Video Appears to Show Animal Abuse by ACO in Stark Co, OH

This disturbing video appeared on YouTube last week.  It appears to show an ACO dragging a compromised dog (drugged and/or injured?) from the truck on a chokepole to a cage, spraying him with a hose, then dragging him back out on to the wet floor.  Another person comes out and interacts with the dog and the tape ends with the dog still lying on the wet concrete.  It is very difficult to watch and I would not recommend it to sensitive readers.

I have been reaching out to various people, including Stark Co officials, trying to get additional information but haven’t received any responses.  The description which accompanies the video on You Tube reads:

This is the beginning of security tape footage requested as a public record from the Stark County Dog Warden Department. Sad to say, after the abuse seen in the video, this dog who had been darted in an artery by Deputy Phil Sedlacko (the deputy in the video who turned the high-powered hose on him), bled to death on the cold cement floor of the isolation room at the department. Several department employees went in to look at the dog, but no one seemed to find it necessary to take the dog to the vet where it could have been humanely euthanized. The dog’s name was Garfield.

I held off posting because I was hoping to verify the claims above and get clarification on what appears to be abuse in the video.  But since I have been unsuccessful in that endeavor and since the video does appear to show cruelty at the hands of a public employee paid to protect pets from harm, I’m posting the link to the video.

If anyone has any information to add regarding this video, please share.

16 thoughts on “Video Appears to Show Animal Abuse by ACO in Stark Co, OH

    1. Anyone have an email address for the council? Phone number? We need to inundate them so they know how unacceptable the public finds this abuse.

  1. That’s just horrible.When your in a position like that you should have deep compassion and love animals not abuse them and watch them die.I hope that animal control employee was fired.

  2. Given your warning, I can’t even bring myself to click the link. I nearly threw up watching the cop kick his strung up dog – this would probably do me in. Please keep us updated.

  3. I won’t watch the video. But it seems to me that charges should be filed against this deputy and the warden who allowed the dog to bleed out over 12 hours needs desperately to be fired…

  4. I guess I need to watch it a few times… but to me, the dog was very much breathing or trying to breath and get away from the water being sprayed directly in it’s face… then the dog never moved after that.. to me he drowned the dog. Does anyone else see what I see?

  5. I saw this video before, not on the news. That dog was alive and trying to get away from the water sprayed directly in his face. The other video shows water being sprayed from every direction the warden could. It shows warden getting someone else to come out and look at the dog after he was finished tormenting him and he wasn’t moving anymore. He dragged the poor dog out of that kennel by his tail. There is nothing good about this video. That warden should be brought up on animal cruelty charges in addition to loosing his job. He should not be anywhere around any animals. Furthermore, he should have the dog at his house removed and not be allowed to own any animal again.

  6. This horrible, evil, twisted man needs to be hosed down with a firehose the way this poordog was. Then he should loose his job, and any right to own another animal EVER! Ontop of crulity charges! FIRE THIS A**!!! RIP Biscuit, your in a much safer place.<3

  7. What was this ACO attempting to “accomplish” by spraying the injured dog with a high-pressure hose? I won’t view the video, because I value sleep without nightmares. Without seeing it, can anyone explain to me why a dog “needs” to be sprayed with water while suffering. Was the ACO just being sadistic?

  8. I just now saw this or I would have posted it earlier. From the Urgent Ohio Dogs facebook page:

    “Anyone in the CANTON Ohio area tomorrow- Please consider attending the council meeting TOMORROW WEDNESDAY, FEB. 22 MEETING AT 4:45 PM that needs a huge turnout FOR THE ANIMALS. If you can NOT attend please start sending out emails (and) grab your phone in the morning and make some calls- The dogs AND cats at this pound NEED our VOICE-

    Mr. Allen Shulman (Counsel President)

    You can also reach the Mayor’s Office (Mayor William J. Healy II) by calling (330) 438-4307.”


    Please sign and share this petition …we are almost at 4,000 signatures…it will be hand delivered Monday to the City Council and the County Commissioners!

    I have a facebook page set up look under
    Call for the immediate dismissal of Deputy Sedlacko

  10. The fight is still on! We are undeterred by the Council limp reactions to the Deputy Sedlacko’s abusive behavior. Both the County Commissioners and a majority of the City Council seem to be protecting this officer. THIS IS NOT HIS FIRST OFFENSE…there have been eyewitnesses to even more cruel behavior while handling dogs in this shelter. This dog was left cold and wet to suffer another 10 hours as it bled to death before the Warden decided to take it to the vet…where they argued with the vet over money and the dog died while they discussed money. NICE! If this makes you mad then it is time to be heard!! If you live in the Stark County area…please come to the next two City Council meetings…Monday, 7:30pm, Canton City Hall. Sign in to speak from 7pm~7:15pm. In three weeks they will vote whether to extend his contract with the City…picking up Feral cats…you can only imagine what their fate will be. Need more info…come to the FB page …Call for the Immediate Firing of Deputy Phil Sedlacko…

  11. I couldnt watch the video, just the description made me sick. I signed the petition and will send an email. To know that he hasnt been fired and charged is disturbing.

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