Action Alert: Protesters Needed Thursday in Charlotte

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg ACC pound in NC took in 18,203 animals last year, killing 11,625 of them.  That’s a kill rate of 64%.  The Char-Meck pound also likes to pose drugged cats for photos, torture cats with chokepoles and kill pets assembly line style, forcing living pets to watch others being killed and tossed into a wheelbarrow until it’s their turn to die.  The pound doesn’t adopt Pitbulls to the public.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise to learn that HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle thinks the Char-Meck pound is swell.  And according to an e-mail sent out by Char-Meck director Mark Balestra, Mr. Pacelle is going to stop by for a visit tomorrow before heading to an area book signing:

We have confirmed that HSUS President/CEO Wayne Pacelle will be at our facility this Thursday February 2nd at 4:30 PM for a Shelter tour. He has heard many great things about our organization  and community outreach  efforts to reduce euthanasia and decrease the over population of companion pets.

Please ensure that we and the facility are well prepared for this tour and uphold the standards that we represent.

In other words, dust off your chokepoles, spit-shine the wheelbarrows and get your cats drugged and posed in delightfully witty settings because the Animal Welfare Scammer in Chief is in town!

I hope area animal advocates will visit the Char-Meck facility on Thursday, February 2 at 4:30pm to speak for the 11,625 pets killed by the pound last year.  Cos I somehow doubt anyone inside the place is going to mention them.  Make a sign to speak for the victims of Char-Meck ACC and protest peacefully during Mr. Pacelle’s visit.  Contact the local news to let them know what you’re doing and why.

11,625 dead pets is not an achievement to be praised or rewarded.  HSUS is not humane and Char-Meck ACC is not a shelter.  Stand up for the truth.  Stand up for the voiceless pets in Charlotte.

39 thoughts on “Action Alert: Protesters Needed Thursday in Charlotte

  1. I sure wish I were there to give a piece of my mind. A piece is all I can spare, but I’d give it to them. Distance is all that prevents me.

    This is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed by those of us who can possibly be there. TV & other news media could go a long way to informing the masses who really have no idea what’s going on in their local shelters.

    Show Mr Pacelle & Charlotte-Mecklenburg “Shelter,” we’re not letting them get away with their poor service & killing.

  2. I’d love to know the “many great things” they’ve heard about this so-called “shelter”. I really have to wonder if these people live on the same planet as I do, some days…

  3. you know these animals are gods creatures.. what gives you the right too destroy or harm or drug them for your pleasures… I hope that this will stop and you people do what is right… dont you think enough is enough…. I know I do… dogs and cats and other animals are our friends.. there our protectors.. and well they can be trained for law inforcement and military use… dont kill what we love… enough already….

  4. Animals are so precious!! It disgusts me to hear these horrific details about animal cruelty!!!! I want to help all the animals as I know many of you do but it’s really difficult with idiots like this!! I have saved and resuced many cats and dogs over the past 20 years and I would personally like to smash the faces of these pieces of crap but I can’t!! However, they will pay for the torture that they have put these beautiful animals through, I know they will!!

    1. For those of you who use Facebook, here’s the event listing: HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle will be at the Barnes & Noble in Huntersville, NC (north of Charlotte off I-77) TOMORROW, Thursday Feb. 2:

      Also, he will apparently be in Raleigh on Feb 22:

      Unfortunately, I have something already scheduled for that night, so I won’t be able to tell Wayne what I think of his “Bond” with animals.

      1. YES!

        “I don’t have a hands-on fondness for animals…To this day I don’t feel bonded to any non-human animal. I like them and I pet them and I’m kind to them, but there’s no special bond between me and other animals.” Wayne Pacelle, Humane Society of the United States, quoted in Bloodties: Nature, Culture and the Hunt by Ted Kerasote, 1993, p. 251.

  5. It’s interesting that the North Carolina Voters for Animal Welfare are talking the book-signing up, encouraging everyone to be there…I guess they don’t count on the ones with protest signs, LOL.

  6. Who are you and how do you have the ability to post meetups? If this is where the group is headed, I want no part. Very disappointing. Charmeck AC adopted out 60 animals just last week! We need to support them, not Humanewatch. Ugh.

    1. Who am I? The same person as always. There’s an About Me page if you are truly interested.

      How do I have the ability to post meetups? Typing.

      If this is where the group is headed… What group?

      Char-Meck adopted out 60 animals last week? That’s great for those 60 animals. But they don’t represent the majority at Char-Meck. The majority go into the wheelbarrow.

      We need to support Char-Meck and not HumaneWatch? There is no mention in this post about supporting HumaneWatch. As far as supporting Char-Meck, I choose to support the PETS at Char-Meck. This post is a reflection of that support.

  7. I am a volunteer at AC&C and have been for six years. I am an animal rights activist and a foster parent for AC&C and will do anything in my power to help save animals. What you are claiming is NOT the truth. The numbers of animals you have provided is probably accurate but the other accusations are not. The reason so many animals are euthanized is due to the fact that citizens in this county are not spaying and neutering their animals which forces the shelter to have to deal with the huge number of animals which they take in. They are forced to euthanize because there are not enough homes for all the animals that come in the doors! They do everything they can to adopt as many animals as possible which is why they have a huge volunteer and fostering program. They also network with other rescue organizations to have them pull the animals that are in danger of being euthanized. Some animals have been at the shelter for months awaiting their forever home. I have also seen them save dogs that have been hit by a car, have heart worms and even parvo by the funding provided by the Second Chance Medical Fund. They do NOT torture animals nor do they kill them “assembly line style” as you have claimed. They humanely euthanize them one by one for the ones that aren’t adoptable, with an injection that stops their heart. This is much better than other counties in North Carolina who use the gas chamber of which I am vehemently opposed to. Yes, they are then placed in a wheelbarrow but a sheet is draped over the top so as not to display them. After that, a worker then takes the wheelbarrow to the onsite incinerator. You are correct in saying Pit bulls are not adopted to the public. I don’t know anything about how that policy came about. It may have been a law passed by our legislators…? As far as drugging the cats to pose for pictures…a couple of employees did that of their own accord. That is absolutely NOT normal operating procedure. It was extremely poor judgement by those particular employees involved. Yes, it does reflect poorly on the shelter and gives the public the impression that that is what goes on behind the scenes all the time which is not the case. AC&C is NOT the enemy! They are doing everything in their power to save as many animals as possible. If you would like to know the truth of what goes on behind the scenes then please consider joining our volunteer program and you will see first hand that your accusations are not correct. The more volunteers they have, the more lives they can save. They have many offsite events monthly to try and find homes for as many animals as possible. So please, before you post something negative about an organization, please make sure your facts are correct and that you have witnessed the events firsthand.

    1. Kimberly,

      The assembly line style of killing was reported to me by another longtime volunteer at Char-Meck who was willing to put her name on the record. Others confirmed it for me but declined to have their names made public.

      The posing of the drugged cats was hardly a few bad apples. In response to the public outcry over this abuse, one Char-Meck employee went on the TV news defending the photos, likening them to playing dress up with your pet at Halloween.

      The reason so many pets are killed at Char-Meck is because Char-Meck is killing them. The public is the SOLUTION to your challenges and I wish you would quit blaming them but instead give them a hand up where needed and accept help from them when offered.

      Just because Char-Meck doesn’t have a gas chamber doesn’t mean that killing 11,625 pets a year is ok. Neither will Char-Meck earn praise for not killing by chainsaw, wood chipper or nail gun. It’s not a contest to see who can kill in the most humane manner. The goal should be to END THE KILLING. Char-Meck doesn’t have the proven programs in place to do that and seems to actively resist change.

      I stand by my post. I rarely post on anything I’ve personally witnessed. This is no different than any other blog. The standard is not, nor has it ever been, to post only things I’ve personally witnessed. Your demand is unrealistic.

      1. Welll I’m going on record to say that while no Ac is perfect.. this AC does a good job working with Humane Society of Charlotte and trying to save animals. They are very sanitary, a big change from the past and a lot while I don’t speak for all, care very much about the animals. They do a good job of adopt ing out. I have been back where they euthanize animals and did not see any assembly line. I worked for HSC and we would pull animals from them every week, they happily worked with us. Yes after the animals are euthanized they are put into a big covered garbage can. It is terrible that so many animals are euthanized, but instead of protesting and being angry we need to go to our legislators and learn more about the no-kill equation by Nathon Winograd. we need tio convince then and animal control that the ni-kill equation is the best option for animals and the county bc it does save money (which is what they are concerned about)

      2. Absolutely go to your legislators and ask them to sponsor CAPA to force Char-Meck to stop the killing by law. How many staff at Char-Meck support CAPA, do you know? If there is even one person there who supports CAPA and is willing to take action by waging a political campaign for reform, I’d love to do a story on it to offer support. I think there would be a lot of support from the community for this but people need to know about it. Right now, the public mainly hears that it’s their fault Char-Meck kills most of the community’s pets. I’m sure they would be delighted to hear that some person(s) at the pound is/are working to force an end to the brutality, if that’s the case.

    2. Kimberly stated “They have many offsite events monthly to try and find homes for as many animals as possible.”

      Take off the rose colored glasses Kimberly and look for yourself!!
      I counted two adoption events this month!! The “usual” South Park Mall plus one! OMG, hope they don’t burn out the volunteers and staff pulling it off…

    3. You know as I read these posts I envision sheep baaah-ing the baaaah they heard and the baaaah the last one heard and on and on. These folks sound intellectually lazy to me. The woman who blogs ‘Yes Biscuit’ says she rarely blogs on anything she sees? WHAT? That means she rarely blogs on anything she’s researched because unless she sees these things or can find public record of what she blogs then she is no better than the sheep who baaaah and baaaah and repeat the baaaahs the entire flock is repeating. She is stating that she only blogs on what she hears coming down the pipeline. THAT is intellectually lazy.

      I don’t even forward an email my Mother sends to me with a ‘pass it on or you’ll go to hell’ message. I go to snopes before forwarding A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. I don’t like looking stupid or uninformed. When people are so emotionally charged (and I know pets make us that way) that they cannot stand outside of their situation to evaluate it sanely and do some research on their own, then their word cannot be trusted.

      Frankly this entire pet thing is so emotionally charged that it’s an argument that cannot be won. There is a middle ground but most people cannot see past their nose to look at it. They are ‘right’ arguing. They just want to be right. Keep your chin up because there are organizations that are trying to help. As a matter of fact, the HSUS announced tonight the creation of a dog Breeders Advisory and Resource Council aimed at educating the public about puppy mills and what they look like here’s the link: I hope their next step will be to work with legislators to create tough breeder regulations. **OK HSUS haters because you won’t look past your current views it probably won’t interest you to know that Charity Navigator has rated HSUS the highest in terms of running their organization and how they spend their money. Here’s the link but I’m willing to bet that the commentors won’t want to see it:

      1. “That means she rarely blogs on anything she’s researched because unless she sees these things or can find public record of what she blogs then she is no better than the sheep who baaaah and baaaah and repeat the baaaahs the entire flock is repeating.”

        No, that’s not what it means and I don’t think you’ll find readers here are that stupid. Sorry, not a winner.

        Also, no sale on the the idea that trusting HSUS to protect pets will help us regain our emotional stability.

        Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

      2. Unfortunately, Charity Navigator does no analysis of IRS tax returns, and accepts whatever HSUS claims to spend on fundraising vs what they really spend. Junk mail and TV ads are blindly accepted as program expenses, even though they are clearly fundraising. CharityWatch gives HSUS a D grade for spending 49% on fundraising. Animal People’s figure is 43%. It is shameful that Charity Navigator ignores complaints from the public and their own readers, who give HSUS 2.7 out of 5 stars for its wasteful and deceptive practices. (Without HSUS shills’ comments, it would be even worse.) HSUS will exploit this undeserved, misleading 4 star rating every day in every way in order to counter critics and manipulate donors. Clearly, they already are.

  8. Does anyone know of a group that is planning to protest? I am within driving distance, but I have to say that I don’t want to make the drive to be the only one there.

    1. I only found out about the Wayne Pacelle visit yesterday. I don’t know of any group that will be protesting. Someone will be the first person there. Others may join them. Or perhaps no one will want to be the first person there and there will be no protest to oppose the slaughter. I’ll be standing by to hear. Please let us know if you decide to participate.

  9. i live in lancaster pa our , Humane Society of lancaster,is one of the bad ones, i use to take care of sick pets, i hired one of there workers ,she was killing the pets so she would”nt have so many to take care of,,i kick her out so fast,,two days later the cops and the , Humane Society came in my house,no warrant ,and tore though the place.i kept asking them whats up, finally one of the cops got a feeling something was wrong , the way the humane people were talking. he started asking ,i told him that i fired one of there people last week , it turn out it was the sister-in law of the CEO ,,the cops said sorry so many times,it was almost funny,the way they pull them out of my house was even funnier,, THE , Humane Society IS A JOKE A VERY BIG ONE, if one is bad the others are too, it so easy to police them self’s. with those min cameras ..O I ALMOST FORGOT THEY HAVE A 75% KILL RATE,,there motto is” We kill them because we care”.. they have bumber stickers”

  10. There were no protesters. There was only one media station that picked up the story of Wayne Pacelle visiting the shelter. No media attention on his book signing at the store. No one did anything about his arrival, said anything about it on Facebook, outside of this blog entry, and no one did anything afterward. There’s a group against Char-Meck and no one from that group even showed up at the store. I get the feeling the citizens of Charlotte could care less about what happens in their city.

  11. So an individual who loves animals and wants to help them so much that they overburden themselves by taking in as many unwanted animals as possible until it reaches the point that they can not give all of them care they need, goes to prison for animal abuse, But the shelters who propose to be there for the same purpose do the same thing but kill the excess animals instead of continuing to try to care for them and find them homes. Are above the laws of animal abuse, cruelty, and neglect and able to publicly solicit donations to continue their activities. It looks like you can get and have a license to be cruel, abuse, and kill animals for no other purpose than to be rid of them if you have the right connections and enough money, and can do it without any consequences while making money in the process. What a money scam! I still say that clear definitions of what constitutes neglect, cruelty, abandonment, and abuse need to be attained and applicable in the same manner across the board.

  12. Man I wish I would have found this site before I tried to “rescue” a little mix strag dog I found last week, Monday 6/18. I called the Humane Society first and they don’t take strays, so I thought she would be safe at the shelter….it is called a shelter. Anyway, I informed them that if no one claims her I would adopt her because I didn’t want her to be euthanized. Supposedly a note was put in the system and she became ID# A1033961. I followed up 3 days later and was told no one claimed her and she would need to be evaluated. I called back on Friday and was told she was still being evaluated. I figured it was the weekend and they would call me Monday. I got a call Sunday, but didn’t get the message until late that night, stupid cell phone/service provider, and was told that she wasn’t able to be adopted to the general public, but if I was still interested in adopting her I needed to call before the EOB on Sunday. I left a message at 9:30pm on Sunday, right after I got the message, to inform them who I was and which animal I was calling about and YES I wanted to adopt her. I asked them to please give me a call Monday morning. At 9:00 this morning, no call so I called the 704-336-3001 number to the “vet” again. This is the same number I called last night. No answer. I called the 704-336-3786 number and no answer. I called 311 to get to the shelter and spoke with the 311 operator for MCAC. She said A1033961 was going to be euthanized on 6/26, but there was a note with my name that I could adopt her. I told her I would pick the puppy up right after work since it’s right down the street and they don’t close until 7pm. She asked for my number again to put in the notes for ID A1033961. I decided to stop by at lunch to check on her and see why she wasn’t “adoptable to the general public.” I went up to the counter and gave them all the information and was told she was euthanized at 11:15am this morning. WTF!! I lost it and just cried WHY? Why did this happen?? I told you I was adopting her! I left a message last night I wanted to adopt her! There were notes that I was coming to get her today!! The lady at the counter informed me that she remembered me when I dropped the dog off and she remembered putting in the notes and she just saw the dog yesterday with the vet supervisor Audra. And Audra decided she wasn’t adoptable because she was too frightened. Too freaking frightened!?! Aren’t ALL the dogs at the shelter frightened! Now I see WHY! This little angle let me pick her up and put her in my van. She let the tech “drag” her our of the van and carry her inside the shelter. How does she decided she’s too frightened to be adoptable?? So I asked why was I told she was alive and now she’s not. What happened? Why was it an emergency to euthanize her?? She left to speak with Audra, the “supervisor”. When she returned, she had the audacity to say there was no message from me. I whipped out my phone to show her my call record where I called that number and how long I was on that call leaving my message!! Audra, who ever you freaking are, you are a POS! Oh and I found out Audra was the one who administered the death this morning! There is a special place in the sewers of hell for you Audra!!! I still can’t believe this happened! I tried to help and sweet little innocent angle and what I did was turn her over to MONSTERS!! The tears don’t stop flowing and my head hurts from crying all day. How do we shut this place down?? Please someone let me know and I will work my fingers to the bone to get these people out of there to protect all those animals.

    1. Jeannie,

      I’m so sorry this happened. For a pet to be frightened at a killing facility is NORMAL to my mind. I hate to hear that the little dog you rescued was killed by CMPD ACC because of this, especially considering you had tried so hard to adopt her. Did you happen to take a photo of her before bringing her to the pound?

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