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  1. Some bizarre and adorable sub-species of a squirrel, or what we know as a squirrel????? Where on Earth do you find these things?????? :-)

    1. The internet! Sometimes I just come across an animal I’ve never seen before and use that, other times I start out searching for images of one type of animal and inevitably end up clicking through to a different animal and using that. This one I happened to see on a blog.

  2. I like Linda’s answer as well–I was going to say “squirrelmadillo,” slight variation.

    I’ve seen coatimundis in Guatemala, and this doesn’t look like the ones I saw. I’m thinking this is perhaps some obscure marsupial …

  3. (And after writing the above I used Google’s new “search by image” feature to satisfy my curiosity. Cool!)

  4. The first time I saw one was on a photo forum five years ago. I thought it was adorable, and I am not changing my mind. And I’m not the only one — the ****** has its own coin, it’s cuter than the Tasmanian Devil, and it eats up to 20,000 termites a day..

  5. Is it a male or a female? I wish to name it Mike. If it’s a girl, then I suppose she could be Michelle. Ta da! Mike the marsupial squirmadillo. Yup, works for me.


    (Yes, all y’all qualified for the extra credit – well done!)

    This is a numbat. From the Wiki for this animal:

    The numbat (Myrmecobius fasciatus), also known as the banded anteater, or walpurti, is a marsupial found in Western Australia. Its diet consists almost exclusively of termites. Once widespread across southern Australia, the range is now restricted to several small colonies and it is listed as an endangered species.

  7. Hey, Clarice was the 5th responder and she guessed it!! I haven’t ever seen one, even though I visited Australia once.

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