Trying to find out if these CA shelter cats need veterinary care

Reader mikken noticed these two cats at the Sutter Co pound in CA.  They both look like they may need urgent veterinary care.

Male cat #A095209 at the Sutter Co pound as pictured on
14 year old female cat #A095385 at the Sutter Co pound as pictured on

Can anyone in the area call the pound and ask about these two cats?

Sutter Co Animal Control

102 Second Street

Yuba City, CA 95991

(530) 822-7375

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  1. I’ve emailed them, if I haven’t heard back by tonight I’ll call tomorrow. I’m more in the region than the area (I’m in Santa Rosa) & can’t drive anyway – wouldn’t be able to check it out in person. Is there anyone here in Yuba City, or nearby? Or who knows of someone involved in rescue there?

      1. Thanks Madyson. Some people are at work, can’t make long distance calls or for whatever reason are unable to call. If you are able to call, please go for it.

  2. I have no contacts in California at all. I wish I did, since I’d love to help these two dogs: They’ve been in the shelter for YEARS. It is closing and any animals not rescued will be killed. These are the last 2 dogs and I can’t believe someone can’t pull them. If y’all know of anybody out that way, please let Ingrid know. Her contact information is in the article. The two videos of these dogs are just precious!

  3. Here’s the email response I just received:

    The kitty in the photo was 14 years old and had her front leg amputated several years ago. She was healthy and happy, and she was adopted out on 2/1/12 to a home. Sometimes it can be difficult to get good photos of the animals after they just arrive at the shelter. Many of them are scared and upset at the new surroundings. This make good photography a challenge. After a few days they relax and the ResQ paws group come and photograph them and post the pictures to face book to locate new homes. This is the same appearance of the large black/ white kitty number #A095209. He looked unhappy in the photo, but is healthy. We have a veterinarian that is at the shelter once a week, and she is available any time that we have a question or an sick animal. Thank you for your concern.
    If you have any other questions please feel free to call or e-mail me.
    Thank you,

    Cheryl Bohannan
    Sutter County Animal Control
    102 Second Street
    Yuba City Ca. 95991
    Phone (530) 822-7375
    Cell (530) 682-7412
    Fax (530) 822-7259

    1. Thanks Scarlett. I appreciate that they responded. I posted on the FB wall of the ResQ page that Eucritta found and asked if we could raise funds for the kittehs but they deleted my post.

      1. So a rescue that DOESN’T want money or other help? Hmmm, sounds like an odd kind of rescue to me.

    2. He looks like more than “unhappy”. His face appears swollen and he’s sitting face-first in the litter tray – causes for concern.

      I wonder if they’d pull him if he had a sponsor?

  4. I emailed through their site. The FB thing…I still don’t quite get it.

    We’ll see what they say.

  5. I just emailed them too, asking if we might donate for these two kitties specifically, as a group sponsorship.

    1. Here’s the reply I got:

      “Yes, you can donate individually. When you donate via our Chip-In link, just specify the cat(s) by name and if he/she is still in the shelter, please include ID Number.

      Thank you for your help!

      Elizabeth Fredieu
      Vice-Chairperson ResQpaws Volunteer Org.”

      This is their ChipIn link:

      It hasn’t been updated recently – not sure if this affects its function. Anyone know?

    1. Thomas the tom. I’m glad they named him. Now if they could be proactive about saving him, that would be great. I don’t understand why they deleted my post offering to help or why they haven’t responded to your query. It can’t possibly be that so many people are offering to help they are overwhelmed. More cats die int heir cages at this pound than are adopted. I don’t want this cat to fall over dead while offers to help are ignored. There are options. They could pull him and get him to a vet for board & treat while a foster is sought. We could help pay expenses. WHY are they not jumping at the chance to help this cat?

      1. Charitably, I think they must be very busy, as according to their FB page they’ve an adoption & fundraising event this Saturday.

        I just went ahead and sent them $20 for Thomas – I doubt it’s enough to spring him since the ACC charges $50. Wish it were, I just can’t afford much this month.

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    1. I posted a bit of an update under the Open Thread – I won’t repost the links here. Thomas has been listed as ‘adoption fee sponsored’ but he’s still in the shelter so far as I know. I’ve asked repeatedly now for more information on him and received no reply – but, on the other hand, as I’ve asked and asked and kicked in a bit for him specifically – he’s been given a name, and showcased on the FB page.

      Mabel, the elderly tripod, is in foster care – the shelter lists her as ‘adopted,’ that’s where the confusion arises, but she’s really being fostered for ResQpaws.

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