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Although this recent TV interview featuring Nathan Winograd took place in Hillsborough Co FL, the points he is making can – and should – be applied to Your County USA.  The message is that no kill is happening in places all over the country and can happen where you live too.  It’s a good clip to share with someone who still believes there are “too many pets and not enough homes”.  It’s just 5 minutes, there’s only a teensy smidge of math and no reading!

If you watch the clip, notice that when the subject of how much Americans everywhere care about cats and dogs comes up, the anchor lady wants it known that while that’s true, people in Florida especially LOVE cats and dogs.  I love that.  And I want to join in by noting that people here in South Carolina TOTALLY LOVE dogs and cats.

10 thoughts on “Great No Kill Interview Clip to Share

  1. Thank you I’ll be forwarding this….I love how Nathan says this is an issue all can come together for – he really sounded great. He just keeps getting better and better at this – soothing calmness and so smart.

  2. Great clip – more than worth the time; I also checked out the clip about a lost dog – excellent information on that one, too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. If I may ask a question regarding the revenue of No-Kill shelters that was mentioned in the clip. I understand that killing an animal is a revenue negative and adoption is a revenue positive. But when I look at the 990 for Tompkins SPCA or Nevada Humane Society, they are in the negative. Shouldn’t they be in the positive? Or is there another category that is bringing revenue down?

    1. When you are talking about operational budgets, you are taking into account far more than the impound/kill vs. adopt factors mentioned. You must consider expenses such as supplies, equipment, payroll, etc. I don’t look at many tax documents but I would guess that many organizations which save pets have trouble staying in the black. Most don’t have a $100 million cushion in the bank like HSUS, ASPCA, etc.

      1. As Shirley says, you need to look at ALL of the expenses. Some have mortgages that bring down the net revenue.When reviewing 990s , I try to look at several years of them to get a good comparison of where the money comes from and goes to.One year may not give the complete picture.Also, take into consideration lives saved. Our local shelter has a good bit of revenue (over2.2 million),and expenses are 1.2million( large portion to salaries) , yet, they kill 81%.

  4. Is there any truth to the talk that Nathan Winograd (or someone who advocates the No Kill philosophy) could be in line to replace the head of the ASPCA?

    Christmas in February?

    1. I wouldn’t know one way or the other mary francis but it’s hard to reconcile the ASPCA’s recent “oops” publication of their documents outlining how to fight no kill with the idea that they would put a no kill advocate in the top spot. Further I just can’t imagine they’d be too eager to get someone in there who would SPEND their millions actually saving pets, instead of paying spin doctors and letting it gain interest in the bank.

  5. Meant to write as well – I read today’s blog regarding the ASPCA by John Sibley @ In Dog We Trust.

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