Spartanburg Co Pets in the Trash

Nancy Jeanne Smythe allegedly put her healthy 8 year old Shih-Tzu out with the trash yesterday.  A garbage collector noticed the dog beneath some trash in the can and took him to Ms. Smythe’s house.  She denied the dog was hers but later admitted ownership.  ACOs were called to the scene and when they arrived, they found that Ms. Smythe had again put her dog in a trash bag and attempted to hide him beneath some garbage in the bin.

Ms. Smythe has been charged with a misdemeanor in connection with the case but authorities will be asking to have the charge upgraded to a felony.  Her dog has been taken to a shelter.

Statistically speaking, the Spartanburg Co dog stands a good chance of being put in a trash bag a third time – this time after being killed by the so-called shelter.  Of course, there would be no charges brought if that happens.

The county severed ties with the Spartanburg HS last year after SHS made it clear where its priorities stood – not with saving the lives of pets, which it mostly kills, but with the almighty dollar.  Astonishingly, the county council is once again considering using the SHS pet killing facility for the community’s stray pets.  And executive director Sandy Christiansen is again bringing the crazy:

“There’s nothing to indicate that the county citizens who allow dogs to run loose have changed their behavior, so we predict that there’ll be about 1,000 running loose when the puppy and kitten litters begin producing in the warmer months. That is a public health and safety issue from our standpoint, and we’re willing to work to do what we can to help the situation.”

Because of you bad Spartanburg Co citizens – and make no mistake, you are bad, very bad – there will be 1000 pets running loose in the county this spring.  Save us SHS!

But let’s be clear, when Mr. Christiansen says SHS will “help”, he means kill cats and dogs.  Because that’s what SHS has historically done – kill roughly 8 out of every 10 pets in its care.  And there’s nothing to indicate SHS has changed its behavior.

I hope Spartanburg Co residents will make their voices heard by contacting the county council and speaking for the homeless pets in the community.  Putting healthy/treatable pets in the trash is wrong – no matter who does it.  Private citizens and public shelters must be held accountable.

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  1. One has to wonder if the woman who kept putting her dog in a trash can is mentally ill, and in need of some medical help rather than criminal charges.

    My mother lives in South Carolina and is actively trying to bring no kill to her community (Newberry SC), but so much of the state is so backwards in their endeavors to “help” animals, and a disproportionate number of shelter abuse stories come from SC.

    1. Yes that’s where Spartanburg Co has been taking their pets after SHS took their ball and went home. But the contract expires at the end of the month. Greenville Co’s kill rate is much better than SHS (in the low 40s) but of course that makes no difference to the 40+% who end up in the dumpster.

  2. I thought when Spartanburg severed its ties with the SHS that Greenville County would be taking the county’s animals. That was what was reported on WSPA.

    I think that there will enough outpouring that this little dog will be adopted before its PTS. In these cases, there are always offers to adopt the animal. Just my humble opinion but I will be watching!

  3. Shirley,
    Again thanks for keeping readers aware . As a Spartanburg County resident, I continue to contact Council members on this issue. The Council member asking for a renegotiation of the contract has a wife AND nephew on SHS’ board. Council is composed of 7 members. Five of those members have indicated they are NOT open to negotiations under SHS’ current management. Unless council enacts , and enforces , a form of CAPA, I believe there should not be another contract. SHS has made no significant ,positive,changes in the months following the split.I think SHS hopes the issue will fade away. Well, not if I , and an evergrowing group of citizens , have our way. If you’re in South Carolina, or not , speaking out is the way for change.Now, since I know SHS monitors my FB page, I’m sharing this. I mean, it’s not like they are busy saving lives, or anything.

  4. Wow..just wow. Hope the little guy gets adopted!! And I also wondered about her being mentally ill. Youd have to be pretty evil to do it more than once and keep thinking you can get away with it, but being mentally ill would explain it more.

  5. SHS is a horrible place… Animal Care in Greenville is 10 times better then SHS… I feel so bad for the animals that wind up there.. I hate this place and hope it get’s shut down.. If they have not made any positive improvments since Spartanburg has split there ties with them then they need to get shut down… I remember when they where in the news and they were not even giving the animals the right amount of time for the owners to reclaim them they were just killed… Go vist Animal Care in Greenville and go vist SHS BIG DIFFERENCE I mean HUGE…… They are even thinking about adding a cat room so the cats are not in there cages DAY IN and DAY OUT.. I wonder at SHS when was the last time those cats have even seen sun light? I beg a plead that Spartanburg does not go back with SHS.. Some real laws that need to be implemented is at fle markets so pleople cannot go and sell animals there…

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