Summerdale Cruelty Case: Even More Bad News

Image of Sharon Dueitt from the WKRG website.

I’m not sure when this awful story is going to hit rock bottom but a n y t i m e now would be fine.  Last week, Summerdale police received information that the Purple Hearted Puppies shelter in AL would sell high value pets and allow those who didn’t garner interest from buyers to starve to death.  The tip indicated the carcasses of the starved pets would be buried behind the so-called shelter.  When police began digging, they uncovered numerous dead cats and dogs.

Initial reports indicated that when the Purple Hearted Puppies owners, Sharon and Roberta Dueitt, were charged with new felonies, they’d be held without bond.  But in fact, the Dueitts were granted $2500 bond and left jail after less than a day:

Image of Roberta Dueitt from the WKRG website.

“It’s going to tick a lot of people off,” said Summerdale Police Chief Eddie Ingram after learning Roberta and Sharon Dueitt were granted what many consider a low bond for what happened at their animal shelter in Summerdale.


The bond was granted under the condition that the Dueitt’s have no contact with any animals. A point reiterated in their bond hearing by District Judge Michele Thomason. “Under no circumstance are you to have any animal of any type. Not a bird, not a squirrel, not any. Am I making myself clear?”

Authorities say the case is just getting started and dozens more felonies are expected to be charged in connection with the case.  I would guess the $2500 bond is not going to apply to the new charges.

The surviving pets are now legally owned by BARC and they will be getting veterinary treatment in preparation for adoption.  The Dueitts are scheduled to be back in court on February 24.

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  1. Shared on Facebook – these people need a major campaign against their crimes and their smirks – they may have reason to believe that there will be no reaction and no consequences.

  2. So these two people are not pet rescuers, they are just greed people that were trying to make some money off of people that love dogs. – the same as puppy mill people.

    I wish they could have been caught much sooner before so many animals suffered and paid with their lives.

    If someone is claiming to be doing pet rescue make sure to check them out before you give them an animal. Specially people taking on more than a few pets at a time.

    1. I live in pelham NH there is a pet rescue here in my town they take on as many as twenty dogs at a time and everyone of those dogs are treated like kings and queens seen it first hand my wife volintares there so there are some up standing rescuers out there thank goodness for the ones who can’t speek for them selfs getting the best of care

  3. Newsflash here folks. Though this is clearly an egregious case, this is business-as-usual for many “rescues.” Remember the women that were stopped with 128 dogs in a U-Haul, one dead? Their “rescue” was centered on little white fluffy dogs. Why? Because little white fluffy dogs sell best. Little white fluffy dogs are imported to sell into “shelters” in the US.

    “Shelters” and “rescues” have done so well selling the notion that getting a dog from them is somehow morally superior to getting a dog from a careful, thoughtful breeder, that they have turned themselves into modern day pet stores.

    When you pay a big adoption fee, you’re not adopting, you’re buying a dog. Just like you would buy a dog from a breeder, except that you don’t get any health guarantees.

    Of course, some rescues really are righteous and they deserve help and support. Just like anything you have to really examine the situation to figure out which kind you’re dealing with.

    1. I clicked on the album called “Some of my dogs” and it says she plans to breed the Yorkies and Chihuahuas. IDK if that means to each other or what.

  4. I’ve been told that The Mobile Register is a good source for information. One of their most recent stories from February 3 is:

    In part, that link says, “”We’re going to give (the blanket counts) to the grand jury and then present all these other cases,” Ingram said. “It’s possible they could face anywhere from 75 to 100 more counts.

    “This is the quickest way to get the cases indicted. It’s going to take us a couple of weeks to get our paperwork together and all our evidence in line and documented. We’re still looking for forensic evidence on the computer and so forth.”

    So there is still hope that they’ll be out of circulation and go away for the rest of their lives. It still won’t be enough, but at least it would be better than even having a remote possibility that they’ll ever come in contact with another animal. People like this don’t CARE what a judge says!

  5. Anyone wanna bet they don’t show up for court? I’ll put twenty bucks down…
    We can donate the “winnings” to the pets they abused.

  6. “Big adoption fees” at real rescues are for the money they are putting into honestly caring for the animals they seek homes for, not for profits as many breeders are doing. Yes, there are completely fake rescues out there- monstrous freaks like these to, even. MOST rescues, however are made up of good and honest people who are trying to save animals not make money off of them. My husband bred Siamese cats before we met and was a great, responsible breeder so I am not saying they do not exist, too. I still do not agree with breeding animals in a world full of homeless cats and dogs.

  7. Arw these two women human??? I wish their punishment were to be held in cage for ten days with no food or water and sleep in their own urine.

  8. Larkin- I am an independent rescuer. I have 2 personal dogs, and only rescue 1 needy dog at a time. I do not have tax exempt status. I pay everything out of pocket. I make no profit, in fact, I usually am in the red several hundred dollars. I take the needy dog to the vet for all medical needs including mange treatment, vaccines, and sterilization. I feed them the best food, buy them toys, treats, bedding, collar & leash, bowls, heartworm preventative, flea treatments and anything else needed to make their lives good. All this adds to several hundred dollars. When I find the best forever home for them, and this sometimes takes a year, I ask only to be reimbursed for the money I have spent on vet fees. This is NOT a money making venure. I do it for the animal. To say that the adoption fee is profit is offensive and ignorant. If I had the money to absorb the vetting, I would. However, I am just a single working person who loves animals with all her heart. There are thousands of people like me, doing what I do with the very same motive. I am sorry you are so jaded.

  9. So what happens now ??,Where are the pets that they saved? The image of this horrible women clearly states why the pets were starving to death. She made sure her belly was full….

  10. Why take in all rescues if you only want high value pets-makes no sense! She could have limited herself to toy breed dog rescue if she wanted to.

    What happened to the pregnant goats? Their pictures are on her Facebook page.

    I am not sure how much time she would have to take care of all her projects-co-owner of a business, an animal rescue, and breeding goats. Unless she had lots of help, there is not enough hours in the day to take care of everything-especially the animals!

      1. No, I did not. I am not familiar with farming but I believe one still has to feed the chickens as they cannot feed themselves!

  11. I’m so glad I’m not that only one that was infuriated by what looks like “smirks” on their faces.

  12. A few years back, I was asked to do a slide show for a nonprofit near Dallas. They had been involved in legal action, trying to shut down a pseudo rescue which had routinely taken in both donations and animals, only to have many of the animals unaccounted for. There were reports of animals being abandoned in wooded areas to fend for themselves. Others were reported as having been sold to research facilities.The project I did for this group is one of my darkest pieces but it was what they wanted. They wanted to warn people to research “sanctuaries” before sending animals to places assumed to be loving and caring. And they wanted to pay tribute to those lost.

    This latest story is from my state. I don’t think I’ll ever come to terms with people who prey on the animal-loving nature of the American public and treat it as something to be abused and ridiculed. I can only hope our legal system works very hard to hold them accountable for their behavior and sends a strong message to those who would consider engaging in similar acts of betrayal of the public trust.

    I won’t compare the abuse of children to the abuse of animals but someplace inside my head, they occupy similar file drawers in the filing cabinet that is my brain.

    1. It’s a similar mindset I think – prey upon those whose ability to resist is weak or non-existent. And in many cases, both children and pets will actually comply with the abusers’ wishes making it all the more appealing for sickos.

  13. Cruel and haunting….These two smirkers look like the bullies that inhabit animal control facilities. At least that’s what I have encountered…..

  14. So heartbreaking and distubring. Whats even more so is that neither of them look like they were hurting for food while they sit back and say “if we dont get animals adopted, they will die”.

    Thank goodness for BARC, who claims to be a NKS, for taking in all the animals. I donated to them.

    As for the 2 “women” (if you can call them that, they are more like demons), I hope they are charged with everything under the sun and that someone will check up on them in the future because they may do this again.

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