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Share pet related links, stories, questions, pets in need, etc.

I’ll start:  If today is payday for you, please consider making a donation to Lisa in OH’s new group Hospets (scroll down on this page for donation info).  If we can raise $100, Lisa says that will cover a month’s worth of pet care for at least one person who lacks the ability to pay.  And remember it’s perfectly fine to donate one dollar or whatever amount you are able.

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  1. I don’t want to subtract from Lisa’s awesome group, but if you have more money (or some time!) to share … I’ve just joined the Board of Directors of The Brown Dog Foundation, which provides funding to families who have a sick pet that would likely respond to treatment, but due to an unforseen circumstance (job loss, etc.), they don’t have enough money immediately available. The hope is that we can keep people from putting down a treatable pet just because they can’t afford the treatment.

    We have far, far more applicants than we can fund, unfortunately, so a lot of families are not getting the help they need to save their pets. If you cannot help monetarily, we can also use volunteers:

      1. Internet Committee: writes blogs and promotes Brown Dog Foundation visibility via Facebook

        Donor Retention Committee: execute communications with donors and prospective donors

        Community Events Committee: organizes and attends Brown Dog’s participation in community events

        Publicity Committee: writes and publishes press releases, seeks publicity opportunities

        Also–fundraising help and ideas are always welcome!

        To volunteer, email

  2. I’m wondering if there are any other readers out there from Carroll Co., MD? Trying to get some things done w/ the (In)Humane Society here, and I could use more support.

  3. I am trying to help someone find a way to transport a 4 month old cat from Albuquerque to Minnesota. They are willing and able to pay the transportation costs, they just don’t know how to do it. The person who currently has the cat might not be willing to go to the vet to get the health certificate so the cat can travel. That puts a big crimp in the plans. Does anyone know of an org who would be willing to to do all the steps needed to ship an animal?

    1. Could be more of these sorts of success stories if rescues (and shelters, for that matter) were not so adamant about spay and neuter, especially for dogs that still have papers. When I volunteered at a shelter I was shocked to see dogs surrendered with their AKC papers and the shelter personnel just ran them through the shredder! I’ve owned intact dogs all my life. There is no random breeding! A responsible dog owner can prevent his or her dog from reproducing without resorting to surgery.

      1. Many states require that all dogs/cats adopted from shelters/rescues be spayed/neutered. It is like that here in Missouri. If the rescue group I volunteer with wants to keep our license, all animals leaving our care must be spayed/neutered. We have no leeway.

  4. I sent a donation to Hospets this morning and will write a piece for the Dayton Kennel Club newsletter for April– see if we can’t find some more money for this great effort.

    1. Thank you and thank you to the others who have donated and those who have helped spread the word about our program

  5. For those in the Seattle area, there is a canine blood drive tomorrow, Saturday 2/11/12.

    In addition to giving info about the event, the post below contains a link to a previous post about a case of antifreeze poisoning. The story is utterly horrifying. The only thing that saved the dog was a village of other dog-owners who brought their dogs in to donate blood, on an emergency basis, on a holiday weekend. It shows how incredibly important canine blood donation is.

    If you’re not in the Seattle area, you might want to check where your nearest canine blood bank is, and maybe even organize one of these blood drives for your area.

  6. I’ve still no answer from ResQpaws ( ) about Thomas, the black & white tom in Sutter Co. ACC, but they did post this on their FB page last night: This sweet boy has had his adoption fee sponsored. If you’re interested, please let me know.
    (that’s not a direct link, FB won’t allow me to make one)
    Here’s Thomas’s PetHarbor page:

    I donated a bit yesterday for him, maybe it did help.

  7. Another story for you about shelters who neglect their dogs.

    Big blue pibble was hit by a car and has been allowed to hobble around for three weeks with a broken leg. I guess they don’t want to vet a dog they will probably just kill.

    Here’s a chipin for the dog.

    I believe the dog is in Biloxi, MS. I don’t know which shelter he is in.

    1. CristyF – If you are a member of that forum, can you post asking what shelter this dog is in and if there are any updates. The thread mentions a potential adopter coming to meet the dog yesterday but there is no follow up. Also the ChipIn says League City Animal Shelter at the top. That shelter is in TX. The person advocating for the dog appears to be in MS.

  8. Champaign County Humane Society attempts to explain how they decide which animals to kill. “It is really hard and a lot of people are very insensitive in the language they use, and they will refer to an animal shelter that performs euthanasia and it’s really hard to hear yourself being referred to as a kill facility.”

    In Perspective: Deciding an Animal’s Fate

  9. I saw this on Nathan Winograd’s blog and thought it needed further distribution:

    The bill is A05449A, sponsored by Amy Paulin. Parts if the bill are deceptive, it would allow better access to rescues but they must be approved by the shelter (If I read it right) but most troubling is this section:

    “Section four amends section 374 of the agriculture and markets law. Subdivision 1 is amended to.provide that humane euthanasia shall be performed to certain specified animals suffering irremediable physical or psychological pain, or to certain specified animals to alleviate a contagious, deadly health conditions, or if the owner of such animal has given his or her written consent to such destruction. Subdivision 2 is amended to add “placement with an organization on a list of approved organizations” as an option for a humane society, animal shelter or pound to consider in the case of any animal of which possession is taken.”

    I am hoping that folks in New York will contact their assembly members to voice their opposition to this bill.

    1. Horrible. I wrote to relatives in New York City and asked them to send messages to the NY Assembly committee considering this ASPCA “quick kill” bill.

    1. I think all of the donations came from here. $96 was raised. Thanks to everyone who donated or spread the word. We also had 7 people step up and volunteer!

      1. I take that back, we had another donation come in and are at $106. Thanks again everyone!

      2. Yay – we sponsored at least one person’s pet care for a month and you got 7 more vols to help out. What great news! Thanks for letting us know.

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