Permission to Donate a Dollar

The idea behind charitable donations is not that your individual contribution will rescue every shelter pet, save the whales or feed the world.  Unless you fall within the top 1% of income earners and have an extremely generous nature, your donation is a drop in the bucket.  And that’s usually how buckets get filled – one drop at a time.  No drops=empty bucket.

As such, I always like to see organizations making donation pleas which specifically ask for a dollar.  I remember recently a reader posted a link to a plea from Olympic Animal Sanctuary where they asked each FB fan to donate 48 cents.  These sorts of pleas plainly give permission to donors to contribute a small amount of money.  For various reasons, many people seem hesitant to donate small amounts, especially when it’s not a relatively anonymous act (such as dropping change into a donation jar).  If you donate online or by check, your personal information is forever attached to your donation and that seems to unsettle some would-be donors.

I am here to announce that now and forever, you not only have permission to donate a dollar (or cents) to the worthy cause of your choice, but to remind you that your donation is very valuable and much appreciated.  There is no shame in donating money to a good cause.  I don’t know how that notion ever came to be but let’s kill it with fire.  Donating money is a selfless act of kindness and anyone who is able to do it should be proud of their contribution.

99% of us must live within our means and budget our expenses.  In today’s economy, that means many of us have very small amounts of money available to consider for donation.  If you are able to budget a dollar a day/week/month for donation to a charitable organization, good on you.  And thank you.

5 thoughts on “Permission to Donate a Dollar

  1. Bravo! It’s so true – no one of us can save the world. By pulling together, little bits at a time, we can make a real difference.

    Donate your dollar where it will do good and be glad!

  2. I love organizations that welcome small contributions. It’s so nice to know that your donation is welcome even if it’s $1 or $5.

  3. Great post! People need to hear this more, as there are often a lot of mixed up emotions around money. Permission to donate small amounts should be constantly reinforced.

  4. I donate $2, sometimes $5, at my local PetSmart. There’s an option to donate when I checkout. It’s supposed to help feed shelter animals and/or provide beds, blankets, other necessities to benefit them. I HOPE my contributions enable the animals to benefit from some comfort items and the staff at the shelters lovingly pick out not only the basics but some “goodies” some animals have never had the chance to enjoy OR ‘remind’ family pets abandoned there, that the shelter is temporary and a loving home is going to be their next stop.
    Am I living in a dream world ? Are my donations, as small as they are, helping the shelters and it’s ‘guests’ ?
    I would gladly donate a buck as I purchase my furry’s food and treats…

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