GA Mayor to Pet Advocates: Go Bother Some Other Mayor Whose Pound Sucks Worse Than Mine!

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson has answers for why Columbus, GA isn’t no kill.  Boy howdy, does she.

First off, she wants the haters to step off because her pound, which kills approximately 50% of its pets, is “the most progressive animal care and control center in the state of Georgia”.  This is per Mayor Tomlinson and she should know because she’s “been doing research on it”.  So there.  End of argument, I guess.

But wait, there’s more:

“Instead of just irresponsibly caving into something that sounded very good, we took a very thorough process of developing the Save a Pet program, that we’re quite proud of.”

Wait – these are the only two choices?  The thing that “sounded very good” (no kill, I presume) – could you have thoroughly looked into that?  And why the adversarial language?  It sounds like going no kill would mean “caving” in for the mayor.  Ending the killing doesn’t have to be a war, unless you want it that way.

She adds that in a perfect world, Columbus Animal Care and Control would not put any animals down, but stresses not only is it virtually impossible, but has also been proven to actually be harmful to animals.

Cue the no kill=hoarding myth complete with ZOMG! TINY CAGES!  Hoarding pets on its own just isn’t skeery enough apparently – you must get that mental picture of large dogs cramped into terrier sized cages for the full effect.

“Part of the humane treatment of animals that you don’t allow them to be hoarded, that you don’t allow them to be warehoused in very small cages.”

Again, these are the only two choices – hoarding or killing?  What about that option that communities all across the country have put to use – the No Kill Equation?  Its programs are helping compassionate and dedicated staff and volunteers end the needless killing of healthy/treatable pets in their communities.  It could help Columbus too.

And finally, the coup de grace:  Other places suck harder!

“I struggle with why we’re having such strong criticism from such a small group of folks, when there are so many other communities that are so far behind us, where their efforts and passions might be better directed.”

You’re such a small group of folks to deliver such strong criticism about the needless pet killing in Columbus.  Why don’t you small people take your little passions somewhere that’s even more barbaric than Columbus?  And don’t come back until we are the absolute worst shelter in the state!

Mayor Tomlinson sounds like a joy to work with.  But yeah, we all want the same thing, blah.  Yay team.

19 thoughts on “GA Mayor to Pet Advocates: Go Bother Some Other Mayor Whose Pound Sucks Worse Than Mine!

  1. I am SO on-board with that whole “But yeah, we all want the same thing, blah.” Yay team INDEED!!!

    Thanks. Made my day. Perhaps I should forward this post to our mayor and our Animal Control Manager.

  2. Well, isn’t this just great…? I shared the quote ” Why don’t you small people take your little passions somewhere that ‘s even more barbaric than Columbus? And don’t come back until we are the absolute worst shelter in the state!” on Facebook… I hope people will take notice.

    1. Simple answers: bad candidate selection; Big campaign funds; and number one – people are too stupid or lazy to find good alternatives.

  3. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens canchange the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.’
    ~ Margaret Mead

    Time for this mayor to get a clue or get the hell out of office!

  4. Columbus, GA what progress has preserved is the motto. The most cat hating place you have ever visited. See Cat – Kill Cat!

  5. There sure are a lot of people in the “small group” she references. And didn’t I detect a bit of anger in her little speech??

  6. I hope that small group shares this info enough to get her beat in the next election. What a pitiful excuse for a Mayor! Shame on you Mayor! I hope you remember the people put you into this office and they can vote you out of it.

  7. In a perfect world, people who have their pets spayed and neutered before they made lots of other pets. I have had one time had four dogs and two cats….all were abandoned or from the pound.

    My mother and aunt have had litter after litter of kittens dropped off near their house because people will not have their pets fixed and don’t want to deal with it. Thankfully, my sister and I caught them and had them all spayed and neutered….that was my donation to the Columbus Humane Society.

  8. We are forgetting that she has A LOT on her plate. So many things take priorities over this issue. Poverty, education, ex. The list goes on and on and on. I understand that this is a big issue to some people, but the majority of people living in Columbus would rather her focus on protecting people, rather than saving a few more dogs a year.

    1. Excuses excuses. If she’s too busy to help save her city’s pets, why is she working SO HARD to prevent us from saving them? “The majority of people” are animal lovers, and when given the choice between needless killing and life, the majority will choose life.

    2. OMG! Wouldn’t have believed your reply if I hadn’t read it myself. “….than saving a few more dogs a year…”???????? One of the most disgusting comments I’ve ever read!

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