS spot comes on (He Who is King of the Remote).

    It is just this very approach which leads me to make TV PSAs that are about 180 degrees from the approach of those groups. Which pay big money for air time, by the way. Mine will never show in prime time because nonprofits don’t pay but they do get decent time (like after the local news and before the national news). I have three going now – one about no kill, one about spay/neuter and one about adoption/rescue. Are they as polished as Sarah on the couch? Nope. But they’re designed to make people think and perhaps behave differently but without using the guilt, doom and gloom.

  13. That ad with “Betty” has been playing A LOT lately on TNT and also on the WB network. I always hit mute and take the opportunity to head to the bathroom!

  14. how hard is it to end the commercial with something like ‘but with the help of dontations from people just like you, Betty and her puppies were quickly adopted into loving, new homes. won’t you help another pet find a happy ending of their own?’ and then show footage of Betty running happily in her new home

    seriously- i’ve never heard of anyone being affected by those commercials in a positive way that leads to donations. And you can still have tearjerker commercials- they’re called happy endings (like those Pedigree commercials that focus on shelter dogs- gets me every time! makes me want to run right out and buy Pedigree food)

  15. For what it’s worth, as I’ve dug around a bit after the footage in these commercials, I found this from the Onion:

    ‘Director for ASPCA Commercial Demands Sadder Looking Dogs’,6678/

    I also found that it had been picked up by a few bloggers as real, which I think says something about how the ads actually make people feel – that is, both saddened and manipulated.

    Also for what it’s worth, it looks to me like most of the pets shown in the ads are ordinary clean, healthy pets, interspersed with footage of pets in distress.

    Also? I ran into an article on Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl and its kitty half-time show, and the pets on it come from NYACC – and are *returned* there after taping is done. With no mention of a guarantee that a place will be found for them if they’re not adopted. Yikes. I don’t think I could watch the show, knowing that – not with the NYACC involved. They couldn’t find good local no-kill rescues?

    1. Obviously, YOU Are aware That Onion News Is a comedy, (Though many times not funny). Many people are not aware of this, And take the Onion News at face value. Thank you for shedding light On this subject.
      Also, Thank You for the information Regarding the Animal Planet shows. I had no clue Anything like this was taking place!!!!!

  16. I have tried several times to find out about ‘Betty’. Her face is permanently painted in my mind. I hope this news I just read is all true and that she is well and happy with a new family. But – I – like most of you, think there should be updates letting everyone know about all of the successful recoveries showing that what their donations are doing = I think it would mean more donations once everyone gets to see the positive outcomes!

    1. It is true. Animal Planet did a kind of “where are they now” follow up show a few years ago and Betty was among the happy ending stories from Animal Cops NY.

  17. I watch the commercials…I can’t NOT watch. And I donate.

    Regarding the statement:
    “Well – that makes it even more exploitative and manipulative that they’ve known all along and can’t put an update on the commercial.” I think that’s preposterous. Betty is Betty and of course she was special, sweet, loving and a good Mama after all she’d been through. But Betty is not an isolated case. There is only one Betty, but there are thousands like here, voiceless and needing help. Betty is a symbol of what the donations do, and who they help. Don’t turn something twisted out of this. The fact that you’d make a statement like that rather than to be grateful she recovered…shows your insincerity and a lack of chracter.

    1. Are you aware that the ASPCA in NYC is not who you think they are? They are the “animal control” agency for NYC and raise a good deal more money (millions) than they spend on the animals. In fact, in reading Urgent Part 2 (death row dogs), it seems that the ASPCA tends to send animals to the city “shelters” to be killed to keep their numbers down and image up.
      Those commercials are pure PR and the purpose is to get your money.
      I agree with others who suggest keeping your donations local.

    2. “I watch the commercials…I can’t NOT watch. And I donate. ”

      You have funded PR firms and lawyers and fat pension plans with your money, but you have not helped shelter animals, I’m afraid.

      The ASPCA is ROLLING in money – and they get more by using people like you – people who care, who want to help, who *feel* for the animals. But it’s a scam. A terrible, callous scam. If they really cared about shelter pets, they’d make the one shelter in NYC that they run a model of efficiency and care. Instead, they let Robert, a dog who had been hit by a car, sit for three days, paralyzed and unable to urinate. He’s only alive because a rescue group pulled him. And Robert’s story is sadly typical of the “care” that animals get in NYC…

      If you want your money to really help shelter animals, donate locally. Find a nice rescue group you can get behind and support them.

      But for the love of all that is good, please don’t give any more of your hard earned dollars to the ASPCA. And the next time you see one of their commercials, tell them to spend their own damn dollars on shelter animals once in a while and stop being such deceptive hypocrites.

      1. You said it best. To add to that, the same goes for the Humane Society of the United States and PeTA.

  18. Betty and her pups are still on TV. The commercial was just on here about 10 minutes ago, on Chiller. They play it constantly. I can’t STAND it! Tonight, I decided to search and see whatever happened to Betty, which led me here. I support my local shelter, the Humane Society of New York (NOT the US), which is PHENOMENAL. I adopted my two cats from them, and they do amazing work.

  19. Thanks,
    I desperately wanted to know what happened to Betty and I am happy to hear the good news. I will love to donate but only if there is a way to know what do they do with the money. Regards, Paula

  20. I turn the ads off now – switch channels, leave the room – whatever. Enough is enough! A series of newer tasteful ads – shown sporadically in rotation – is all that is needed.

  21. I did the research to find out about Betty also to see how she turned out. I am very happy to hear she’s doing so well!
    Regarding Billy being upset about the ASPCA not reporting on Betty and giving an update, I believe you are correct in the sense that it would bring in less donations, that this organization so desperately needs. Unfortunately if people seen good outcomes for all of the Pets in he commercials, it would give them a false sense of security, and they may say to themselves, “well they
    did such a good job with these animals, they (meaning the ASPCA), don’t need my money, they’re doing very well already. Do you follow what I’m saying?
    Yes I agree, it is difficult to watch some of these commercials, but in all reality, changing the channel when the commercial comes on DOES NOT HELP
    THESE ANIMALS AT ALL!!! I myself am an
    extreme animal lover and I feel compelled to.
    watch the commercials. We must face reality.
    I admire the fact that the USPCA helps and cares for these animals and they are a “no kill” shelter/s.
    My local shelter in Chester County, Pennsylvania named the Chester County SPCA is a kill shelter.
    Just because they have the letters SPCA In them
    Does not mean They are a “no kill” Shelter. And they typically only hold the dogs For 5 days Before they are euthanized. It is always good to be informed.
    I hope anyone reading this can follow what I am trying to say because on a personal note I am 43 years old and I am recovering from a stroke, and dealing with the aftereffects. So please forgive me, if my thoughts seem somewhat scrambled, especially in my writing format. I’m doing the best I can.
    As an afterthought, and being that it is Christmas, I think it would be nice to see commercials on television showing the same plight of single disabled parents, and the obstacles we face. For example, as we all know today is Christmas, and this year due to the fact that I live on SSI, and cannot afford a car since I had an accident and at the time could only afford state required insurance, my children and I are celebrating Christmas with no Christmas tree, decorations, and not 1 gift. Although all of those things would be nice, I have taught my children the true meaning of Christmas, and that is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. So today that is exactly what we celebrate, Like many, many, many others are, We’re just doing it with out all of the Extras. This is the first time And a lot of it has to do with my recent stroke, But it is Primarily financial. Unfortunately, It just turned out that we needed to have heat in the house, And that took a large portion of my income. It would be nice to see social service organizations advertise on TV. It seems everything in our country goes from one extreme to the other.
    Once again I would like to apologize in advance for my scrambled thought processes manifested due to my recent stroke.
    As the famous Bob Barker always stated, ” Have your pets spayed or neutered.”
    And I could never forget to mention,
    ” Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!! And have a Wonderful New Year!!!!! ”
    Sincerely, Joan from W.Chester, Pa.

    1. Bless you Joanie.. seems we have a lot in common. SS, no car, no Christmas, scrambled thoughts.. I am happy.. things could be a lot worse. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

      1. God bless you too Dot. Yes it does seem we have a lot in common. And I totally agree with what you said, ” things could be alot worse.”
        I do not have much but what we do have, I am very grateful for. I know it’s after midnight but Merry Christmas to you and those around you! Hopefully we will be able to “speak” again!
        Joanie :)

  22. God I have never seen so many sad and pathetic people in my life. Just where do any of you get off: I can only hope most you don’t have pets of your own. I consider my cat and the two cats that died several years ago my babies, they are and where a part of my family. Merlin was a Maine Coon found on the streets of Houston. They have given me years of joy, humor and one thing you people could learn unconditional love. I feel sorry for you since you cannot learn how to love all living creatures. John Thomas

  23. I just saw the commercial about “Betty” and was so sad that the owner would do nothing to support her rehabilitation/care. Like many who have seen it, I was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for “the rest of the story”. When it didn’t appear I googled “Betty from ASPCA commercial”… got the link here immediately. My recommendation to the ASPCA is to include “the rest of the story”… good, bad or otherwise…. it could clearly tie into the need for support for the organization… people really do deserve to know who these work out. Thank you.

  24. The Betty & pups ad has been playing on Animal Planet non-stop for the last few days. I know this because I’m house sitting where there isn’t a DVR or TiVo, so I’m forced to watch the commercials.
    Betty & her pups tore my heart out! I couldn’t understand why they didn’t include an update – until I googled “ASPCA Betty & pups” and came across this website. I knew the ASPCA & agencies like them had some skeletons in the closet & am glad to see so many others who know it, too.
    I used to work at a dog daycare (2002 or 2003) & one day we got a call from a casting company. They were looking for dogs to use in commercials, so agreed to let them come in and give us more info. During that meeting, they revealed that one upcoming commercial they were actively casting for was for ” a national organization that helps injured & abused animals”. Instead of using REAL cases, they wanted PETS that could ” look sad, old or injured” for the commercial. My manager & I promptly threw them out! We never did find out who the client was but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the ASPCA. They’re paying big bucks to a company to cast dogs & cats that already have loving homes as animals in danger & distress. What a shame!
    I’ll only donate to my local shelters – once I’ve volunteered there long enough to see how things really are. If we are on the same page, then I do all I can to promote & help them. If not, I try to spread the word to my community as to what I find. It’s just common sense – which seems to be lost as the organizations get bigger. Wouldn’t it be a great world if we could all respect living things without having to pull at heart strings & pocket books?

    1. Ugh! How gross. I was going to say something about how they should use the animals they already have, rather than casting new ones, and then I remembered that they pretty much kill any animal that comes in their care, so they probably dont have any left to use.
      I havent seen the ‘Betty commercial’ in a while. They now have a new one with that “You Are So Beautiful” song in the background. I have to change the channel when it comes on.

      1. Well apparently they do not kill all animals that come into their care because Apple has a wonderful new home and is still alive 8 year later. We all have our own opinions but ones that are based on fact instead of hate & drama are the ones that are usually the most accurate.

      2. So because ONE dog may or may not be saved Im supposed to be okay with all the animals killed in the ASPCAs care, and the very little amount of money that they donate to the SPCAs in each state? (answer: its less than 1 percent for ALL 50 states). Sounds like you are the uneducated one here. I suggest you read Nathan Winograd’s “Redemption” for the full story on organizations such as the ASPCA, HSUS and PeTA.

  25. They are nothing but frauds. I recognized this story from when it aired on Animal Cops in NY, and the update on Betty and her pups a couple of years later. Neither ASPCA nor HSUS has any connection with your local SPCA or Humane Societies and they both have a much more sinister agenda. If you really want to help animals give your money and time to the local shelters.

  26. I also googled an update on Betty and her pups which led me here. I’m so glad I did because I have worried myself silly over her. The ASPCA does need to provide updates…have mercy on my soul!

  27. I have seen the commercial of betty the dog. I think the best place for her was the aspca because they saved her life. They have no reason to lie about what happened to betty. I believe she has been renamed and has agreat life now. So now that she’s adopted let’s start focusing on the animals that still need our help. The animals that are being beaten and neglected. Betty stories was a happy ending and I’m happy for her and you should be to thank you.

  28. I understand why they would leave Betty’s story unfinished. Unfortunately humans such as ourselves only seem to react when it’s too late and usually we are the cause of such events. I am extremely happy to hear Apple is doing so well but I am human and I probably would have been more willing to help without knowing the whole story. I am going to join the ASPCA because I want to see many more happy endings. This isn’t meant to be offensive to anyone just to state my personal imperfect opinion.

    1. Might I suggest you do your homework about the ASPCA, Humane Society of the US, PETA? They are not who you think they are. They carefully craft PR to pull in millions in contributions and do not spend even a small portion of that on saving animals.
      Check out your local no-kill shelters and rescues and support them financially.
      There are also links here that will give you the truth about some of the big name/big money animal “welfare” groups.

      1. I am very aware of my local no-kill shelters and am myself the only rescue center in my area; therefore I am very educated on the practices of other agencies that work in this area including but not limited to the ASPCA. As I said, I was giving my IMPERFECT opinion but not an uneducated one. So I don’t appreciate somebody calling me out on my personal beliefs. If you ask me, it is you who are coming across as hostile and uneducated.

  29. With a minimum of effort you can find a local group that is deserving of support. Almost every city has some network of rescue organizations that actually do rescue. They foster animals out until they find forever homes. They always need financial support for this.

    I adopted my Ramses from such a group.

    My donations go to Helen Woodward. I’ve been to both of their locations. They are no kill. They accept emergency relocation animals from disasters such as Katrina. Locally they do very good work.

    They also do not use these manipulative propaganda techniques on the very few commercials you see on TV. They get my money and they are the first place I turn to when I am ready to adopt a new family member.

    1. It is great to hear stories like yours. I run a small rescue center in the rural area where I live and I wish there was more local support from people like yourself. As long as we are all working together, no matter how small the contribution, it will make a difference. Happy New Year, Jen

  30. I also fast forward through these commercials but this one caught me by surprise. It was also structured like the opening of a TV SHOW about animals so I stayed with it hoping to see the evil owner brought to justice. I was furious that the commercial ended without resolving poor Betty’s story. Thank you for posting the information you received!

  31. The commercial about Betty and her two pups just shown once again today 03/25/2013 @ 3:52 p.m. Noting this original commercial aired in the year 2003. ASPCA please update your commercials for financial assistance ASAP. Unless you’re showing an old commercial because times are truly better? People have heed the warnings and animal care is doing much better a decade later.

  32. The commercial about Betty and her two pups just showed once again today 03/25/2013 @ 3:52 p.m. Noting this original commercial aired in the year 2003. ASPCA please update your commercials for financial assistance ASAP. Unless you’re showing an old commercial because times are truly better? People have heed the warnings and animal care is doing much better a decade later.

    1. I just saw that commercial, again. I’m sitting here in tears..Poor baby but they definitely should update their commercials. I’m glad she recovered and found a great home.

  33. I dont think its manipulative.yes an update would have bedn nice but the point of the commercial is to
    show how cruel humane beings can be to animals that soley depend on them and the enourmous need for contributions to care for them.

    1. It would be even better if the ASPCA actually used the millions their heart wrenching commercials brought in to care for animals . . .

  34. all I’m gonna say is I’ve met an aspca volunteer and the are great. aspca does more for animals than my local animal shelter (in Maine Aspca has broken up at least 2 dog fighting rings. the cops didn’t. the humane society didn’t. aspca did.) and most of the humane societies here are shit. I believe over 80% kill, even just old pets, they’ll put them down if there’s not enough room. at the androscoggin humane society a WORKER SUPPORTS animal testing and dissection of rats! AND laughed and supported when an ex-friend of mine put a photo on fb of her dissecting a rat! they’re truly disgusting. oh and most charge like $200 for a puppy and $120 for a cat. if that doesn’t give them enough money and they still need more they can go fuck themselves. I’m happy to support no-kill shelters but I only know of about 3 in my state sadly. trust me most humane societies are just like any other business. just because aspca has money doesn’t mean they don’t do anything. I don’t hear much bad pr on them like I hear about peta or know personally of my local animal shelters.

  35. Also I do support no kill. I’d be happy to go more often if the closest one wasn’t nearly 3 hours away. But it’s pointless and CRUEL in my opinion to not support aspca AND your local no-kill just because they make money and no-kills also need money! donate to both! and yes you can! I have PERSONALLY met aspca volunteers AND have heard awesome success stories from aspca! aspca can take care of AND FIX very injured animals! your local no-kill will NEVER have enough money for that! a no-kill shelters focus is just that-being a SHELTER, expanding for any needy animals (aka a $10000 donation would likely go to expanding the shelter rather than ONE surgery), and keeping the animals healthy. the aspca’s duty is to HELP those badly injured animals! let the no kill be the no kill and the aspca be the aspca. you really want your local no kill to take on life-saving surgeries and care? be ready to single-handedly raise $100000 for that lone shelter, and I’ll be generous and say this year. likely that would be a month or two, depending on the types of injuries and how many injured animals they have. no-kills do help animals, a lot! but we can’t expect them to do what the aspca does unless they get that type of moolah.

    1. The ASPCA has historically opposed no kill and by opposed I mean gone way out of their way to gum up the gears in places far from NYC where the community wanted to stop killing shelter pets. You can choose to support ASPCA and no kill if you want of course or you could simply chuck the cash off a bridge and call it even.

  36. I’m sure it cost a lot of money for those commercials. It is a no. Profit organization. But it would had been nice to have an update showing that our contributions fo work and that the dog was well.

  37. They need money. If you were trying to save animals and needed lots of money wouldn’t you make a commercial that showed how desperate the situation is. They can’t just go ummmm we have injured animals. Can you send money? No they need to get through to you. And I am sure they DO find animals in dire situations, like puppy mills and dog fighting. Come on now do we really have to even rationalize why we need pick apart helping animals?

    1. They are a million dollar corporation. They are hardly in dire need of money. Read Nathan Winograd’s “Redemption” and youll see.

  38. I just watched this commercial and that’s why I google searched this information on what happened to her. I believe this is very manipulative. I understand that they need to raise money for the aspca, which I wouldn’t mind giving them donations. However, I don’t think they should use older stories and stating right in the commercial, “We don’t think she will make it,” when they obviously know what the ending result is, considering this story is over ten years old. They could’ve rephrased as, “With previous donations Betty was saved and with your help you could save another animal like Betty.” I just don’t get how they could use expired facts.

  39. I just found your site, I too was wondering about Betty. WOW, talk about cynics and hypocrites. You complain about the manipulative ASPCA and then go off on them. Instead of using ‘heart string tugging’ you use ‘knock the other guy, tell everyone how horrible they are and how good we are’ message. Might be different methods, but are you any better? You reek of arrogance and rigid self-righteousness. No-kill shelters are a great idea, but how often have we seen reports on their treatment of animals do to over-crowding, etc? Enough to realize that would be something you would rather ignore and pretend doesn’t exist. You’ve made it about personalities and not about the animals. Shame on you.

  40. The fact is , is that we as humans are the caretakers of these animals . They’re not just animals , they are pets , who need to be cared for and loved and protected . They become your family . Plain and simple . I’m glad that this organization exists .

  41. I agree they should put an update on that commercial. And I had no idea it was that old. I was ready to adopt poor Betty. Aka. Apple. I have a dog & this really pulls at my heart strings. They are apart of Humane Socity. Ever tried to adopt from them? It’s as hard as adopting a child. The dog pound saves lives & trying harder not to put down animals. How about more commercials on getting your animals fixed.

  42. I volunteer at our local humane society. It is a no kill facility & we have enough volunteers to give all the animals one on one care as well as socialization & training. That is how I choose to do things so I know first hand what is happening there. I also take time daily to work with a network of trusted rescues & fosters. It is about giving these precious gems the freedom to be who & what they are & I feel that, if I expect the people to run these places in a kind & loving manner, I should expect it of myself to be there helping. I also expect it of myself to volunteer at soup kitchens & food banks as a way to help the human species because I am blessed with a roof over my head & food on my table. There is no feeling like seeing children smile as they put food in their tummies or an animal trying to cozy up as close as possible to you because they know your hand is a loving hand. If you haven’t tried it, you should at least once.

  43. I live in Dundalk and I am looking for a puppy to adtoped would love for a Dockson but would not mind a different puppy if some on could email of there is a ASPCA in my area that has puppy’s for adopting and if they has a price thank u :)

  44. Watch the commercial closely again. “BETTY” is shown laying in “her” cage near the end. “SHE” can be seen with gauze or something similar wrapped around “her” tummy.
    PAY CLOSE ATTENTION…AND YOU WILL SEE “BETTY” is a boy. “She has even wet the blanket in front of her. I love animals, but why was a boy dog posed as Betty?

  45. This commercial is on. I concur with the guy that the ASPCA should give an update on Betty/Apple. I’m so happy that she’s doing well. I was thinking of adopting her b/c it sounded like nobody was trying to adopt her. Where I have a problem with the ASPCA is that they have a high overhead. No t-shirts and magazines. What are they doing to bring animal abusers to justice? Are they lobbying on the Hill? Drafting proposed legislation? What are they doing?

    I also thought that they showed a male dog as well. It’s a female dog. You’re looking at the female dog’s teats and her belly. Betty’s got post-pregnancy belly and breasts. Pregnancy can be a real bleep on the body.

  46. I just saw the ad with Betty for the 1000th time so I decided to see what I could find out about her.An update would let people know that helping the animals means success when a great home is found.There are a couple of small rescue groups I support in my area and believe me they really do need money.They even hold dollar days where people can donate just one dollar to help.ALL my pets are rescues so whatever it takes to get them homes is ok by me.

  47. I just saw this particular ad for the first time and it was heartbreaking as all the ASPCA ads are. They are that way for a reason because animal abuse is real and horrible and needs to be stopped. For the person who decided to make this politically motivated that is ridiculous. there are animal lovers and there are those who aren’t and I’m sure political affiliation has nothing to do with it. there are cynical people and compassionate people and again political affiliation has nothing to do with it. Exactly how do you want them to go about getting contributions from people? They show you some of the worst situations they deal with and show you how they need your help. I commend the people who rescue these animals every day. I wouldn’t be as forgiving and rational as they are dealing with these horrors.

  48. The ASPCA commercials are just there to make you feel bad and donate money. They really don’t tell you the conclusion to the stories they air (such as Betty’s) because they think that that open-ended question will make you want to donate more money. You want to donate more money to save Betty and dogs like her. From what I’ve read and heard though, the ASPCA kills more dogs than your local shelter on an annual basis. If those commercials hit a chord with you, donate to rescues, ones that actually rescue the animals in their care.They’re likely to appreciate it more, and you’ll know that your money is going to a good cause. You don’t know where your “monthly gift” is going when it goes to the ASPCA, namely when it comes to the shelter. If you really believe in the ASPCA’s work, why not donate to the shelter nearest you or volunteer?
    Just use your common sense when it comes to how the manipulative commercials make you feel.

  49. I am a animal lover but I wish they would spend more money on the animals then the commercials every time I see them I want to cry for those poor animals but then I think with the money they spent on this commercial they could spend on a animal or animals its not cheap for a commercial on tv I go to my local shelter and donate food and money they are the ones that need it I have 2 wonderful dogs and they are my family

  50. What I find interesting, there are alto of comments on how much they are spending on commercials… isn’t Betty’s commercial like 10years old? If so, then they aren’t spending that much on ads. Also, they probably wouldn’t have to offer things like t-shirts or tote bags if people weren’t so pressed to show off their ability to be charitable to their community. Most people that I know, do not give money to anyone/anything unless they get something in return. I don’t work for them, or know anyone that does, but besides a few comments from the general public that assume they know how to do things better, I haven’t heard anything bad about the organization. But I guess we should also criticize the Susan G. Komen foundation because of all that money they waste on advertising rather than having a cure for breast cancer already. (Last sentence was sarcasm for those that didn’t realize it)

    1. Actually, there’s a fair amount of serious criticism of the Komen Foundation too – try looking up Barbara Erenbach’s ‘Welcome to Cancerland,’ and a search on ‘pinkwashing.’

      All of my charitable donations, btw, are for nothing tangible in return. I’ve a lifetime’s worth of tschokes, I don’t need any more of them.

  51. It’s just a matter of fact that the commercials you see are for the ASPCA lobbying group. Not a single penny goes to any shelters. If you really want to help the shelters, then you give locally. HOWEVER, the lobbying group IS needed to help make laws and sway political votes in favor of making those who hurt animals pay. But that really goes for ALL those national organizations you see on tv. None of the money actually ever goes to helping the cause they portray. As for using Betty ten years later, well, some dogs stories are better than others, but they really should give an update and tell people the story that she has been helped by the care she was given. What I’M really mad at is all organizations send soooo much junk mail, and tote bags, and calendars……..what a waste…..they’d save so much money if they didn’t needlessly waste like that. I just get rid of it all.

  52. I don’t think it’s deceptive at all. The animals in the commercial are representatives – for every “Betty” there are thousands like her still suffering. That is what the commercial is trying to say. And that is what makes it effective.

    I agree – I want to know what happens to those individual animals, too. And from a marketing standpoint, it would probably be smarter if the commercial directed people to their website to find out the rest of their stories. But the ASPCA probably wants the focus to remain on the many animals out there that still desperately need help.

  53. I find his response to them alittle over the top. They are out there saving animals daily. Sometimes it takes time to inform people of the updates. And I agree with Blakeny, in it not being deceptive.

    1. Sorry, but I disagree. If you look at how much money the ASPCA and other huge organizations take in and the percentage they actually spend on helping animals, you might be surprised. Charity Navigator is one spot to check. And have you noticed the HSUS only shows up when the cameras are rolling? They are not who you think they are.

  54. I hate the ASPCA commercials. Tonight I filed a FCC complaint about them. It’s like being forced to watch disaster porn. I’ve tried convincing them they would make more money with a positive uplifting message, but oh no, they have to stick to the same emotional rape they’ve been using for years. I hate them.

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